Microsoft now delivering Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” to AT&T HD7S devices

By Tom Warren, on 13th Oct 11 9:46 pm with 9 Comments


Microsoft revealed on Thursday that it is now delivering the Windows Phone 7.5 update to HTC HD7S devices on the AT&T network.

AT&T users in the U.S. will start to see the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update show up on their devices from Thursday. Microsoft is still delivering the Windows Phone 7.5 update to 50% of Windows Phone users. Microsoft’s Eric Hautala, in charge of Windows Phone update deliveries, had no further information to share on additional devices for Mango. “We’ve just started delivering Windows Phone 7.5 updates to the the HTC HD7S on AT&T. If you have any questions about how to install or manually check for an update, please visit Update Central.”

Spanish operator Telefonica is still testing its Mango update for devices. “I’ve seen some questions here and on Facebook about phones still listed as testing on Where’s My Phone Update?” said Hautala on Wednesday. “ If you own one, I want to reassure you that we’re working closely with carriers to complete testing and are making good progress.” Microsoft will add more phones to the Windows Phone 7.5 update pool in the coming weeks. AT&T customers with the Samsung Focus v. 1.4 and Dell Venue Pro are still waiting for the carrier to complete testing.

  • Guest

    Good news. But he should have included an explanation of why this one took a day or two longer than the window provided. He should also have taken the time to update yesterday’s post where a lot of people were asking the question, apologized for the lack of communication, and pointed to today’s post.

    Seriously, this is a critical product for the entire company’s future. They need to start delivering flawless execution. Instead, it seems to be running unsupervised and on a best efforts basis. Where is Lees? Where is Belfiore? Where is Ballmer?

  • NarcoSleepy

    Phone still said it was up to date, but I was finally able to force it to upgrade, after weeks of trying!

  • majankajan

    Microsoft wants to force you to use wp7

    • Guest

      Go away, spambot.

  • Chet Michaels

    Just forced mine through just now!  on step 7 of 10.  Took me about 4 or 5 tries!  Oh and yes I have the HD7S!

  • Jose Varas

    force update, HD7S, loading now. woo to the hoo!

  • blackletter

    I have the HTC HD7S on AT&T, and I have not yet received the Mango notification on my device. I’ve been checking my HD7S frequently all day, but no notification yet. I just have to be patient with Microsoft. I will say that although I’m looking forward to having Mango on my HD7S, as soon as AT&T release the Titan, I’ll be upgrading early. Nice! 

    • Alex Alduncin

      I had the same problem. Kept checking for an update on my hd7s. Then I decided to connect to my computer and the update suddenly appeared. It had to update about 3 different firmwares but eventually downloaded mango

  • OG

    My Samsung Focus just got Mangofied! Hated the delay but appreciate the update.