Microsoft offers free Windows Phones to Android malware victims

By Tom Warren, on 12th Dec 11 11:31 pm with 22 Comments

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Microsoft is offering Android malware victims a free Windows Phone.

Ben Rudolph, part of Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Phone evangelist team, tweeted on Monday to offer Android malware victims a free Windows Phone. “Share your android malware story (there’s lots going around) and you could win a #windowsphone upgrade,” said Rudolph in a Twitter message on Monday. Rudolph’s offer follows the discovery of 22 malicious Android apps in the Android Market. Google has reportedly pulled more than 100 malicious apps this year. Some of the apps contained the “RuFraud” malware that sends a number of text messages to premium numbers, racking up a bill for Android users. The malware is packaged into genuine looking apps and then distributed to the Android Market. ComputerWorld reports that some malicious apps were downloaded over 10,000 times before they were pulled offline.

Microsoft’s latest PR antic follows a number of Windows Phone related stunts by Microsoft employees. Brandon Watson, Microsoft’s senior director of Windows Phone development, recently bet $1,000 on Windows Phone 7 with the author of the comic strip Dilbert. Watson offered Scott Adams the chance to try a Windows Phone 7 device. If Adams didn’t like Windows Phone then Watson promised to donate $1,000 to a charity of Adams’ choice. Adams was impressed by Windows Phone. Watson has also previously offered Windows Phone devices to notorious iPhone hacker Geohot and the original Windows Phone 7 jail breaking team ChevronWP7.

Microsoft also offered webOS developers the opportunity to get a free Windows Phone device to develop apps. Over 500 webOS developers responded to Microsoft’s Windows Phone offer within 24 hours. Rudolph also gave away 25 Windows Phone devices to frustrated BlackBerry users in October. BlackBerry users in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa were impacted by an outage on October 10, 11 and 12. The outage spread to the U.S., Canada and Latin America too and prevented users from receiving mail, BBM messages and surfing the internet.

  • Pavlov

    wow, they really wanna piss off google and take the whole market for themselves. cant help it. md has a pretty good reputation when it comes to phones.

    • Guest

      Moves like this may come back to byte them…

    • Penta2100

      i like the byte

  • Anonymous

    BAHAHAHAHA.. that is awesome!

  • Gamer

    omg i hass malware! ima find microsoft and get minnneee phone! Thank you Microsoft

  • AlienSix

    This should be too hard to do, come to the Windows Phone side, we have live tiles :p

  • Anonymous

    So WP7 failed the hipster test – boo f’en hoo.

    • CircuitSoft

      So ArrowSmith failed the life test. You should get one. You know a life, something you don’t have.

    • Abiddine

      long time no see?

    • Anonymous

      I remember when MS targeted the hipster crowed with those commercials for Kin.  I almost abandoned MS because of them.  Luckily Kin, along with those commercials, are long gone.

  • Anonymous

    to think android after just a few years has a worse reputation than the cyber septic pool of windows 9.x and xp in the malware virus department.

    congratulations google, once again you beat MSFT.

    • Anonymous

      Usually I argue with people about Google beating MSFT, but in this case I’ll let them have their victory :)

  • Anonymous

    ben is sooo good at marketing with twitter

  • CircuitSoft

    Imagine an ad like this: Got a virus on Android? We’ll give you a free Windows Phone with Office, Xbox Live, and Unbeatable social intergration. It’s a phone you can’t deny to take. Unlock the deal on twitter and post your story and you might just win the phone you wished your phone was like.

  • Joseph Donofry

    I got a free LG Quantum for developing and submitting three apps to the WP7 marketplace.  It was something that the Microsoft campus representative did for us.  

  • Bodogbodg

    and then nes comes out of the SMS attack vulnerability on WP7….nice timing Microsoft

    • Bodogbodog

      I mean’t to say – and then news comes out etc…

    • Guest

      Nice English :’)

  • Penta2100

    Can I please just get one for free?

  • Anonymous

    bwahaha….take that google..WP will be the leader in mobile phones by end of 2012 – i am telling you this now, check it on dec 31 2012.

    facts: Galaxy S3 will be running WP7.5/WP8. MS and Apple will stop all android phones with court cases. they all steal. Then MS will kill iphone – i am telling you right now MS can kill iphone within 3 months. one galaxy S3 releases in feb, everyone will only buy that and all the marketshare will be with WP. by end of 2012, WP will have more than 50% (mostly likely 60%) smartphone marketshare. 

  • Kellenbmiller

    Hey I think I’m a victim!

  • Technology

    OMG is that true!! It is awesome news!