Microsoft Office is US #1 selling software product with one copy sold every second

By Tom Warren, on 9th Jan 11 9:04 am with 1 Comment

January 2011 is Office 2010′s six month birthday and the software giant is celebrating that with some facts and figures.

Office 2010 now ranks as the fastest-selling consumer version of Office in history, with approximately one copy of Office 2010 sold worldwide every second according to the software maker. Microsoft’s Office suite is also the number one selling software product in U.S. retail channels for the eighth year in a row.

Office is currently used by more than 750 million users worldwide according to Microsoft. Office 2010 was the first release of the productivity suite to include both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Microsoft packed both versions onto one DVD across seven different flavours. Office 2010 also includes a free version with Microsoft Word and Excel. The free version, dubbed Office Starter, contains reduced functionality of Word and Excel and advertising.

Microsoft also began offering their Office applications online earlier this year. The software maker also revealed that they have surpassed 30 million users on their Office Web Apps. Microsoft’s biggest competitor in online document editing, Google Docs, currently has over 20 million users. Office Web Apps easily integrate with your Windows Live ID and several online services from Hotmail, Facebook and also allow you to share documents from your SkyDrive.

In other Office news, Microsoft confirmed recently that Office 2003 and 2007 users will receive File Validation security improvements in 2011. File Validation scans older versions of Office documents and loads any it finds suspicious into a protective view. Microsoft is also currently preparing its first Service Pack for Office 2010 users. The software maker released a beta copy of Office 2010 SP1 to testers in mid-November. A final version is due in 2011.

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    A little correction Tom: The OWA 20 million figure is the old figure from October if i remember correctly.

    30 million OWA users is the new figure:

    ◦More than 30 million people use the Office Web Apps to view, edit, and share Office documents
    from anywhere with a browser and an internet connection”.

    Meaning OWA is already stepping of Google Docs heels and should surpass gDocs userbase in the next 3 months.