Microsoft partners with Telefonica’s BlueVia to create TV, mobile and PC apps

By Tom Warren, on 28th Mar 11 3:07 pm with 1 Comment

BlueVia .NET SDK announcement

Microsoft announced on Monday that it plans to jointly create applications with Telefonica.

The two companies will create applications for TVs, mobile phones and PCs via Telefonica’s new BlueVia platform. The platform will allow developers to create applications with the BlueVia SDK for .NET. The new SDK gives developers easy access to cell phone providers SMS and MMS backend with Microsoft’s own developer tools.

The BlueVia SDK for .NET is a set of drag and drop controls and templates for Microsoft’s Visual Studio. The templates make it super easy for any developers who are planning to build Windows Phone 7, Windows, Internet Explorer or Xbox applications. The BlueVia SDK for .NET also enables real-time, programmable voice and data communications that can connect applications to social-networking capabilities.BlueVia also provides control that tap into Windows Live Services for key functionality, including user identity, network presence and contacts.

Tony Mestres, VP of Microsoft’s Communications Sector was upbeat about the news:

“This relationship with Telefonica is an incredible opportunity for our worldwide community of developers to build mobile applications that serve millions of customers. Given the combined capabilities of Visual Studio, Silverlight, Internet Explorer 9, Azure, Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 and Windows Live Services, we think there are huge prospects for innovation in connected consumer experiences and the Cloud. We can’t wait to see what our developer community comes up with.”

The BlueVia SDK for .NET is available immediately and released under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0.

  • Erikpvb

    Cool, but I’d rather have Telefonica finishing testing of the NoDo update for my Samsung Omnia7!!