Microsoft planning to unveil Verizon and Sprint Windows Phone 7 devices at CES

By Tom Warren, on 15th Dec 10 1:40 pm with 4 Comments

Microsoft will unveil its latest CDMA Windows Phone 7 devices at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Verizon will offer the HTC 7 Trophy at $199.99 according to leaked promotional material aimed at Microsoft employees. Sprint will also unveil the HTC 7 Pro as its CDMA device. The device has previously passed through the FCC in late October and it is understood that Windows Phone 7 is now ready to handle CDMA devices with the January update. WinRumors previously revealed that the software giant was planning CDMA devices on both networks for January but it now appears that the big unveil will be at CES, according to Neowin.

Microsoft said in September that no CDMA versions of Windows Phone 7 devices would be available until 2011. Microsoft Senior product manager Greg Sullivan said the company had to make trade-offs. “Even Microsoft doesn’t have unlimited resources. We had to prioritize doing fewer things, really, really well”, Sullivan said in an interview with CNET. The software giant made an active choice earlier in the year to delay CDMA versions of Windows Phone 7 but confirmed the decision in mid-September.

Microsoft is planning to release a Windows Phone 7 OS update in early 2011. Microsoft is officially saying that the update is due in early 2011 but WinRumors understands Microsoft officials will detail the upcoming changes at CES. Windows Phone 7 is a key part of Microsoft’s long term mobile strategy and we expect the software giant to detail a second bigger update in February at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain. Microsoft’s second update will introduce enhanced developer controls for applications and updated Silverlight components. Microsoft’s first update recently leaked in a video of the company’s implementation of Windows Phone 7 copy and paste.

Microsoft confirmed on Thursday that it now has 18,000 registered Windows Phone 7 developers. Windows Phone 7 users now have access to around 4,000 apps and games in the Marketplace and the software giant is approving new apps each day. Microsoft isn’t confirming exact device sales just yet and continues to dodge questions on figures. Early estimates, based on Facebook usage, show that around 120,000+ devices have been sold so far.

  • GP007

    4,005 apps last I checked, dunno if it’ll happen but we could hit 5k before the year ends. What’s the date for CES? Mid January? It’d be a nice bonus if they show off CDMA phones AND officially push out their first update to everyone.

    • Viruela22

      is 6-9 January, and also a generation of new disposotivos segunga more pleasant, can be the asus or a toshiba

    • GP007

      We have seen some pics of an Asus, a toshiba would be a nice touch they make some good designs as well.

  • Soniclooking

    CES 2011 is january 6-9. Not to far away. Good timing too, i’m due for a new every two phone from verizon. I was hoping to get a samsung focus at AT&T, but i really like the verizon network. Hopefully they can have more than one CDMA phone on verizon.