Microsoft preparing for Windows 8 beta with Developer Preview Install Fair

By Tom Warren, on 3rd Oct 11 1:00 pm with 16 Comments

Microsoft is planning to hold a two day Windows Developer Preview install fair event this weekend.

The event will take place on October 8 and October 9 and will allow developers to provide feedback directly to Microsoft’s Windows 8 engineers. Microsoft appears to be soliciting feedback on the setup and install process for Windows 8. Developers have been invited to participate in the program as part of Microsoft’s Connect beta site. A number of users at the Beta Archive forum posted details on the Install Fair event. Part of the email states:

“Help the Windows team prepare for beta by signing up for the Windows Developer Preview Install Fair. Sign-up to be a part of our virtual install fair. We’d really appreciate your help and for two days only – Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th – Microsoft will have engineers available to chat with you live about your installation experience. From determining if your PC can run the Windows Developer Preview and downloading all the way through your installation, engineers will be available to answer your questions and troubleshoot any errors you may encounter.”

Microsoft also promises that participants can simply provide feedback about what they love and hate during the Windows 8 install:

“On the day of the event, log-on to our website from the computer on which you intend to install the Windows Developer Preview and follow our instructions. During the process Windows engineers will be available to chat with you in real-time and answer your questions. Or should you encounter any issues, we will be available to debug and troubleshoot. Or if you simply want to provide us feedback about what you like and dislike during the installation, we’re here for that as well.”

Microsoft is understood to be preparing its first Windows 8 beta copy. Windows chief Steven Sinofsky revealed at BUILD that the company is planning just one beta copy and one release candidate before the RTM and general availability of Windows 8. The schedule is identical to Microsoft’s Windows 7 development plan. Microsoft didn’t hint when the beta would be made available but Sinofsky said the team is focussed on quality rather than dates. Microsoft is generally expected to announce a beta at CES 2012, the same schedule as Windows 7 followed.

Microsoft is actively distributing updates to the Windows 8 developer build. The updates include standard defender updates and fixes for quality improvements. The updates are delivered via Windows Update and will continue to be distributed throughout the Windows 8 development cycle.

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s what I love about Microsoft.

    • J A

      And that is why they wil continue to remain not just relevant but top notch and at the top of tech.

    • Anonymous

      It’s like a REAL re-imagined Microsoft, just like Ballmer said. I like it :)

    • Sergio

      I absolutely LOVE the fact that they are really listening to external input lately… They also did it with the “Backstage” with Windows Phone, which I was part of btw… :-D

      Not many companies do that and they sould really be celebrated for doing so!

      Much Love!

    • Vinay

      I dont understand few things may be its my way of thinking,
      If i buy tomorrow a Chrome notebook then i cant rip it and put some other os on it eventhough the hardware is mine. when i ask the question people say dont buy it. buy some other thing.

      If a vendero does lock it to Windows dont buy it buy some thing which is sold by the vendor where you can specifically target for lunix unix stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Its Windows, they even made dual booting easier in Windows 8, adding an Ubuntu partition is smooth, and still look great. i highly doubt Microsoft would condone a locked down Piece of hardware.

  • mrchas

    That is good to hear. This seems pretty smart..

  • Anonymous

    I hope someone brings up having Windows take care of the DRM for media bought through the Zune Marketplace. That way we can use whatever mediaplayer we want as long as we’re logged in with the Live-ID it was bought with.

  • Robert Wade

    So, do I take this to mean it’s invite-only, and only available to registered developers, not the rest of us slugs who downloaded & installed the Preview (which I LOVE)?

  • Guest

    Why limit it to the setup/install process which is not much different from the well proven W7 equivalent?

    • Anonymous

      i’m sure they’ll have other events for other parts of the OS.

    • Guest

      I guess. It just seems like an odd and relatively minor one to start with.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    since they gonna take feedback and only hope it wont be full of idiots like “what is CHARM?” oh yeah i Heard someone with win8 installed and was like “i havent watched keynote” “what is charm” “my IT department decided not to upgrade to Windows 8 even we havent upgraded to even 7″ “i havent even tried to really used it but it sucks”
    people who dont even try this stuff.

    also i hope it wont have people like “i want a button to disable start screen/metro ui” even it Works the same as old start menu…
    i even hope you cant bring it up with a hack… old start menu shouldn’t exist anymore.

    thats my only hope, besides being in Beta but if its “private” there is always torrents to download xD

    • Meowser

      I think you should be the one asking “What is Charm”, because you seem to be so sorely lacking in both charm and basic literacy skills. This is not a first year English lit class. We are not looking for stream of consciousness writing experiments. If you have something to say, take the time to sit down and make sure it is coherent.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      oh god, and who are you to say “english bla bla” maybe you have to fuck youself and do yourself a favor: shut up. ;)

      oh and hey get a life please. maybe you need one, if not go and try to fuck your mom if that makes you happy. oh yeah, and maybe you can stick a “coherent” message inside her if that makes coherent. you can go and hump your monkey mother in the same trash can she gave you birth.

      bye idiot.

  • oolong2

    I have a feeling that developers are going to want to talk about more than just the “install”….