Microsoft promises a major release of Windows Phone every year

By Tom Warren, on 13th Jun 11 8:18 pm with 28 Comments

Microsoft has promised it will release a major edition of Windows Phone every year.

The promise was revealed in a Microsoft job posting on Monday. Engadget notes that the timeline shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that iOS and Android both push out major releases months apart. Microsoft’s job posting states the following:

There has never been a more thrilling time for the Windows Phone team! Windows Phone 7 launched and is building momentum in the market. Do you want to be part of driving the next big business for the company? If you believe Windows Phone is a critical area of investment for Microsoft and if you have a passion for creating compelling mobile user experiences then come join the Windows Phone Customer Experience Engineering team (CXE) and help shape the future of mobile. We are passionate about delivering world-class products to our users and partners. We aren’t just building a me-too iPhone or Android competitor; we’re changing the way customers use and experience their device. The Application Platform team is building the new development framework for Windows Phone applications, responsible for defining the application model and delivering the application manager, execution framework, integration with the OS, notifications, data services, integration with cloud services and delivering the ecosystem for supporting mobile application developers.

This Senior Program Manager position will be the CXE Feature PM that drives all development work on the Application Platform for update releases between major yearly releases. You will work closely with the Application Platform team who is working on major yearly releases and with the best technologies/teams across the company (e.g. Silverlight, XNA, .NET Compact Framework). We believe leveraging our partners, combined with building phone specific technologies within our own engineering team, results in leveraging the best technology from Microsoft for our developers.

Microsoft is currently on track to release Windows Phone Mango in the fall. The software giant unveiled a number of new Windows Phone Mango features last month. Mango will include over 500 new features ranging from multitasking through to some major Bing search improvements.

  • Brandon

    Right… because a companies NEVER exaggerate job duties in job postings… #GrainOfSalt

  • Sonny Williams

    Can’t wait for mango so I can grab me one of those Nokia WP handsets!

  • Anonymous

    Nokia windows mango phone (unless Microsoft make a killer phone) is my next purchase I reckon… bored off my iPhone now.. even on iOS 5 it just seems dated. Bring it on Microsoft, tablets and phones :)  

  • Aaron

    Sorry to nitpick, but you really ought to use “Reveals” rather than “Promises” since this isn’t a press release aimed at consumers.

    • CandidCalum

      Yes, it certainly isn’t a promise or vow.

    • zzz

      I wish MS would stop promising and start delivering.  

    • dEuZ

      Yeah, because article like this make readers perceive that it’s a promise from Microsoft…

    • zzz

      I wish MS would stop promising and start delivering.  

  • Idontlikespammers

    Sure they will release it often but how long will it take manufacturers to update their phones? Are we going to have a situation like android where almost all the phones are over a year behind?

    • Alessandro Grua

      Microsoft and the carriers is in control of the updates, not the manufacturers.

    • Aaron

      They may be in control, but as we have seen a company like Samsung can still screw up the process with faulty firmware.  A price that must be paid by following the OEM model (which I still believe in)

    • Aaron

      As we have seen with the Samsung debacle, the process isn’t as quick or smooth as we had hoped.  However, a month or two delay is still phenomenally better than the android situation.  And at least with WP7, they guarantee the handsets will eventually receive the update.  I have seen several android makers outright refuse to deploy an update even if the hardware should be able to handle it.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft didn’t “promise” anything… nice investigative work however.

  • Ondra Moravek

    2011: Mango
    2012: Apollo, merging Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8? Hmm?

  • Anonymous

    Mango is going to be a HUGE update, but here are some post Mango updates I would like to see:
    1. New screen resolutions including a tablet
    2. Near field communications so two phones can play head to head without the use of bluetooth
    3. A phone-less version that would be called X-box mobile.  Think Nintendo DSi or iTouch.
    4. Screen captures — hello??
    5. Support for the entire ActiveSync instruction set
    6. Horizontal oreintation for home screen – needed for X-Box mobile interface
    7. Ability to run WP apps within Windows 8 (not really a WP feature, but I would still like to see it happen)

    • Matthew Weihl

      1. Tablet is Windows 8 (WP Apollo is prolly win8 as well but that’s just a rumor atm).
      2. NFC would be awesome as well.
      3. Due to the Zune re branding, that might happen this fall I bet.
      4. Screen capture (video) is actually supported (over USB) however not publicly available due to horrible stability (actually failed completely during a keynote once)
      5. Badly needed.
      6. Not a priority at the moment – though I could see it coming later.
      7. Most definitely happening. 

    • Dhaoracle

      I would love to see all of these features in the phones with including:
      1. Higher Camera megapixels 
      2. Front facing camera
      3. Kinect 
      4. Edge-to-Edge displays to support gestures such as swiping from the edge of the screen. That way it would be the first phone without any buttons on the front. 
      5. Better integration

    • Dhaoracle

      I would love to see all of these features in the phones with including:
      1. Higher Camera megapixels 
      2. Front facing camera
      3. Kinect 
      4. Edge-to-Edge displays to support gestures such as swiping from the edge of the screen. That way it would be the first phone without any buttons on the front. 
      5. Better integration

    • Steve

      Another person who incorrectly thinks megapixels are important. what we need is a larger image sensor!

    • Anonymous

      #1 – Tablet is already going to be Window 8.
      #7 – Did you notice the in split screen mode the smaller screen looked like WP7 app.  I think this is how WP7 apps will scale.

  • Markie.

    I feel what Microsoft really needs is a flagship phone.

    Android has the nexus.
    Apple has the iPhone (obviously).
    Microsoft has ???

    • Grannyville7989

      I would definately jump on the chance of a Microsoft branded Windows Phone in exchange for my Omnia 7.

    • Dhaoracle

      Yes this would be wonderful as they have made so many partnerships with Skype, Nvidia, and Faceook they will have a wonderful phone that would beat out anyone. Only don’t think that they should make it too too superior to everything else out there. 

      I think that they should put some of their unique hardware into the phone like:
      1. Kinect Camera
      2. Nvidia enhanced chipware
      3. Edge-toEdge screens

      Then I would love to see these other features in the phone also like:
      1. Front facing camera
      3. Some sort of AMOLED screen (as they look best with the Metro interface. I think that they should come up with a partnership with Samsung for AMOLED screens in their Flagship phone. Samsung has built a new factory to start producing more AMOLED screens for others. That way all Windows Phone or the flagships phones will have phenomenally clear and gorgeous screens and most innovative OS)
      4. NFC
      5. HDMI Port
      6. 4.4 inch screen
      7 1.5 Ghz Dual Core ARM Chip

      This would be one amazing phone that should and would sell out so fast because of the super integration, smooth interface, fast browser, beautifully productive OS, and with some amazing software in and to come to the OS. 

  • Tom Servo

    Starting to get tired about any WP7 news, because a) there’s no new devices to be seen and b) there wasn’t even a first major update.

    • Todor Tsvetkov

      Well the first Major update is Mango … because:
      21 of October, 2010 – Windows Phone is officially releasedMid September, 2011 – 1st Major update – “Mango”
      Fall, 2012 – 2nd Major update – “Apollo”..and so on and so forth.

    • MSblog

      All this WP7 news is MS desperate attempt to keep the OS relevant because sales are not doing it.  

  • oolong2

    Everyone knows software updates come every year… Bring on the Nokia handsets!

  • Anonymous

    I hate the term “yearly”. It’s “annual” FFS!