Microsoft pulls AVG antivirus Windows Phone app from the Marketplace

By Tom Warren, on 9th Sep 11 8:55 am with 13 Comments

AVG Windows Phone 7 scanner

Microsoft has removed a recently released antivirus application for Windows Phone 7.

The AVG virus scanning application was made available earlier this week and generated a great deal of concern from Windows Phone users. Justin Angel, a former Microsoft employee, took the application apart after questions were raised about its validity and use. Angel found that the application is improperly using the Geo Location (GeoCoordinateWatcher) API to track a device and send a number of key identifying data to AVGs servers. AVG appears to collect the phone make, model, a users email address and their location.

The application contains adverts and appears to do little more than scan for test viruses as no Windows Phone viruses currently exist. Microsoft revealed on Thursday that it was investigating the application after complaints and concerns from the community. Microsoft’s Brandon Watson confirmed on Friday that the company has pulled the application from the Marketplace. “AVG app pulled from marketplace,” said Watson in a Twitter message on Friday. “Doing some investigations, but want functionality certainty,” he added. Watson also thanked Rafael Rivera and Justin Angel for making Microsoft aware of the issues with the application.

  • Koki_v3


  • sarkis chamelian

    AVG just got pwned . . . . . the most useless APP on there…..even a FART APP makes sense !

    • Anonymous

      Terrance and Phillip would agree.

  • Tuxplorer

    AVG sucks anyway. It’s better to have viruses on your computer than install AVG. MSE killed AVG on PCs long time ago.

  • Simplycani

    AVG crap anyways Thanks  to Justin Angel ..

  • AlienSix

    Thank goodness, because I just know the Android faithful would just spin in in a negative light anyways

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Windows Phone 7 is virus free anyways….

  • Jackson Loh

    It’s great with people like them to spot these applications. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Sandboxed OSes should not be affected by viruses. I still don’t understand why MS allowed this to be put in the marketplace in the first place.

  • Frylockns86

    LOL @: “Our privacy policy for Windows Phone 7 is available at [URL: droidsecurity].”

  • Aaa

    If I modeled WinPh7 security, an app that would scan for other app = virus = ban. In an isolated envirnment, a 3rd party application can never goes outside to peek at other apps anyway. And all apps that access shared folder can only read photos, “add” photos, but, never delete or modify photos. Thus, even if you intentionally installed an virus, what can it do? simple, add more useless photos until you press home button.

  • Tonny

    so are we saying this time MS will have no vulnerabilities in image viewers or web browser rendering …. yeh

  • Bernie

    why couldn’t a windows phone have a JPG that contains an exploit for either the phone itself or another platform?