Microsoft pushing Mango beta cleanups to prepare devices for RTM update without restore

By Tom Warren, on 26th Sep 11 9:34 am with 18 Comments

Windows Phone Mango pre-cleanup update

Microsoft is pushing out two cleanup bundle updates to existing Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” beta users.

The updates are designed to clean up and beta update provisioning on developer devices. Microsoft previously supplied beta bits of Windows Phone Mango to developers. Windows Phone NZ spotted a “pre-cleanup” update that went live over the weekend. The ‘Mango Friends and Family Bundle: Pre-Cleanup’ appears to be available for a number of devices running the pre-RTM bits of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango.”

The update notes that it is the first of two that will allow devices to beging receiving updates from production Microsoft Update servers. Microsoft appears to be making it easy for existing Mango beta users to swap their device from ISV back to retail. Microsoft previously warned that users would have to revert to the NoDo bits using a device backup if they wanted to install the final RTM Windows Phone Mango update from their carrier.

Microsoft is expected to start pushing Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” bits to AT&T devices on Tuesday. The software giant is also planning to target a number of carriers in Europe this week. Stay tuned to WinRumors for further details on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update plans.

Image Credit: Windows Phone NZ

  • ChaCha

    WinRumors sucks because they are late in posting news about msft!

  • Anonymous


  • Simonjames

    Sweet, this is really handy as I can keep my SMS and game scores now!

  • Helio Gastao

    This is just for developers?

    • Tom W

      It’s going out to devices that had the beta bits of Windows Phone Mango.

    • Robert Wade

      I’m glad I planned to wait until the very last minute to drop back to NoDo.  I wish I had checked for updates last night while I was syncing my Focus.

  • Gamer

    Woww.. Microsoft’s sweet.
    They did mention on the importance of backing up NoDo, yet this was still being worked on and pushed.

    • Tom

      Yes, Microsoft has finally learned what it means to underpromise and overdeliver.

      (But don’t delete those backups yet.  Given the Nodo problems from Samsung cavalierly swapping out components mid-production, there’s always the possibility of glitches.  Although one hopes they’ve learned their lesson and done enough testing.)

  • Seth_p

    It would of been nice to know this in advance. Regardless, it’s a smart move.

    • Robert Wade

      They probably weren’t sure this would work, hence the intense effort to make people aware they needed to keep copies of the backup created when loading the Mango bits.

  • Gabriel

    So no warranty issues after that?

  • Ondra Moravek

    I hope that people will receive it even on 7720 and will get just the oem part of the update. :-/

    • The Guy

      I hope so too…. I am goign to be a little upset with myself if I updated myself out of updates….. if that makes sense =p

    • Robert Wade

      What, didn’t you backup your device?

  • Anonymous

    How can a phone update take several hours? Installing Windows only takes about 30-45 minutes max…

    • Entegy

      The backup. It used to backup all the media too, so someone like me who has 15GB of video on my Focus would have that 15GB also be backed up. Zune 4.8′s backup methods excludes synced media now.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone seeing this on ATT?

  • Anonymous

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