Microsoft recruiting Kinect engineers by giving away free bacon

By Tom Warren, on 21st Nov 11 9:38 pm with 14 Comments

Free Kinect bacon

Microsoft is attempting to recruit potential Kinect for Windows engineers by offering them free strips of bacon.

The software maker started its bizarre recruiting campaign near to Amazon’s headquarters in South Lake Union on Monday. The Seattle Times reports that Microsoft is attempting to double the size of its Kinect for Windows engineering team from 35 to 70 employees. Microsoft has hired ad agency Wexley School for Girls to think up the campaign. The tagline of the free bacon is “wake up and smell the future,” a play on Microsoft’s plans with Kinect. ”We thought it was a fun and cool idea to be around here,” said Teddy Black, a producer at Wexley, to the Seattle Times on Monday. Around 15 to 20 people had stopped at the bacon cart by 11AM this morning. Microsoft is using a “sizzler” man to drum up interest in the cart where toppings include cheese, peanut butter and chocolate sauce.

Microsoft’s Kinect recruitment follows the launch of Kinect Accelerator program last week. The competition will see ten finalists receive an investment of $20,000, an Xbox development kit, the Windows Kinect SDK, office space, all the resources of BizSpark, and technical training and support from Microsoft. The three-month incubation program will run from March to May next year at Microsoft’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Microsoft is planning to launch a commercial version of its Kinect for Windows SDK in early 2012. Microsoft launched its original Kinect for Windows SDK beta back in June, aimed at academic research and enthusiast communities to create new experiences using Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 accessory. Microsoft launched its own dedicated Kinect for Windows site earlier this month, alongside an updated beta 2 of the Kinect SDK.  The updated beta 2 SDK marks a year of Kinect and includes some new features and updates.

Microsoft’s bacon cart will be making its way around Seattle throughout the week, if you manage to snag a slice of bacon topped with maple syrup then please let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: The Seattle Times

  • Jay

    Mmmmm Bacon!

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  • CG

    The bacon is not a lie!

  • Jason Cartwright

    Pretty sure Amazon employees could afford their own Bacon ?

  • BD

    Hey Tom, those weren’t my finest pics but you guys should still ask before copying …

    • farsai

      Too many bloggers think it’s OK to just steal the images if their post is accompanied by an image credit line or a link to the original post. Bleh, stealing photographs is a serious copyright/royalty issue, especially when being made with a commercial purpose. Everyone can re-write the text of an article, but it’s harder to be at the actual spot snapping pictures …

  • McAkins Online

    Totally weird it is! #yodaSays

  • Teddy B

    Hey all,

    I wanted to pass along the K4W job site incase any of you are interested. They are looking for developers  programmers, testers and many other positions. 

    Don’t mean to be slimy but I thought people could be interested in jobs that are out there :)

  • Leon Kernan

    Hang on, are they handing out bacon with cheese, peanut butter or chocolate sauce on top??  
    that’s disgusting!  They’ll need to dance around in front of the Kinect for a long time to work that off!

    • Guest

      Well, they are in front of a competitor’s office (Amazon). So maybe the real goal was to send them into a cholesterol-induced stupor and slow them down.

  • Anonymous

    Man, wish I was there wearing my “will work for food” sign.

  • Anonymous

    Do they want their new engineers to die from a heart attack before they even start? Bacon with cheese or peanut butter. Sound like a coronary waiting to happen.

    • Guest

      Yes, because software developers are known for their healthy diets.

  • Bvggfx

    Nothing spells a narrow future quite like clogged arteries.