Microsoft registers just in time for New Years Eve

By Tom Warren, on 18th Dec 11 11:52 am with 25 Comments

Microsoft has taken the time to register this month.

The software giant registered the domain on Friday December 16. Microsoft typically registers domains to protect their trademarks or against future products. Fusible spotted the domain name registration and notes that it currently forwards to Microsoft’s Bing search engine. It’s not clear why the company has registered If you’re expecting Microsoft to release an adult sex finder service using its recently acquired Skype service in time for New Years Eve then you might be bitterly disappointed.

Microsoft previously won a battle for a set of Kinect domains earlier this year. The software maker also registered the domain name, domain and All three domain names appear to be related to trademark protection and what the company describes as defensive domain holds.

  • Brandon

    Would be quite funny if this was a Microsoft product… :)

  • Andrew Seymour

    Whoa, I guess you’ve got to protect your brand, interesting, looks like it’s been registered before so I assume they knew about it, realised it had dropped, and registered to like the article says, protect their brand. However, would be an interesting site if they made it :p

  • Gogo

    Ballmer needs to get out more :)

    • Me

      I literally loled at this!

  • jlcs

    It’s like when big companies have got the same address but with .com .es .net to be sure they are not supplanted.

  • Wheezle


  • Guest

    Looking forward to the Metro app for this ;-)

  • CircuitSoft

    Probably for apple fanatics with no lives (100% of apple fanatics don’t have lives.)

    • Luke

      I love it when a troll just makes themselves look really, really stupid.

    • CircuitSoft

      I hate it when people mistake me for a troll. I am not trying to troll in fact I harass people to switch to bing and hotmail and windows all the time. I am such a microsoft fanboy that my friends ask me if I was paid to make people switch to microsoft. I have never touched an apple product in my life. I have never used chrome or any other browser except for Internet Explorer. It makes me very sad for me to know that someone thinks I am a troll and that I am like ArrowSmith, but in reality I am a microsoft fanboy. I love Bill Gates he is my hero and I celebrated the day Steve Jobs died and I would spit on Steve Jobs if I saw anything associated with him. I am in love with Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Office 2012 and all the other awesome, epic, innovative products that the best tech company (microsoft) makes. I think you would be the stupid one here (i’m sorry) because you can’t tell the difference between a microsoft fanboy and arrowsmith. (One is good looking [me] and one looks like its mom shit in a toliet [arrowsmith] and its mom called it a baby. I have never ever used a google product, an apple product, or a linux product, or anything else other than microsoft’s products or any products that their partners have.

    • Guest

      Stop acting line a dunce then.

    • CircuitSoft

      @5cfe8e67442c1388135c296ddbc1a77e:disqus  I don’t know how to stop acting like a dunce becdause I don’t know what your specifications for a dunce are.

    • Anonymous

      You’re pretty dense if you don’t see how your comment was just feeble minded trolling.

    • Anonymous

      lol.  Keep trolling like a pro!

  • Kieran Kelly

    Hmm this product sounds interesting

  • Chinonso

    Yea every major company is doing this to protect their brand, Google just registered, Apple has registerd preety much anything that has to do with,.xxx etc

  • Anonymous

    Every large company does this. They acquire all the porn-related domain names and bin them to protect their brand image.

  • Anonymous

    I thought I will get some quality cyber-sex tonight, but keeps redirecting me to Steve Ballmer’s personal blog. Oh, wait a minute, on the second thought… Oh, you naughty Steven!

  • Anonymous

    shouldn’t this be a (.) XXX domain????????

  • Jonathan Y.

    There too many unqualified people working at MS like the Dani Diaz fool who got placed as a evangelist b/c he doesn’t know how to program.

    • Guest

      Bitter much?

  • Muhammad Mursaleen

    Its Really Good to see again..

  • Thu Win

    I hoped that they used this domain for some funny advertisement.  Pretend it is a porn site and just before the “payload” push a Microsoft advertising pr something witty.

    Also try :D.

  • Anonymous

    Darn…thought the country was becoming free again…there I go again–thinking…