Microsoft releases new stylish art stamped mice

By Tom Warren, on 11th May 11 10:51 pm with 8 Comments

Microsoft revealed its latest range of wireless mice on Wednesday.

The software giant held a special event in New York City to launch the Artist Studio Series of Wireless Mobile 3500 mice. The brand new collection of mice include artwork commissioned by five artists from around the world:

“This project has long been a dream of the Microsoft Hardware Design team,” says Microsoft’s user experience designer Lindsey Kujawski. “We were thrilled that these amazing artists were up for the collaboration. We gave them the mouse as their blank canvas and let them unleash their artistic style.  The result is a diverse and expressive collection.”

Microsoft says the mice will be available next month for $29.95. More information is available at Microsoft’s product page.

Artist Studio Series for the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

  • Isaac Barrett

    They’re all kinda girly, except for the bottom right one.

  • Michael Larsen

    I like the style. Would be sweet with a customize option, upload a picture of choice, have it printed onto the mouse and have it shipped.

    • Raymond_chang

      Michael, do you mean personalize it? yes this is doable

  • Frylockns86

    I like the two on the bottom left and bottom right.

  • Anonymous

    aww i want one of these! they look really nice. specially today when my mouse was failing. now its working but it may fail soon. i want one of these or the not so expensive gaming Razer ones -_-.

  • Anonymous

    I am jumping on this if they’re Bluetooth mice.

  • Donald Garber

    Very nice… but… why just the mobile size? Us full size mouse users, what are we, chopped liver/ 

  • saiburspace

    i like the diamond blue-purple on upper right. i wish there are more choices for manly look - stripe-like or squareish.