Microsoft releases SkyDrive app for Windows Phone and iPhone

By Tom Warren, on 13th Dec 11 5:58 pm with 90 Comments

SkyDrive app for Windows Phone

Microsoft announced the availability of a new SkyDrive app for Windows Phone and iPhone on Tuesday.

The SkyDrive application follows a recent overhaul of Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service. Microsoft introduced HTML5 upload, improved sharing and drag and drop functionality in its SkyDrive web app last month. The latest SkyDrive mobile application is available in every country and region where Windows Phone is offered. The iPhone version is available in 32 languages. The applications are identical in features and provide access to SkyDrive folders. Windows Phone and iPhone users can browser their SkyDrive folders, share links to folders or files, delete files and create folders from within the application. Photos can also be uploaded to SkyDrive from the apps with their original resolution.

“We don’t want any devices to be left out in the cold,” explained Microsoft product manager Ian Moulster, in an interview with WinRumors recently. “A lot of people do mix and match. We want to make sure they can get to their content no matter what they use.” Microsoft’s approach follows a number of iOS applications, including Bing, Messenger, OneNote and Xbox LIVE. The software giant is clearly broadening its array of applications to rival platforms whilst keeping Windows Phone customers happy. We managed to secure an early hands on with the Windows Phone version (see video below) and it’s clear that the app is designed to be a companion to Windows Phone. Word, Excel and other Office documents will open natively from the SkyDrive app into the Office hub of Windows Phone. One of the best features is being able to store full resolution images from a Windows Phone camera straight into SkyDrive, this functionality is included by default but the image is scaled down.

SkyDrive app for iOS

SkyDrive application highlights include:

  • Browse entire SkyDrive – Users can now see all folders and files (of all types) to allow them to share and manage their data.
  • Share any SkyDrive folder or file – Users can now pick folders or files to share from their mobile. The apps provide a link directly to the content.
  • Manage SkyDrive content – Users can now organize files and folders and create new folders or delete files and folders.

  • Jay

    Brilliant news! Been hoping for this for ages now!

  • Impartial

    Good, keep the good PR rolling! hundreds of iOS sites will praise MS supporting other platforms, in todays world cross platform is key to business and to avoid getting sued for monopolistic practices!

    • Anonymous

      will MSFT pay the bills with praise? because they are exchanging real dollars for pennies on the appstore.

  • Daniel Clark

    I cannot find it on the UK marketplace for Windows Phone yet.

    • Anonymous

      Same in Canada. Could be just a delay getting to other markets, or US only.

    • Nuaccount

      same in US. No app on the marketplace yet.

    • Stephen Johnson

      I still wasn’t finding it in the Canadian marketplace, so I went to the Windows Phone Blog and found a link there to the marketplace website. Clicked download and it put it on my phone immediately :)

      It’s a simple no-frills app, but very effective. It’s pretty awesome being able to play the music I have stored in the cloud. Those with unlimited data will enjoy this app.

    • Koki_v3

      “Note that the apps are rolling out now and may take a few hours to be available in all countries/regions”

  • MVE

    Android please! 

    • Anonymous

      Trade you for a proper YouTube app.

    • Lms44

      try MetroTube

    • Anonymous

      Oh there are a couple nice ones, but they are only accessing the mobile Youtube API because Google doesn’t allow WP access to the full site.

    • luke516

      I want a fast native app, or better yet I want YouTube integrated into the OS itself, like Facebook or something like that

    • Daniel Clark

      We already have an excellent YouTube app. Check out MetroTube… no other YouTube apps could do better than what MetroTube does right now.

    • Thom McKiernan

      I’ve been using Lazy Tube, which works really nicely. Didn’t realise MetroTube had free unlimited trial, got put of by the pricetag. Will be trying it out today!

    • blakehaas

      Non restricted -

  • Anonymous

    Cool! I’ve always wanted to upload my photos in full resolution.

  • Tim Gabrhel

    App not found :( (deep link on the source post)

  • Anonymous

    This is very cool.  As for getting it on the respective marketplaces, it should be later today from what I read on Winsupersite.

  • Jupiterstudios1

    What about Android?

    • Gamer

      #droidrage no it sucks.

    • Anonymous

      Android is crap.

  • Daniel Rivera

    Great job!!! how do you like that dropbox

  • Leo

    Gosh it looks so beautiful. Both versions (iOS and WP). I downloaded on my iPad – wish they had made it fully compatible with it.

  • Anonymous

    YES! finally! :)

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft will be releasing a suite of Office type apps for Symbian soon, which will tide me and my N8 over until Nokia WP Apollo.  I really hope that they make a Skydrive app for Symbian as well.  Come on, Microsoft – Nokia is your new BFF; show some love :)

    • Guest

      Yes, I hear Bada ports are on the way too /s

  • Anonymous

    Way to go microsoft!!

  • Lms44

    Not available in US as of 12:22pm CST

  • JimmyFal

    I can’t tell you how fun it is to see stuff rolled out on a steady basis, as opposed to wait, wait, waiting. I’m have a blast with all the new stuff rolling out to XBOX right now as well. This is fun for geeks!

  • Anonymous

    Oh well… Why bother to buy Windows Phone 7 at all? All key products are already on Apple, sometimes even before WP7. Really, Microsoft?

    • Windows Fan

      It is about the overall experience. Yeah Apple gets some of Microsoft Apps but they don’t have the Microsoft Metro UI throughout the phone.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. On the other hand, OneNote, SkyDrive, Kinectimals work great even without Metro UI. As for myself – I love Metro, but my friends look at it with mixed emotions. So far they are happy with Android and iPhone with sarcastic remarks, that Microsoft will sooner or later deliver its apps to their OS. Which is true…

    • OMG55

      what you keep forgetting is that people are getting tired of the iphone and as Windows Fan say, “Its about the overall experience”. If people are getting tire of the iphone, when Nokia releases a flagship device in the US, the migration will begin.

      We alway complain about MS marketing,but what have we heard just about everyday since last week? MS release this or the for WP7, iphone, and Android; this is advertisement in itself, because everywhere you turn, your hearing about what Microsoft is doing or released.

    • Guest

      They are? Apple could sell 30M this month, or roughly 15x what WP has sold all year. That doesn’t sound like anyone is getting tired of it.

    • Anonymous

      they won’t sell 30M this month :)

    • Guest


      Quarter not month, my bad.

    • Anonymous

      I have completely different experience. More and more people are getting/switching to iP4S. Even Lync is soon available on iPhone :( So my advantage of having it will be gone :(

      Marketing of WP7 is poor (I would say), on the other hand, latest ads (It’s a great time to be a family.) or from the Office team are simply awesome. They should create ads for WP7…

    • Anonymous

      the truth is SkyDrive is not a feature that would make users switch to Windows Phone, but this app may make iOS users switch to SkyDrive.

      Lets not forget, Microsoft is also competing in cloud services, against Google, Amazon, Apple and many others

    • Anonymous

      I suppose you are right. But I am still confused :) We’ll see what Terry Myerson has up his sleeve.

    • Kazimieras

      Nokia didn’t have a choice in their decision. Their own OS had zero possibility of sales, as even Palm, who dominated the market for years found out. HP’s webOS was not an option. iOS was not either. If they went with Android they would be just a box pusher selling phones like HTC and would get cremated as they were the market leader for so long. Their only logical choice was to join Microsoft.

    • Anonymous

      or, conversely, you can look at it this way:
      there is nothing special about windows phone if all it does you can do elsewhere. it would be as if you could get OSX from a dell and i-life for pcs.

      in theory great, in practice, suicide.

    • Michal Gurník

      there is much to be called special in wp7, i wouldn’t switch to ios…

    • Anonymous

      Online services is red ink for MSFT thanks to Bing and other ventures like Skydrive.
      if they continue this same path, I hope NOKIA abandons them and goes FULL THROTTLE ANDROID AND MEEGO.

    • Guest


    • Anonymous

      I know, one less reason to buy windows phone. I wonder if this is their tactic to sell windows 8 tablets: let’s put everything on the ipad first!

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft makes software, and sadly Windows 7 and WP7.5 are just a tiny portion of their portfolio.  We can’t prettend Apple doesn’t exist if we do then Apple will just create their own version of whatever Microsoft is not providing for them and then there will be even more competition.

      Just as long as I get my product, I don’t care of Apple guys get it as well, at least it’ll be funny to see apple fanboys using MS products on their beloved platforms.

      On the other hand, if Apple gets something, and we don’t (Photosynth) then yes, your point in completly valid

    • Grannyville7989

      It gets people who are iOS devices aware of Microsoft’s cloud services and to get them using it, with the chance that when the user seeks to buy a new phone or tablet, they may be more inclined to get a Windows Phone because of the intergration with the OS. It’s like with Apple releasing iTunes and Safari for Windows. Get people aware of those products in the hope that they will use more of their services in the future or even switch platforms.

    • Trevor Demerse

      Why should Microsoft not make available all of their other products so that one division offers a few extra apps? There are already 3rd party apps that try to do this. Its better for Microsoft to put out full apps with a better experience that bring MSFT profits instead of letting developers try to implement it. It is also great advertising for the free, native support for all of this stuff on WP7.~

  • Jay

    Anyone else notice the original release for the app is 16 Nov 2011?

    • Nick Webster

      It was released to some press members before hand, also it had beta testers, so the app was added on that date so they could access it.

  • Nick Webster

    This is actually funny because only yesterday I was trying to convince a mate to switch to Skydrive (25GB w/ Office) from Dropbox (2GB w/o Office) and he said he would if only there was an app on his iPhone and I said one would most likely be coming with all the apps for iOS Microsoft have been releasing lately….and low and behold, there is now an app for both Windows Phone and iPhone…Might be easier to convert my friends to Skydrive now.

  • Anonymous

    THIS getting stupid first the office then the xbox live then the halo then skydrive then Kinectimals
    is there anything exclusive for windows phone 

    • Anonymous

      Why is it stupid? IPhone will now generate revenue vs get ignored as if it isn’t a hugely popular platform. Wp7 apps still look awesome and are further integrated!

    • Anonymous

      how the hell do you promote your windows phone now 
      by saying it has office hub oh iphone has this one it has skydrive iphone has this one too xbox live iphone has this one too halo iphone has this one too ok thank you  i don’t need to buy windows phone i’ll keep my iphone bye 

      thank you microsoft 

    • Nick Webster

      You forget the Xbox app is next to useless, it allows you to change your avatar, message your friends, see your achievements and thats about it, pretty much what you can do on the website, a lot of these apps for iOS are missing features that WP has, such as Achievements for Kinectimals

    • Guest

      How did iOS promote itself without anything to leverage other than iTunes? How did OS X promote itself with tiny share and only a handful of exclusive apps? The WP group will have to innovate more and faster. They will have to secure more apps and more top quality OEMs. They will have to get much better at marketing. If they don’t, they will fail.

      Giving up a lead and then taking this long to respond has consequences. Nobody said it was going to be easy.  

    • Anonymous

      that’s right. I can already see the iphone ads:

      “it does all your windows pc does, and it’s an iphone”.

      Thanks MSFT.

    • Anonymous

      you promote it as how they do now with the user interface the slickness of integration Office, Xbox etc. Unless iPhone starts promoting that the general public wont know. 

    • Anonymous

      it is stupid because when somebody asks why should they get a windows phone, the answer will be:

    • bricktown

      I am 100% certain there isn’t a single person on the planet who bought a windows phone because of Kinectimals.

    • Anonymous

      well they just released xbox live, one note for ipad, and skydrive among other things. what’s next? office?. ok so IE will be EXCLUSIVE to windows phone. w00t. that’s the one thing that will make me want a wp.

    • Anonymous


    • Trevor Demerse

      Who knows… They might have seperate deals.

  • Jccoyle37

    Great Apple gets the app before us WP7 users do. Thanks MS !Link still doesn’t work but iTunes has it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s being rolled out. No big deal.  But yeah, I think MS should confirm their WP7 download links are fully working before announcing the multi-platform availability.

  • Anonymous


  • Touré HENRY

    Well Dropbox should’ve hurried and get my WP7 app… They didn’t do it quick enough (at all actually) so I’ll just go all Microsoft

  • Sam

    ok ! lets go buy  Iphone instead of WP !

    • Anonymous

      essentially. wasn’t their latest windows campaign “it’s good to be a family” refering to the windows ecosystem. It seems the family includes apple’s bastard son.

  • Harvey

    OK, before the Mango update WP7 lacked a lot of low level features that made it impossible for apps like skype and photosynth.  WTF!!!!
    Unacceptable for an internal Microsoft group NOT to help support another group by at least giving WP7 a small head start by releasing the app on its home platform first!!.
    Damn, where’s the love?!?!?!?
    I know the Live team needs to get out of the red, but damn!!!!

  • Lewis McCrary

    Good move actually.  Now to just wait for the roll out…

  • Anonymous

    Although it would be nice to have some more WP7 exclusives (or at least get them 1st), what microsoft are doing here is clever. The experience is usually better on WP7 but they are very obviously and publicly avoiding any future antitrust action.

    That is coming to Apple at some point in the future, mark my words. It crippled MS for 10 years. Now we are just about seeing what they can do, but instead of creating a fully closed ecosystem they are making one that lets other people have a look and sample the goods.

    If they like what they see, they will go out and buy the WP7 or Xbox, or Kinect or Office365 or whatever. MS should be applauded. 

    • Anonymous

      clever as in “why should I get a windows phone”.

      you don’t, it has nothing you can’t do on an iphone.

      yup. that’s real clever.

    • Anonymous

      why should I get a windows phone?

      Right now, i’d go for:

      Most stylish UI
      Best integration with social networks
      Best Office integration
      Live tiles
      No real fragmentation
      Smooth performance on all devices

      I’ve got 2. Had an iPhone, got over it. Time for a change!

    • Guest

      Battery life.

  • Keithfranklin

    Is this possible yet.
    Take photo with Windows Phone. Automatically stored on Skydrive (full resolution or not) then have that image automatically sync wth PC pictures folder?  If so how do you configure that. My Pictures folder is synced with Live Mesh on SkyDrive, but that isnt the same folder as my phones photos.

    • Harvey

      For a sobering understanding, take a look at this article from Paul Thurrott:
      Navigate down to a section in the arcle that starts with : “A recap for Windows users” and then “How Microsoft stacks up”

  • Anonymous

    why should I get a windows phone?
    well it’s got exclusives like skydrive which will be first class in win8.

    why should I get a windows phone?
    windows phone? buy a mac and an iphone. msft is porting everything over pfff.. why buy that windows thing.

    great move MSFT.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up neonspark with your trolling. YOu dont even have a windows phone retard.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have just one.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft is betting that you will use Windows Phone sometime in the future. You may still have an iPhone for awhile, but eventually you are going to use Windows Phone. In the meantime, they are going to try and prevent you from getting locked into other cloud providers like Google, Dropbox etc. The way they see it, this cloud thing is just getting started.

    As long as Ballmer is in charge, and Office is printing money, they are going to continue and play small ball. As an OS X, iOS user, I don’t mind.

  • Malcolm Clement

    Here’s the link:

  • Anonymous

    As an app developer for WP7, I hope MS has some great strategies for promoting the platform. I can understand balancing the pomotion of WP7 with the promotion of other products. I just hope they have some killer feature or apps that they are holding back just for WP7. I think a lot of devs are getting nervous that MS might pull the rug out from the whole thing, just like with Silverlight.

  • Anonymous

    it’s like giving a glass of cold water to someone in ….

  • Anonymous

    look at it like this 

    1. Build a brand new ecosystem 
    2. Invite people to try the ecosystem (iOS and Android apps) 
    3. Demonstrate how all the applications integrate nicely in the ecosystem (Windows 7.5 -> Windows8 etc)

    IMO its not a bad thing unless MS takes its to far people arent buying phones for Skydrive and Kinectimals and better yet nobody knows WTF Skydrive is. MS needs to showcase their beautiful applications to everyone and get people involved into that whey are doing. 

    Also take note its releasing only for iOS and Windows Phone Android is not included except for Halo. So basically MS is saying hey this app is available on iOS and Windows Phone people try it on iOS love it and when it comes to their next upgrade they have the option.

    1. Buy an iPhone for 199$
    2. Buy a Windows Phone for a cheaper price and can run every MS app on iOS with smoother integration. 

    If MS doesn’t do this people wont know what One Note, Skydrive etc is also consider Kinectimals is a kids game and tons of kids have iPod touches. 

  • phil jay

    Right now, this app sucks on WP7. It’s laggy, opening of most docs won’t work and did I say it’s laggy? The only thing that makes it worth is the ability to delete files..  But it’s the first version, so maybe theres more to come.

  • Anonymous

    Redundant app – only had to pin the Skydrive link from the Office hub to start. Same exact thing without the fancy Skydrive logo.

  • Riple

    I think this feature will make windows live increase popularity

  • Siddarth Malhotra

    Well a Windows Desktop client?