Microsoft Research releases new Face Swap Windows Phone app

By Tom Warren, on 20th Dec 11 5:30 pm with 10 Comments

Face Swap for Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Research unit released a new Windows Phone app on Monday.

The Face Swap application does what it says on the tin. Windows Phone users can simply take pictures of themselves and others and swap people’s faces using a photo taken with others. Microsoft uses a shake to swap feature, allowing Windows Phone users to simply swap over their faces. Once faces have been swapped, images can be easily shared to Facebook, Twitter or SkyDrive.

Main Features include:

  • Multiple faces detection enabled
  • Shake to create a new photo with people’s face swapped!
  • Save or share your creation though Facebook, Twitter or Sina Weibo

Face Swap is available immediately for free at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

  • Thom McKiernan

    What an odd thing to create. Just in time for some holiday lols

    • CG

      Based on the fact that you can share to Sina Weibo, as well as the Marketplace description of the app having some typical Chinese grammatical errors, it’s obvious that the app was made by someone in China. Chinese people love these sort of things.

  • MS Fan

    It pretty good that Microsoft make some app for WP7 like this. But I still waiting for “Photosynth”.

  • Karl Cramer

    Now we just need John Travolta and Nic Cage overacting. “I want to take his face… off. Eyes, nose, skin, teeth. It’s coming off.”

  • Guest

    They didn’t exactly pick the two best subjects to demonstrate this working.

  • Alex H

    Lets face swap two oriental guys, with short dark hair, and both wearing glasses… that’ll be a great demo!! /s

  • warex3D

    hahah nice app.

  • Cloud

    I kinda hope this app doesn’t make its way to the app store…

  • phil jay

    Couldn’t get this to work yet, but I’m struggling to find a photo that could work

  • Ahmed Salem

    I read the article and the comment and I did not get the use of the app! Please MS, a Photosynth Windows Phone version would be much more better and useful!