Microsoft resumes Omnia 7 SFR Windows Phone NoDo updates

By Tom Warren, on 2nd Jun 11 1:36 am with 5 Comments

Microsoft revealed on Wednesday that Samsung Omnia 7 NoDo updates have restarted for SFR users in France.

The software giant had previously put Omnia 7 devices on hold due to technical issue with the update package. “Yesterday we resumed delivering updates to Omnia 7 owners with SFR in France,” says Eric Hautala at Microsoft. “That’s all the news on the update delivery front this week.”

The new Omnia 7 update will include the March 2011 NoDo update and 7392 security update. “If you installed copy and paste before we halted updates to Omnia 7s, you’ll just get 7392,” says Hautala. Microsoft previously revealed that a small number of Omnia 7 owners might have trouble installing the 7392 update. Samsung has published a tool designed to fix the issue. “If you get stuck during installation, please see this support article, which contains troubleshooting steps and a link to the new Samsung tool,” says Hautala.

Microsoft has also updated its “where’s my Windows Phone update?” page with a full table detailing each OS build update. “The table now reflects our new naming convention for software updates: build numbers,” says Hautala. “Referring to updates by software build number is a standard industry practice, and we made these same changes to the the Update history page on the Windows Phone website several weeks ago.”

Microsoft was unable to provide any further information on a potential deployment for some Samsung Focus owners. The company claims Samsung has been sourcing two separate flash memory components for its Focus devices. Most focus owners have revision 1.3 of the device and are receiving updates, those with revision 1.4 aren’t. “We’re now working closely with Samsung and AT&T to test and deliver an update for this group,” said Hautala. “We don’t yet have an update readied for the Focus variant, but we are making solid progress.”

  • LePete

    Finally, now I will wait patiently until fall of 2013 for mango :(

  • martin anderson

    Ok now where is 7392 for my Orange UK Omnia 7 Phone!

  • martin anderson

    Ok now where is 7392 for my Orange UK Omnia 7 Phone!

  • Robert Wade

    That is NOT accurate.  Ver 1.3 Focus owners are NOT receiving the 7392 update.  I’ve been sitting with NoDo as a ver 1.3 Focus user and have yet to receive the 7392 update.  When they stopped the update because of the 1.4 version issue it stopped it for ALL Focus units.  So, a more accurate statement would be that ver 1.3 Focus units are CAPABLE of receiving the update, but are affect by the stop until the 1.4 issue is addressed.

    • MVIM

      Agreed. I got NoDo with no problems, so I don’t understand why the type of flash memory would affect an update that only modifies the web browser’s security certificates. It just doesn’t make sense.