Microsoft rolling out Windows Phone update to fix Exchange and Voicemail bugs

By Tom Warren, on 17th Nov 11 7:31 am with 29 Comments

Microsoft has started distributing a new operating system update for Windows Phone 7.5.

The update brings the operating system version up to 7.10.7740.16 and appears to be available for a variety of devices. Build 7740 addresses some issues with Microsoft Exchange 2003 and a voicemail notification problem:

  • Fixes an email issue related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. With this fix, when you reply to or forward a message, the original message is now included in your response.
  • Fixes a voicemail notification issue

Windows Phone users originally reported an issue with Exchange 2003 where replies to emails never included the original message. Microsoft has moved quickly to address this bug but the software giant is still investigating two other problems with Windows Phone 7.5. Microsoft confirmed in October that it is investigating instances of the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” keyboard disappearing during use. The problem appears to be related to background tasks from certain applications. Scheduled Tasks or Background Agents allow an application to execute code in the background, even when the application is not running in the foreground. HTC devices include a background agent for the Hub and a number of third party applications utilise the support to update Live Tiles and other parts of applications. Disabling individual background tasks appears to fix the issue.

Microsoft is also investigating reports of Windows Phone 7.5 locking up or freezing during Zune music playback. A number of threads existing with hundreds of replies on Microsoft’s own support forums concerning the problem. Microsoft confirmed to WinRumors in October that the company is aware of the issues and is investigating them to determine the root cause. The vast majority of affected users reporting the problem are using HTC devices.

Windows Phone 7.5 build 7740

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, Microsoft seems to be getting better at keeping secrets. It would be a pleasant surprise if this update added some other things, too, aside from what’s listed in the update description.

    • Guest

      I know MS wants to be apple but sending out buggy software is not where they should be coping.  :(

    • Anonymous

      iOS has bugs, too. Realistically speaking, there is no such thing as perfect software.

      Given all the permutations of logic in something as complex as an operating system, it is a proven fact that software without bugs does not exist. The fact that Microsoft has released an update to quickly address the problem shows their commitment to quality.

      I don’t think Microsoft wants to be Apple. They want to *beat* Apple. And they’re doing it by taking a unique approach in the mobile space. Which is different from Google Android, who clearly tries to mimic Apple as much as possible.

    • Anonymous

      the difference is that Microsoft actually fixes is bugs, unlike apple

  • Typhos

    Im still waiting for swedish display language for my htc trophy

    Tom, you dont know anything about this do you ?

    • Tom W

      No I haven’t heard about any new display languages. I suspect if that was going to be baked into all ROMs then it would be with Tango since that’s designed to tie up a number of international features.

  • Edwin

    why i cant post comment by signing in fb? it say error!

  • Jubbin Grewal

    I haven’t got the update either, but seems like a big update jump in numbers for just a small update.

    • Aurélien Ramondou

      Actually Mango version was 7.10.7720.500, but was advertised as 7.5.
      So the jump is only 0.00.0019.660… :-)

  • Anonymous

    oh I thought the voicemail issue was with my carrier.. I could get about ten voicemail calls if I missed a call 

  • Paul Hill

    Got it, but does this fix the keyboard? (Can’t do it yet until tonight, need to go out)

    • Zikalify

      Sorry didn’t get it. Got internet sharing.

  • Tristan Dyer

    No update for the HD7 on Bell In Canada.. :-( I was hoping the internet sharing would be there.

  • Anonymous

    Got my notification right when it released apparently (no articles on the internet yet) on my HTC Titan. However it’s the UK unbranded, unlocked version. Doesn’t seem like a ton of US users have it yet. I haven’t installed it yet though so I am not sure what it will fix on my phone (hopefully the visual voicemail)

  • Eyesore

    Hopefully we can get a fix soon for the ‘dissapearing keyboard’ & the ‘lockup during music playback’ issues. I’ve experienced both of these on my Samsung Omnia!

  • Entegy

    I didn’t see it last night on my unbranded Focus when I manually checked, but I’ll check again when I get home, but so far I’ve only heard it for HTC devices.

  • Qbitware

    Here in Colombia, with an AT&T Samsung Focus (Gen 1) still no update, still… I’ve hacked the OS to turn on the internet sharing feature, hope that doesn’t spoil the update… =P

  • Anonymous

    My HD7 (SIM Free) did not receive the MS update but I received one from HTC and now I have thethering.

  • Ed

    Hope there’s a fix with visual voice mail / t-mobile not working period.

    • Guest

      It works perfectly on TMOUS/HD7 (just to clarify: did you enable that service for your account?)

  • Reinhard Schuerer

    Got the update on my Samsung Omnia 7 today (with German Telekom branding) but it always fails to install the update with error code: 80180048
    Until step 7 “Installing  Updates …”  it works as expected but there appears no progress bar on the phone and  short after it continues with “Restarting phone” and after the phone is restarted I always get the same “Update Error”

    Tried this on two different computers (both with Windows 7 64 Bit)”
    Removed all music and videos from the phone resulting in 10GB free memory on the phone.
    Removed battery.
    Completely reseted the phone.
    Always the same problem.

    • Nitrofighter

      same problem

    • Kwreid

      Same problem.

    • Kwreid

      Same problem on my Samsung Focus.

    • Dbzrulez

      same problem

  • Morgan Wisbey

    So once again we have another update where which phone gets it and when is anybody’s guess. I really hope this gets better when Nokia is fully on board. Nothing here for the Focus on AT&T. MS website doesn’t even mention this update. Still waiting for the visual voicemail update that the AT&T rep promised would be ready 30 days after Mango was released. The lack of info when you know this stuff is planned out completely is absolutely frustrating. 

  • smartykish

    I have not recieved this update on my phone (HTC Titan) which is now running the 7720 update only.
    I am not recieving any voicemail notifications. Please send the update to this phone as well.

  • Glen

    um, could they release a patch that would allow visual voicemail on verizon??? seriously verizon is sucking here.  NO visual voicemail…no teathering…

  • Misabi

    Finally got the update here in New Zealand… Only just realised yesterday that I wasn’t getting notified about v/m’s.