Microsoft rolls out Xbox LIVE labs testing program

By Tom Warren, on 10th Mar 11 1:10 pm with 5 Comments

Microsoft announced on Thursday a Xbox LIVE labs testing program.

LIVE Labs is an optional program designed to perform a number of network tests from Xbox owners consoles. The results are recorded “solely for the purpose of testing and improving the service” says Microsoft’s Larry Hryb (majornelson). The Xbox LIVE Labs program is entirely optional and voluntary.

Microsoft says it will reward those who opt in with Avatar items and zero point achievements as a thank you for their contributions. There are a total of three Avatar items and three achievements that Xbox LIVE users can earn for each completed test, including a lab coat, brain helmet and crazy mad scientist hair.

The Xbox LIVE labs program will run from March 10 till March 27 and is open to all Xbox LIVE members living in the United States. Microsoft says it will evaluate when and how it plans to roll it out to other Xbox LIVE regions.

Xbox LIVE Labs Avatar

  • Steve Jobs

    This is awesome!

  • James Brooks

    Always the United States. Bleh.

    • Carlos


      Oh well, we still don’t have access to the WP7 Marketplace here in Portugal so I can’t say I’m surprised.

  • Andy Topley

    Microsoft really do take the micky with their regions, they give everything to the US and sometimes a water down version to the rest of us.

  • Poop

    usa suck it bitches