Microsoft says ‘Happy Holidays’ with creepy men in suits

By Tom Warren, on 23rd Dec 10 12:56 am with 2 Comments

Happy Holidays from Windows Live

Microsoft is wishing the world Happy Holidays in its own unique way today.

The software giant’s Windows Live team has created a promotional video to wish users “Happy Holidays”. The video features men dressed up in Windows Live messenger buddy suits. The video promotes the video messaging features of the Windows Live suite.

Microsoft’s Windows Live team has been busy in 2010. Together with the Windows team, Windows Live has been running a number of “to the cloud” commercials across TV screens worldwide. Microsoft began advertising “To the Cloud” capabilities in October. The software giant has issued a number of adverts so far which highlight the cloud features of Windows Live. The company also kicked off a brand new advertising campaign named “Cloud Power” in October. The Redmond based company wants to take its cloud computing investments a step further by advertising the potential benefits to customers. Microsoft made its commitments to its cloud offerings extremely clear at this year’s Professional Developers Conference. The message of the event was that Microsoft were “all in” for cloud services.

Microsoft also shipped a final version of its Windows Live Essentials 2011 application suite earlier this year. The software includes a number of free applications that allow users to create Photo Galleries, home movies and communicate online using Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft also recently launched a Windows Live Plugins site for users of Windows Live Essentials. The site lists the most popular plugins available for Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and Writer.

Windows Live momentum and advertising is expected to carry on during 2011 as Microsoft strives to make consumers aware of the cloud and its benefits. Microsoft will also kick start its next wave of Windows Live web enhancements and application updates during 2011.

  • Paul Paliath

    Thanks for the nightmares, Tom. :-D

  • Rafael R.

    I like how in the video, the video’s send button is grayed out yet they simulate the click sound and everything. Silly Microsoft.