Microsoft shows off its ‘Cloud Power’ with new advertising campaign

By Tom Warren, on 1st Nov 10 6:06 pm with Comments Off

Image Credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET (CBS Interactive)

Microsoft has kicked off a brand new advertising campaign today, ‘Cloud Power’.

The Redmond based company wants to take its cloud computing investments a step further by advertising the potential benefits to customers. Microsoft made its commitments to its cloud offerings extremely clear at last week’s Professional Developers Conference. The message of the event was that Microsoft were “all in” for cloud services.

The advertising campaign follows the introduction of Microsoft’s new Office 365 service, which puts a number of Office technologies straight into the cloud allowing businesses of any size to save time and money. The Cloud Power campaign focuses on the public cloud, private cloud and cloud productivity.

“Making sense of all of the options and helping customers harness the power of the cloud in the manner that best suits their business needs is the goal of this effort,” said Gayle Troberman, chief creative officer for the Central Marketing Group. “Whether an organization is just starting to explore the cloud or is at the right point in its IT evolution to start making major investments, we have the right products and the unique expertise to help.”

Cloud Power will appear in print, online, radio and TV commercials over the next several weeks. The adverts will roll out globally in magazines, newspapers, billboards and airport signs. The ads will feature three of Microsoft’s core cloud computing technologies: Office 365, Windows Azure and Windows Server Hyper-V. The first billboards have already begun hanging at Seattle’s Sea-Tac airport over the weekend. The campaign is expected to cost Microsoft several hundred million dollars.

For more information, visit Microsoft’s Cloud Power site.