Microsoft starts distributing Windows Phone 7 devices to employees

By Tom Warren, on 3rd Dec 10 2:39 pm with 2 Comments

Image Credit: Long Zheng (Flickr)

Microsoft has started dishing out free Windows Phone 7 devices to employees.

Microsoft Netherlands started distributing Samsung Omnia 7 devices to employees last week. Microsoft officials previously confirmed that all 89,000 employees will receive a Windows Phone 7 handset. 1,200 Microsoft Netherlands employees are currently receiving their devices and Microsoft is expected to distribute devices elsewhere in the EU in the coming weeks. Microsoft U.S. employees will have the option of selecting a CDMA device when they are available early next year.

In a statement to, Microsoft confirmed the move:

“Microsoft Netherlands started the internal deployment of Windows Phone 7 last week. The vast majority of employees now use their new phone and the first experiences are very positive.”

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 devices went on sale in Europe and the U.S. approximately a month ago. Early sales estimates, based on Facebook application usage data, suggest that around 120,000 handsets have been sold. Microsoft has refused to announce official sales figures but is widely expected to share details at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2011. Microsoft is also planning a new update for Windows Phone 7 that it will ship in early 2011.

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    Besides all the links being messed up on this page, isnt it missing a Via

    • Rafael R.

      I’m not sure you understand how the press engine works. Just because you believe to have written the first article about the topic, doesn’t mean they have to link to you. The announcement from Microsoft was via a public forum — Twitter. 439 other people follow the account in question.