Microsoft steps up Windows Phone 7 marketing with TV promo spots and Twitter #windowsphone

By Tom Warren, on 13th Nov 10 3:28 am with 1 Comment

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 marketing team went into overdrive this week with a number of different product placements across TV programes and even a promoted Twitter hashtag.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system has recently appeared on The Vampire Diaries, Hawaii Five-O and Bones in the United States. Each time a device was featured you could clearly see Windows Phone 7 in a product placement. Yesterday’s recent Bones placement, spotted by Engadget, saw Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan receive an important text message on Windows Phone 7. The promo spots must be costly but they’re all part of Microsoft’s heavy marketing scheme for its latest mobile OS.

Microsoft also purchased a promoted Twitter hashtag, #windowsphone, earlier this week on the social networking site. The hashtag trended worldwide and created interest and awareness of Windows Phone 7. The software giant also pushed out a new TV commercial named “nightclub” earlier in the week that appears to suggest Windows Phone 7 could help you get laid.

Microsoft confirmed on Monday that it now has 13,000 registered Windows Phone 7 developers. Windows Phone 7 users now have access to around 2,000 apps and games in the Marketplace and the software giant is approving new apps each day. Microsoft isn’t confirming exact device sales just yet but early estimates from market research analysts suggest around 250,000 devices have been sold in Europe and 40,000 on U.S. launch day.