Microsoft Store opens in Santa Clara with The Black Keys and Joe Jonas

By Tom Warren, on 10th Nov 11 9:08 pm with 24 Comments

Microsoft Store opens in Santa Clara

Microsoft opened its brand new retail store in Santa Clara, California on Thursday.

The new retail store is housed in Westfield Valley Fair, Santa Clara California and The Black Keys rock band will be on hand to perform a concert for lucky visitors to the store tomorrow. Tickets were first come first serve and Santa Clara residents were able to secure them by visiting the store early this morning. Microsoft also organized a special concert for November 12 with Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers. The tickets drew large crowds and interest in Microsoft’s thirteenth store. Microsoft’s Santa Clara store is the fifth store to open in California. Microsoft is also handing out software grants to three local organizations. Microsoft will donate $20 for each vote on its Facebook page for three local organizations. Customers can choose between ACE Charter School, Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) or Rocketship Education.

Microsoft’s latest store in Santa Clara sees them set up shop close to Apple once again. Apple has a store in Valley Fair too, which originally opened in November 2001. Microsoft’s Kevin Turner, chief operating officer, revealed recently that the company plans to expand its stores across the United States within the next few years. Turner showed off a map of the new stores dotted across the United States. Microsoft currently has 13 stores open in the United States. The software giant held a grand opening ceremony for its twelfth Microsoft Store recently. The store, located in Seattle, was opened by Turner. Microsoft presented more than $1 million in software grants to local organizations as part of the grand opening ceremony in October.

Microsoft’s new 75 stores appear to be spread across the east and west coast of the United States. The company is rumored to be launching stores in New York and Orlando later this year too. The Microsoft Stores offer all of the Microsoft products found through online retailers and inside major retail chains, including keyboards and mice, Windows 7, Xbox 360 and many more products. Apple currently has 245 stores in the United States alone, and 357 total stores worldwide, including 33 in the UK and 22 in Canada.

Crowds outside the Santa Clara Microsoft Store

Image Credit: Jimmy B (@jimsbains)

  • Guest

    Okay, so I understand the marketing need for these. But I have to wonder how much they’re losing in total on them?

    • Anonymous

      IT’s about building up a retail image, it will take time and losses.

    • Guest

      What part of I understand the marketing need were you too stupid to follow?

    • Anonymous

      Actually, when I was there yesterday, there as many people, if not more, inside the store playing with Kinects, laptops, buying stuff, etc.  then waiting in the line for tickets/to meet Joe Montanna

  • Norville2

    Surley you have to speculate to accumulate..

  • roger

    I wish there was one in DC

    • Gunloc

      They’re opening one in Tyson’s. That’s basically your DC metro area store right there.

  • Guest

    Roger your wish is being granted.  Tyson’s Corner, VA on November 17th

  • adam

    can i has one in England?

    • Guest

      No. But if you stop by Tom’s with a few pints, he’s got pretty much one of everything ;-)

    • guest

      I always kinds thought he had an Australian accent

  • cc

    one in the Lou plz

  • RemllabEve

    This is exciting, I confident the store will open to tens of tens of people.   And a few of them may even be there for something other then the band.

    • Anonymous

      Troll HARDER.

    • Guest

      Jealous that anagram troll is stealing some of your action?

  • Dominic Blakey

    Wish Microsoft would go abroad. I’d work in one of their stores any day!

    • Daniel Paulino

      it would be a dream to work for a microsoft store here in vancouver canada. im actually considering working at a local best buy just to get my gadget fix. plus, it’d be great to steer people away from those overpriced apple devices

    • Anonymous

      Good idea
      Steer people from overpriced devices – hahah

  • Matthewmsft

    I’m there now…ITS AMAZING!!!!

  • Dan Menapace

    I’ll be there Saturday gadget drooling.

  • Blake Reynolds

    Hope the rumor of the Orlando store is true. I don’t have a WP7 device, but I’d like to have a Microsoft store to visit and play with the products in to get a better feel for them.

  • Tim Fangon

    Gonna check the store out this weekend!

  • JonnieLasVegas

    Bring one to Las Vegas at the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip PLEASE!!!!

  • Guest2

    Why would anyone want to go to a Microsoft store?