Microsoft Surface 2 demonstrated at CES

By Tom Warren, on 5th Jan 11 10:56 pm with 2 Comments

Microsoft announced its second generation Surface computer at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

The software giant demonstrated the Surface 2 at a press briefing during CES today. The new version of Surface, due this year, is powered by a multicore CPU and GPU by AMD. Microsoft’s Windows 7 will power the new Surface. Samsung manufactures the device in partnership with Microsoft and the new model is just 4″ thick. Due to the new size of the Surface 2, customers have the option to mount it vertically. The top part of Microsoft’s Surface 2 uses the biggest piece of gorilla glass that has ever been bonded to an LCD.

Microsoft has also improved the touch technology behind Surface. First generation hardware used a camera underneath the top of the device. With Surface 2, Microsoft has introduced pixel sense technology. The new technology uses infrared sensors inside the screen and hardware decoding to allow developers to create unique new applications for Surface. Microsoft demonstrated the ability for the cameras to read the text on a piece of paper accurately.

Royal Bank of Canada is one of the first customers of Surface 2 who are planning to use the new devices later this year. Microsoft expects the Surface 2 to be widely used later this year and has priced it at a lower price point to lure potential customers.

Microsoft Surface 2

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