Microsoft Surface used in Criminal Minds TV show

By Tom Warren, on 13th May 11 8:36 pm with 2 Comments

Microsoft’s Surface computer showed up during this Criminal Minds this week.

The TV spot showed Microsoft’s Surface computer for a brief amount of time. Disappointingly the program chose to use the first generation of Surface and not the brand new Samsung powered device. Microsoft demonstrated and announced its Surface 2 computer during CES earlier this year.

Microsoft’s new Surface is just 4″ thick and includes the biggest piece of gorilla glass ever bonded to an LCD. Microsoft has also improved the touch technology behind Surface. First generation hardware used a camera underneath the top of the device. With Surface 2, Microsoft has introduced pixel sense technology. The new technology uses infrared sensors inside the screen and hardware decoding to allow developers to create unique new applications for Surface. Microsoft demonstrated the ability for the cameras to read the text on a piece of paper accurately. Microsoft Surface is used in some retail banks and casinos in the United States.

  • Keno Butler

    I want one of these… dont matter if its version 1 or 2 :p  

  • GP007

    One thing that I just thought of, since they’ve basically made this like a desk/table with the gorrila glass to protect it from breaking and so on, add in future Win8 tablet UI into the mix, slap it on this and let your whole office desk be a surface PC etc.  

    I think it’d be pretty damn cool with the right UI and price, MS should try to go for that in the future.