Microsoft Taiwan teases 9/9 date on its Windows Phone Mango site

By Tom Warren, on 8th Sep 11 6:03 pm with 11 Comments

Microsoft’s Taiwan Windows Phone Mango site is teasing a date of 9/9.

The site appears to be a promotional marketing mini-site setup especially to advertise Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”. It’s not clear whether the date references a possible Windows Phone Mango launch or is simply a countdown to when the marketing site will be made available. HTC recently unveiled two Windows Phone 7.5 handsets, expected to be made available in early October. Privately, Microsoft is targeting existing devices by the end of September according to those familiar with Microsoft’s Mango plans. Some Microsoft officials have also dropped hints during conversations that the company will not make the same mistakes as it did with the “NoDo” update earlier this year.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 NoDo update took four months to reach all network carrier devices after a confusing test and release process.Microsoft is determined not to follow its previous path of updates and looks set to distribute Mango to all device owners at a similar point in time. The process will align Windows Phone updates closer to that of rival Apple’s iPhone updates. Apple is able to complete private carrier testing before the company ships an iOS update to its devices, a process that Microsoft needs to mirror to ensure all Windows Phone owners receive the update at the same time.

Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” delivers over 500 new features to the Windows Phone platform. The update includes multitasking, Windows Live Messenger integration and Bing improvements.

Thanks to @michaelgillett for the news tip

Mango Taiwan promo site

  • Jackson Loh

    One step closer…. =)

  • Anonymous

    9/9/13 for existing AT&T WP7 customers…

    • Tom W

      Ha :) hope not.

    • Tom W

      Ha :) hope not.

  • Liam Clarke

    Ha i would LOVE for the update to come out tomorrow to carrier specific phones but i very much doubt it will :( I cannot wait any longer!!

  • ski1tsfly

    Samsung Focus/ATT so the frustration begins anew.

  • Mykal J. Joseph Day

    I still think the real date is 9/15, but we will see real soon.

  • Kyle Linenfelser

    So the site is up now, anyone care to translate?

  • Andrew Massey

    lol, the page has been updated (on the 9/9)

    (some dodgy HTML goin’ on there I tell ya.)

  • Andrew Massey

    lol, the page has been updater (on 9/9).

  • Andrew Massey

    lol, the page has been updater (on 9/9).