Microsoft teams up with Last FM for Internet Explorer 9 web app

By Tom Warren, on 14th Dec 11 3:04 pm with 9 Comments

Microsoft unveiled a partnership with Last FM on Wednesday.

The pair have teamed up to produce an Internet Explorer 9 version of the Last FM website. The site supports Internet Explorer 9′s pinning and JumpList functionality. Last FM listeners can use the JumpList functionality to play, pause, skip and purchase tracks. “We’re always looking for new and outstanding ways to bring fantastic HTML5 experiences to Internet Explorer 9 users, and this new site from Last.FM will not disappoint,” said Internet Explorer UK lead Gabby Hegerty. “With Internet Explorer 9, websites feel much more like a native Windows application, where the focus is on the site, and in this case discoverability of great music, rather than the browser.”

The new site is available immediately at

Last FM

  • phil jay

    sweeet! awesome! really! redefines lastfm for me, makes me unpin spotify and pin lastfm!

  • GP007

    That looks pretty damn good to me as well, nice clean UI.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great. I’m not sure why Mircosoft hasn’t bought and intergrated it into zune yet. (not sure what the benefits would be )

    I mean they Have it on Xbox. 
    They have the only free mobile app. 
    and now this. 

  • Aslan88

    Ok, but what with Zune? when will suport it?

    • Seon

      go to lastfm groups and search zuseme. works like a charm

    • phil jay

      But only scrobbling…

  • Sell Used Cell Phones

    Sounds like a great feature! It will be cool to have this a try.

  • Josè Daniel

    Microsoft, how come you haven’t teamed up with a Zune integration?! For Pete’s sake, it’s been YEARS!!!!

  • Anonymous