Microsoft to detail Windows 8 app store features next week

By Tom Warren, on 1st Dec 11 9:32 pm with 12 Comments

Windows 8 Store

Microsoft is planning to reveal its Windows Store plans for Windows 8 in a briefing next week.

The software giant has invited a number of press, analysts and developers to a two-hour preview event in San Francisco on December 6. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that the event is entitled “Windows Store Preview” and looks set to provide developers with key information about the company’s plans in Windows 8.

Microsoft previously detailed its Windows Store efforts at its BUILD developer event earlier this year. The Windows Store is a Metro style application. The application is built on the same WinRT APIs that developers can use themselves across their Windows 8 Metro apps. Windows Store takes advantage of HTML5 and JavaScript to provide end users with a portal for secure, tested applications. Microsoft includes a spotlight section for the top Metro apps in the same way it does on Windows Phone. All applications include a brief overview, full detail page and reviews. The overview section will indicate the supported platform for the application (x86/64/ARM).

One of the more interesting aspects of the Store is the ability for websites to advertise their Windows 8 Metro application for download on their own site. Websites with an application will include a button for end users to launch or download the application. The launch surface will push the user straight into the Metro Windows Store experience and offer them the ability to download or trial the application. If the application is already installed then it will simply work as a launch surface for the existing app.

We’ll keep an eye out for any information Microsoft reveals next week, if you’re interested in how the Store works then check out the video below.

  • Guest

    This needs to be called Window Shopping – not an app store.  Come on – get creative.

    • Anonymous

      Or at least call it a “Marketplace” like they do on practically everything else.

    • Eingoluq

      I think they say app store because media=stupid!

    • OctalMan

      I think they will use Marketplace, i may be wrong though..

    • Anonymous

      App store is more likely, there’s a reason they have Apple in court for the title name. Not only does it help people realize where to go for apps but it make universal on all platform. This is so people coming from other “apps stores” already know where to go for apps.

  • Markus Eggert Andersen

    I can’t wait for release!

  • OctalMan

    Can’t wait to develop apps for Windows 8 :D

    • Kieran Kelly

      You can already develop for windows 8

    • OctalMan

      oh sorry, should have added “and publish them on the marketplace” :)

  • CircuitSoft

    Windows Store is better than App Store that sounds like Apple Store

    • Penta2100

      Im waiting for XNA to update :p
      still learning things though so it can take its time

  • Jeff Kibuule

    Man, I can imagine the day that I no longer need to service friends’ computers because there will be a magical checkbox that says “only install apps from the Windows Marketplace”. Wonderful!