Microsoft to unveil Windows 8 powered Samsung tablet at BUILD

By Tom Warren, on 8th Sep 11 6:46 am with 33 Comments

Windows 8 tablet?

Microsoft is preparing to unveil a Windows 8 powered Samsung tablet at next week’s build conference, according to reports.

Windows chief Steven Sinofsky will take to the stage on Tuesday to reveal Microsoft’s Windows 8 work on a Samsung Slate. The Korea Economic Daily claims that the new tablet is the first time that Samsung has collaborated with Microsoft in its hardware devices. Microsoft’s BUILD developers conference will run from September 13-16. Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows 8 details on September 13 and Windows Server 8 details on September 14.

Microsoft is also preparing to hand out Windows 8 powered tablets to attendees of BUILD. According to one source, familiar with the company’s plans, the Tablet will be powered by an ARM chip and include several hardware advances or sensors that Windows 8 will take advantage of. Microsoft employees Jeff Johnson and Patrick Hevesi showed off some new Windows powered slate devices during the “Come and see the latest and greatest in Windows Devices” presentation at Tech-Ed New Zealand last month. One particular device was revealed to be a “Quad Core Windows Slate that will be given out at an upcoming Microsoft event.” The device appeared in photos at Tech-Ed and is nearly identical in appearance to Samsung’s recently announced Windows 7 Slate.

WinRumors will be reporting live from BUILD next week, stay tuned for live blog details and full coverage of Windows 8.

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  • Anonymous

    This *might* finally force me to start paying attention to tablets.

  • Hassan Ali

    Well, Apple is already sueing Samsung , lets hope Samsung stronger alliance with Microsoft!

    • J A

      That’s good for business, soon Samsung may not be able to use Android for phones or tablets anymore or have to pay huge patent fees per device. This is where Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets come in. So let them sue away.

  • Morgan

    if you can print to a networked printer over WIFI then I am sold.

    • Jim

      Of course you can.. it´s win8 :)

    • Lewis McCrary

      It will do everything Win7 can do and more.

    • J A

      Of course, this thing carries all the functionalities of Windows PC, so unlike other tablets, as long as you are connected wired/wirelessly you can print to any printer you are set up for.

    • Anonymous

      Samsung has just released a print app for windows phone 7 (for samsung devices only though)

  • genus systems ltd

    I wonder if this is a result of apple suing over the galaxy tab so Samsung think they will have more luck with microsoft backing

    • Anonymous

      Apple’s lawsuit in Europe is based on the look of the device, mostly because of the icons. Apple seems to believe they own the concept for rows of icons. Since w8 doesn’t have rows of icons, Samsung will definitely have more luck.

  • Stevejobs

    Win8 is only a little bit late… 2012?
    2012 we all going to die… (maya’s orso…)

    • Jinge

      They wanted to be sure not to fail, so they did it on purpose! :D

    • Lewis McCrary

      You can stream the end of the world on your shiny new slate running Windows 8 though.

  • Impartial

    The Korea Economic daily is wrong as Samsung has collaborated with Microsoft in the past to produce hardware. The Surface 2 was done by collaboration of both…

  • Lewis McCrary

    Quad core slate running Windows 8?  *drool*  :)

    • gian

      drool a lot

  • Frylockns86

    Didn’t this get posted last week?

  • Anonymous

    sweeeeet. microsoft could sell a few million of these even if they shipped them with beta bits of win8.

  • Guest

    Hey, look an oven! What a fail! HAHAHAHAHA! Look at those exhaust vents! HAHAHAHA! Betchya that could heat an entire house! What are those switches for? Who cares, too complicated! HAHAHA! I’ll stick with my iPad, and not have to worry about getting viruses, unlike Winblows.

    • Chris Woelfel

      My balls chuckle everytime a troll is trolling.

    • markusdevine

      Whats that noise from under the bridge? T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-roll

    • Anonymous

      switches too complicated? I guess you took the short bus to school. That would explain not taking 5 min to read instructions to find out how to use a new device. (I’ve helped several ipad users because they have no clue what is in the settings). The virus argument is old. Haven’t had a single virus warning since windows 7.

    • Jimmy Fallon

      The IPAD instruction book reads like this. Push a button to get to an app, and if you get lost, keep pushing the pictures until you get really lost and then push that big button at the bottom to leave the back door and then go back through the front door by pushing the button to launch the app again. I watch the “target” audience do that all day long.

    • Guest

      if u r sticking ( where? ) with u r ipad why r u so interested in rumors for windows ??? 

  • Chris Woelfel

    Can’t wait for BUILD. Unproductive day at work. lol!

  • Chris Woelfel

    I still want that Samsung 7 Series Slate or whatever it’s called. I’ll buy that and put the pre-released bits of Windows 8 on it.

  • Chris Woelfel

    I still want that Samsung 7 Series Slate or whatever it’s called. I’ll buy that and put the pre-released bits of Windows 8 on it.

  • markusdevine

    I’m seriously hoping I don’t have to wait a year to get my hands on a Win8 tablet/PC hybrid.

  • oolong2

    With the Google Motorolla aquisition.  Samsung is likely to get more and more in bed with Microsoft…

    If 2012 has Microsoft making a similar deal with Samsung as they did with Nokia then Microsoft would be pretty much unstoppable when it comes to phones and tablets.

    Having one giant is good.  Two giants even better as the try to out do each other.

  • Jimmy Fallon

    Weight, battery life, speed, ports. This tablet in beta will outsell everything, IF they deliver. Time to deliver MS. This is it. I want to be running Windows 8 beta as my primary OS a year before the rest of the world just like I did with Win7. Gloves are off guys, show me the magic. And if you could just put a backlit outline of a MANGO on the outside, my life will be complete bliss.

  • prathyush

    if those are vents, then i would guess this is an intel based tablet.
    also it looks similar to intel based win7 tab, samsung just released. 

    can’t wait 

    • Anonymous

      Lots of resemblance to the Samsung Series Seven Slate

  • Bigmuddie2001

    If it is useful to do actual work and not just for games and reading the news, then I want one. So far all of the tablets are for peole who want nothing more than to look cool holding an over priced Apple product.
     I didn’t read how many USB ports this thing had. Being a windows machine it should have at least two.