Microsoft to use Zune for Windows Phone 7 security update installation, not OTA

By Tom Warren, on 20th Apr 11 12:45 pm with 15 Comments

Microsoft has confirmed to WinRumors that the company will push a Windows Phone 7 security update via its Zune software.

The software giant has been working on a patch to block several fake SSL certificates that may affect Windows Phone 7 owners. The company originally warned of nine fraudulent digital certificates in late March. Certification authority Comodo issued the certificates in what the company described as a “politically motivated” attack. The certificates have been revoked by Comodo and Microsoft has issued an update for all supported desktop versions of Windows to help address the issue. Microsoft says the certificates may be used to spoof content, perform phishing attacks, or perform man-in-the-middle attacks against all Web browser users including users of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft is currently working on a Windows Phone 7 update to address the issue on its latest range of smartphones. Bruce Cowper, Group Manager of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing, confirmed to WinRumors that the company is working with mobile carriers to plan its distribution methods. “The Windows Phone team is actively working with mobile partners to develop and distribute a mitigation update,” said Cowper in an email statement to WinRumors. “Microsoft can confirm that customer notification of the update will occur via OTA and delivery of the update will occur via the Zune client,” he added.

Microsoft could not confirm the exact date of delivery but said they will “provide status updates and additional guidance as soon as it becomes available.” The update is rumored to be pushed on May 3.

  • GP007

    I didn’t think it’d be OTA either. I mean on the flip side it’s always good to have a restore point on your PC just incase.

  • Troy Schuster

    This makes sense to me – great to see (if this is does come to fruition), that MS is keeping their customers security in mind and attempting to push out a fix before it becomes a problem.

    Well done Microsoft.

  • sarkis chamelian

    and Microsoft are slow at updates…..

    • Mark

      On phones, yes. On Windows, not so much.

    • Guest

      …better than no updates on Android. Stuck on 1.5, 1.6 that’s really bad.

    • Anonymous

      But at least with Android, you at least have the potential to get an update over the air! You won’t get the update…but it sure is nice over the air in the event that you do get an update! That’s great for people who hate connecting stupid wires!!! grrr… wires…. /s

    • Wheelerkl

      Most users don’t care about getting updates over the air. But they do care about having a restore point in case there is issues with the update or the update breaks something else. Updating through Zune gives you that restore point, but OTA doesn’t.

    • Wheelerkl

      Actually, Microsoft has a better record of getting security updates to users faster than its competitors. There has been a number of independent studies that show that Windows is more secure than Linux or UNIX for the very reason. WP7 will fall into that once they smooth out the process.

  • Chris Dickens

    I gues this’ll prove whether the Chevron updater really does mean that you can’t get future updates. On the other hand, since T-Mobile UK and such haven’t delivered the other updates yet will this one even install?

    • Tim Smith

      Plenty of chevron update users have gotten updates successfully, especially since AT&T is now rolling out updates. I did the Hungary/VPN method and I got the Focus specific updates last night.

  • Benjy91

    About time, they should have done it like Apple in the first place, releasing updates via Zune. Don’t let the carriers squabble and ruin things.

  • Anonymous

    thank goodness!! I hope this is the way we will see future updates. The AT&T fiasco jaded me.

  • Jonathan

    I’m sure this is a stupid question, but isn’t this the same as the nodo update? (Notification of an update via OTA, but the delivery via hooking up to PC (Zune software))?

  • Ef Jay

    Just as we had rumoured release dates for nodo, there’s no guarantee this will roll out on the rumoured date in may. Wouldnt be surprised if the whole delay scenario played out again exactly as before.

    • Guest

      Trollin’, trollin’ trollin’