Microsoft unveils amazing new vision of the future video

By Tom Warren, on 27th Oct 11 1:22 pm with 139 Comments

Microsoft has created a follow-up to its “Office 2019″ video and the latest concept of the future provides some amazing insights into how technology will impact our lives in the future.

The latest video builds on Microsoft’s previous concepts of touch based computing anywhere and everywhere. The video opens with a business woman visiting Johannesburg and having the audio around her translated in real time thanks to some futuristic glasses. Other scenes in the video feature highly personalised experiences and touch computing on every surface. Microsoft previously created an “Office 2019” video which also features the same opaque smartphones and touch walls.

Microsoft’s future vision is designed to show what the world might look like in the next five to 10 years. GeekWire’s Todd Bishop managed to speak to the videos creators at Microsoft in a recent interview. “We see an expanded definition of productivity where it’s not just about getting things done,” said David Jones, Microsoft’s director of envisioning. “It’s also about doing the right things, and doing them well and enjoying the process with other people in a very natural way.”

Microsoft believes that most of the technology in the video exists in some form or another today. “All of the ideas in the video are based on real technology,” explains Microsoft’s Office chief, Kurt DelBene, in a blog post on Thursday. “Some of the capabilities, such as speech recognition, real time collaboration and data visualization already exist today. Others are not yet available in specific products, but represent active research and development happening at Microsoft and other companies.”

Check out the video below and let us know in the comments what you think the future of computing will be in the next five years.

  • BucksterMcgee

    Amazing indeed. :)

  • Luke

    The only thing that isn’t plausible is the interface! Everything else, or at least the concepts behind it all, is very likely, although it’s all a progression of what we have now. In reality there’s nothing ‘new’ or a far cry from what we have now.

    • Impartial

      If anything the interface is quite plausible, look at how metro has changed MS interfaces so much today, imagine how this concept, which is reflected in the video, could evolve in the future…

    • Anonymous

      If anything the interface is very plausible, but the hardware isn’t.

    • GreyWolf

      Sure it is… The Snapdragon chips are about the size of a postage stamp. A translucent, flexible LED screen with an inch dark bezel on any side would provide almost the exact same thing. You’d need the bezel to hide the devices guts and it would provide a grip area so your hands wouldn’t obscure the screen.

  • Anonymous

    I want to live in that future because the Courier exists =P

    • Aaron Delgadillo


    • randy williams

      I seen that and it looks so much cooler without the big bezel in the middle.. I hope that the Windows 8 could look somewhat like this. Please Microsoft put your heads together because if you could get Windows 8 to look half way this good on tablet you will sell 50 Million quick. Well at least bring out the Courier which you have already patented and would be something no one has but everyone would try to copy..

    • YouTube to MP3

      Yeah, lol. =D

  • Adam

    possible in the next decade, if the zombies don’t kill us first.

    • Anonymous

      too bad cause Zombies(Congress,Senate) are already doing it now and the worst part is that we supposedly elect them.  Please support and call your congress… we wouldn’t want this crap to happen.

    • Anonymous

      OMG Shut up, were talking about a real threat, which are ACTUAL Zombies. No one will care about your stupid political movement when were knee deep in zombie brains… Grow up, 2012 is almost here

    • Anonymous

      Alright Mr. Famous Troll living in your mothers basement, first of all these political threats are real and are now. Don’t bullshit me about 2012 because that an imaginary Threat. The internet as you know will be affected by this threat and what you are able to do today, won’t be possible tomorrow. If you don’t take shit like this seriously you obviously haven’t been going out much. People need to wake up because we are gearing towards 2012 but it’s not the prediction known that will cause the end of the world but the actions of the people we elect.

    • Sriram Sarma

      In support of @nickcraze:disqus !
       @SteveyAyo dont you think you are wasting your time browsing and should instead buy supplies, build a bunker and arm yourself for the inevitable? After all, we dont want you to be come a zombie as well!!

    • Adam

      sucks to be you, i live in England… then again we have David Cameron for prime minister and Boris Johnson as London’s mayor. i weep for the future  =( 

    • Anonymous

      And you’re dumber than i thought, I was clearly making a joke to make light of the fact that your post is absolutely out of place and the way you brought it up was disgustingly inorganic. You forced a topic which had absolutely no relation to what the person you’re responding to said, and then you have the audacity to call me out on being off topic? You sir are a joke and you need to find a more appropriate forum for a post such as that. This is a TECH site about Technology, not a place for destined to fail political movements to spam for new members. If you would please go fornicate yourself and keep your spam to yourself, kthanx. 

      @Sriram Sarma : Im already armed to the teeth, no need to worry about me, unless you happen to be the living dead

    • Sriram Sarma

      @steveyAyo No worries mate! And no offence meant as well!

  • Adam

    actually with surface, 3ds technology, kinect and other technology. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes many of the tech is already developing.

  • Anonymous

    still think METRO UI is boring? go ahead say it.

    • Anonymous

      Oh u are gonna get it.

    • OMG55

      Air Heads would! The object of metro is to simplify daily tasks and do it in an elegant way, which allows consumers and corporation be more productive. Get it????? You dumb#ss. Now take you misguided followers and leave.

    • Josh Martin

      He was agreeing with you… Y u mad bro?

    • Anonymous

      The troll got overloaded because the video showed so many different UIs and workflows in a short video. In reality you’d spend time with one of them and it wouldn’t be difficult at all.

    • Test1ngi23

      Information overload. Ever heard of it?

    • Anonymous

      People from 20 years ago would say smartphones are already information overload. Younger people adapt to it.

    • Anonymous

      @e150a27e646961d5594b4ac9b6bd58f3:disqus get used to it. The world population is growing not shrinking. We’re producing exponentially more data. A set of 10 or so icons per screen is circa 1992 and Apple has managed to polish that UI a bit and get a few more miles out of it, but the future is not made up of icons upon icons inside folders and laid out in a grid format on a touch screen. 

    • Anonymous

      We are so on the same page. Just a few hours ago I was thinking that this represents Microsoft’s vision of the future. Beautiful Metro UI, everything integrated to the nth degree. Applications as silos will be the exception and the Apple UI will be a dinosaur very soon.

    • Getsandom

      That’s why Microsoft recomends developers to contain themselves and use wider space between data items and large sized typefaces. You may look for it at channel9, a Microsoft’s developer site…

  • Anonymous

    I love METRO. It really is the future. It puts information first.

  • Jeff Kibuule

    How would you project info onto any arbitrary surface? Pico projector? Wouldn’t the project then end up on other objects if it interrupted line of sight?

    • Anonymous

      Unless the sidewalk and road were a screen. LOL..

      I think the most likely scenario would be a projected image on your eye glasses that adds detail to your surroundings. Kinda how the NFL adds detail to the games by placing “3rd down” (or other words) and highlighting the line of scrimmage.

    • GreyWolf

      The projector could be embedded in the curb, I suppose.

  • Viet Pham

    So they can come up with something like this but can’t put together a decent ad for windows phone?

    • Mobile user

      How about cannot come up with decent Hardware as well

    • Anonymous

      Get some education.  Microsoft does not manufacture phone hardware.

    • Jeffnellelson

      Thus there problem. Apple does it and now Google does it! Guess MS will figure it out someday!

    • Anonymous

      reply to Jeffnellelson.  Apple’s market cap is a lot higher than Microsoft’s.  However, the profit margin of both companies are almost the same.  Guess which business model is more profitable.

    • Anonymous

      @CarpetMonster:disqus don’t waste your breath. @625cb3be9f63dbd1c4587984a1e504fb:disqus  will never get it…

    • John Lueders

      I was thinking the same thing…these commercials are modern and cool and the music is subtle but makes you feel like you are going somewhere.  I would like to see a Windows Phone commercial with the same ‘heartbeat’ as these futuristic commercials/videos.

    • Anonymous

      I actually felt very emotionally moved by this video!

    • Anonymous

      This is made by the Office team.  They know how to market better than the rest of MS.

    • OMG55

      They don’t make the hardware, manufacturers do. MS makes software….. Do you like to OS? IF so, this is the portion MS makes.

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    Really cool stuff….   Maybe its me but when I was watching it I noticed how similar wp7/w8 already look compared to that.  Going to be amazing in a few yrs as they further refine metro to do some of the things in that video.

  • Anonymous

    Screw the future, where can I buy a new winphone 7.5 in the present? ATT doesn’t have any.

  • AlienSix

    Microsoft, if you can do this, why cant you put together a decent commercial?

    • Anonymous

      they are having a tuft time hiring a good advertising company. And the company they are currently using Crispen & Porter(something like that) happen to be a bunch of Apple fanbois(they all use Macs) which just want to screw Microsoft with the lame commercials they have put out there. I mean read years ago about them when Microsoft contracted them and they were suppose to be the best but please tell me which commercial have they demonstrated to have done a great job. They are pathetic, heck if anything the Australian Division of Microsoft tend to do a much better job than all the money they been throwing at this company. They seriously need to change advertising company and hire an advertising visionary to do their advertising internally. 

    • Anonymous

      Well in our company we have to approve all the material produced by the advertising firm we use; if MS big shots approved those boring ads they can only blame themselves……

    • Guest

      Agree. The person who should have stopped this years ago is Ballmer. But instead we get terrible ad after terrible ad.

    • Anonymous

       Please check out Microsoft’s awesome commercial for Forza 4.  If only the Windows phone commercial could be so good!

    • Guest

      That’s awesome? I’d call it irresponsible.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who works in the advertising industry are Apple fanbois and will deliberately sabotage Microsoft.

  • The Black Mamba

    First, I will say that the video is quite impressive due the usability, information-first and ease of the metro interface. It is a good thing that Microsoft can imagine of such computing world where computer technology will be deeply implemented in every aspects of our lives.

      As for the metro interface goes, we need to realize this is the very first iteration of such UI. To put thing into prospective, just thing how the first UI looked like when GUI was first introduced. I am sure that things will be improved as for everghing else in life.

     Personally, i really like the metro interface from, first, a usability point of view. In a world where you are constantly bombared with information, having a sense of what going with a simple glance of the title is key owing a Windows phone. In a example is the USA today app that I have pinned on the starts screen. I understand that decade of using static icons can make it hard to adapt to a new way of interaction with apps but I am not that I really want to go back to static icons after I have gotten used to what WP offers.

      live titles does not represent an application, it tells you what to expect from an app whetere it is a news feed or even social network app. While hardware specs can be a deciding factors to choosing a phone, remember that window phone is only a year old compare to other OS.

     .  I am not sure what the future holds but I know that one thing for sure is that Microsoft has something special going with the cross-platforms development between Xbox, windows 8, cloud, windows phone and the cloud. I am looking at the big picture.

    • Adam

      you repeated the word cloud in your list

  • warex3D

    Nice Microsoft, but when???? stop giving ideas to the competence.

    • Anonymous

      Learn to use a spellchecker or something.

    • Guest

      Dork, his comments doesn’t contain any spelling errors, unlike yours. It just uses a correct word in the wrong context.

    • GreyWolf

      Good grief, I wish Tom would turn off guest comments… And I bet I can guess within 5 people who half of you are… :/

  • AlienSix

    I want a see thru frige :(

    • Wourelia

      It´s already possible with electrochromatic glass. (
      Just add a touchscreen film and a see-through amoled screen (

    • LeggoMyDago

      I am glad you said that. I work for a company where we use electrochromatic coatings along with LCD screens. The LCD “magically” appears only when it is on. If it is not on, it is invisible behind a mirror that has the ability to autodim with respect to light input and some circuitry. There are also photochromatic materials that need absolutely no circuitry. 

    • randy williams

      Hopefully this is the technology that Microsoft is talking about developing on.

    • Anonymous

      You still have to open to get the stuff inside, right? What’s the point of a see through fridge. Now if the fridge could tell me where the ketchup is because it’s stored behind all the other food, that would be useful.

    • Anonymous

      I actually think the see thru fridge is the most attainable technology of all things suggested by this video. If you think about it, the energy efficiency might be minimal by implementing a transional see thru/opaque surface but nevertheless the sum of all energy efficiencies achievable by all households around the world coud be significant.

  • Anonymous

    keep it coming MSTF

  • Jairo Luciano Alves

    it shows voice commands everywhere. also, great use of screens across the board. AND, this time they ve put an enphatic ‘produced by the office team’ at the end.

  • Anonymous

    The thing is MS needs to push this out faster than anybody if Apple does it first its over. I readlly like that interface so slick

    • Guest

      Is there any doubt that Apple will either push it out faster or at least do it better and have more success when they enter? It’s been that way now for a decade. What’s changed? Jobs death? Maybe, but he’s got a great team behind him and left a multi-year roadmap. MS needs to throw Ballmer under the bus. If he was capable of making the company agile, it already would be.

    • Anonymous

      100% and no I don’t think Ballmer should be thrown under hes doing a good job. Heres the thing Windows 8 = unification. Apple has OSX and iOS until they unify those platforms which I think they will either next year or the year after MS is still one step ahead. Software first hardware comes later. In 5 years the term laptop, pc, tablet, phone will be gone it will just be screens with our data following us everywhere we go.

  • Chris Woelfel

    Somebody is gonna have one hell of a light bill.

    • randy williams

      two words AMOLED & LED

  • Shazam

    Two Questions:

    Why can’t creators of this commercial  make commericals for Windows Phone 7 so it actually shows the strengths.  

    Secondly, who gives a S*^#! because MS will most likely let other pass by so I will appreciate it when i see it.

    • Guest

      Because Ballmer continues to allow MS to operate as a series of independent silos (that are all competing for resources and suspicious of each other) rather than one company like Apple does. So mobile, which lives in E&D, doesn’t interact and isn’t forced to do so with MBD, which is where Office and this initiative live. Even E&D is made up of numerous separate groups. Which is why you see generally lame commercials for WP7 but normally good ones for Xbox/Kinect.

    • Anonymous

      Do you have insider knowledge on this? Is Microsoft still operating as indendepent silos all competing with each other?

  • Stark

    The future is Microsoft.

  • Henry Edwards

    Microsoft’s vision of the future is already out there in our lives – 

    • Guest

      “Anything that’s going to have an impact over the next decade—that’s going to be
      a billion-dollar industry—has always already been around for 10 years,” he says.

      - Bill Buxton, MS

  • Nick Walters

    So Microsofts vision of the future is based on the cancelled courier?

    • Guest

      Why would their vision of the future have changed just because a concept tablet got canceled?

  • Matt Baldwin

    Microsoft has always had nice visions.  Delivering those visions to the consumer is another talent they fall short on.  Recent history says Apple or Google will beat them to this.  Don’t hate.  I love WP7, just telling it how it is.  Microsoft surface is a good exmaple.  Awesome.  Who brought that touch interface to consumers first?  Apple.  Sad.

    • Guest

      Overall I agree with your comment. But consumers have been using touch interfaces for a decade before Apple came along. They weren’t the first touch phone or the first touch tablet either. But they certainly popularized both and yes, it’s sad that MS hasn’t been able to translate vision and innovation into products that are consumer successes. Kinect is a rare example of them doing that, and the base technology there came from outside the company.

    • O’Brian Anderson Crp

      Microsoft is changing. They’re exhibiting a passion for technology and how we interact with it which is something rather new from them. To a degree they seem to have abandoned their preoccupation with market dominance which plagued the company during the 90s. Their newer products (Windows 7, IE9, Kinect, Windows Phone) all seem to attest to a new energy within the company, one which drives them to build better products because they want to be a key player in getting us to the future as fast as possible. And I think we can only be happy with the fact that Apple is sharing a good portion of these ideals. Whoever wins… We win.

    • Ramanan

      very well written comment! thank you! 

    • Anonymous

      Recent history suggest Microsoft delivering more innovative products like Windows Phone 7.5, XBox 360 Dashboard, Windows 8.

      Why is it sad that Apple brought touch to consumers first? Are we supposed to pity Microsoft?

    • randy williams

      Not this time Microsoft already has everything in place right now. Their technologies are years past their competition; the cloud, integration, syncing, gaming, office, web interfaces, developing technologies, kinect, ui development, and so many more. So like everyone has been saying the only real competition in Microsoft’s way is themselves and their will to act.

  • Anonymous

    This was great.  I hope Microsoft makes this there goal for the future.  I hope I am a live long enough to see and play with all these awesome products of the future.

  • Jinge

    I think their phone screen looks messy…
    And we won’t need batteries anymore in 5 years? I don’t think so :(
    Anyway, it is nice, but won’t be reallity before many years…

    • Anonymous

      Let me guess – you hate the Windows Phone UI too.

    • randy williams

      really we wouldn’t have the super big batteries like we do today. Have you ever heard of thin battery technology. Yes it is possible and far pass development. The only thing that we would have to wait for is the finishing development of a clear thin cell battery which would be able to charge itself with any kind of energy in the air (which is many)

  • Josh Martin

    Microsoft’s future vision videos warm my soul.

  • Tim

    Kept thinking all the way through that this is actually all Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7.5. Obviously with a few style changes and the fact that everything is a screen.

    Really like the way the giant monitor in the middle showed off Windows 8′s 2 app view with 1 small on the left and the other large on the right. Kinnect sesor the the desktop was also a nice touch.

  • Adam Shaw

    Make it so! Microsoft!

  • cnn_refugee

    Nice video and idea, but this will not happen via Microsoft. Unless they move to *nix. I think Apple would be closer to realistically making this happen. And no, not a fanboy, am a Win2k MCSE. Just stating the obvious.

    • Anonymous

      What is so holy about *Nix?

    • cnn_refugee

      Nothing holy about nix. Why would you think there is?

      It’s not bogged down by what Microsoft does in windows. No registry to load. No explorer running in the background, simply. Its why you’ll find most high-graphics, memory/processor consuming software users (like movie and game editors) will run their projects on a mac. I manage both where I work, it’s not a pissing match. Its just computing.

    • Guest

      No, it’s bogged down by 30 years of inherited *nix legacy from dozens of vendors. There’s nothing inherent superior in not having a registry. Unix has a ton of files instead. Those files aren’t centralized, are more difficult to secure, and aren’t transacted.  Explorer running in the background? Seriously, that’s your complaint? LOL.

      And there’s nothing inherently superior in OS X from a compute perspective vs Windows. Quite the contrary.

    • GreyWolf

      It has the same thing as the registry – the usr directory.
      The registry is a series of database files and the OS only pages in the parts it needs. It’s not loaded “in toto”…

    • Guest

      “am a Win2k MCSE”

      Well, at least you’ve kept your skills current. /s

    • cnn_refugee

      Not that I need to explain myself to you or anyone, but so that you aren’t left thinking your comment was accurate:

      No need to stay current as 1) I am happy with the experience I have gained working in the field for over a dozen years and the job I have, and 2) Certs were required by the employer at that time.

      You’ll find most people with a lot of (early) experience in the industry don’t have the “certificates” to show for it; they have experience. It’s why employers will often ask for experience of certifications.

      People who don’t know that tend to expose their experience, or lack of, with comments.


    • randy williams

      well your obvious stinks like a sheep who is willing to accept whatever someone else tells them will happen??

    • cnn_refugee

      What they project will happen can’t be done on a Microsoft OS as it exists now. It won’t happen.

    • Guest

      Why not? And be specific.

  • Acftootsie12

    It’s a nice video an all, but they honestly think that they’re going to have this level of technology in 8 years? with holopgraphic like interfaces? I don’t think so. maybe in like 20.

    • randy williams

      Funny thing is that they are already using this kind of technology already ergo their development. The idea of holographic has been around for years you really think that they haven’t succeeded in some form or fashion??

    • Anonymous

      They put these out every so often, and they’re essentially Sci-Fi, but more of a what if type Sci-Fi.

      Just think, Startrek in the sixties gave us things like the 3.5 disk and communicators (calmshell phones of the 90′s)

  • Koch_gabriel

    Did i miss something or were there really no flying cars?

    • Anonymous

      Yep.. the Jetsons lied to us!

      I want our flying cars we were promised!

  • Guest

    Very cool vision. But it’s worth noting that these types of videos come fairly regularly from companies like MS, and HP, and IBM, and a lot of others who generally aren’t seen as actually bringing us the future. You don’t see them from people like Apple. Instead, they show you a future-like scenario that a current product allows.

    With the right leader, I could see something like this galvanizing MS internally into forming a company-wide vision for once, and then driving forward together to achieve it. That would be awesome and is probably the only way they’re ever going to succeed against Apple (particularly) and Google. But Ballmer is not that leader.

    • Anonymous

      I have yet to see such videos from HP & IBM. MSFT is the one blazing to the future!

    • Guest

      Your ignorance != their non existence.

  • Rey..Rey..Reynaldi

    03:54 a popup message?? that’s called obtrusive design. This is not metro, sorry

    • GreyWolf

      Metro (WP7 and W8) both have notifications. The phone displays them in a drop-down bar over the status line and Windows pops it up in the lower-right corner.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly which way would that notification have been done better? It was a contextual notification which is different then the way OS-wide notifications are done now.

  • Jajorda2

    Everything in this video looks so sterile. Technology is great; I love technology. But, I’m worried about a world that is so dependent. I don’t see enough balance between the natural and man-made here.

    • Anonymous

      In that world, there will still be Indian villages just as primitive as they always were. It’s about how the Western world is speeding towards a Star Trek-ian future.

  • Lewis McCrary

    I want a HUD in my glasses.  Now? Please? :D

  • Guest

    Office people don’t understand social networks…….many of those “visions” are actually existing now. I mean the network between live people..not the one on internet. People don’t need a search engine to find coffee shop, they send text message or make phone calls or use whatever communications to ask recommendations from friends and relatives. People drop cash to donees on street side, they don’t need a tag scanner to give money. The whole “vision” here is simply showing off some fancy touch screens.

  • randy williams

    I loved it and they are right most of these things are possible. I could see everything except for the 3D and everything touch interface to not be possible.

    It would seem like they are giving us a hint about the Courier coming back with full force I see. They also seem to be mixing up the Windows Phone 7 UI and Courier UI together on the phone which would be so nice. To me I hope that they follow through with the Apollo to make a phone like they presented to us in this video, it is very possible besides the 3D interface.

    They have everything in place now and have bought everything that they needed to buy so all that they need to do is implement everything in the best way they can because if it looks anything like this then I see Microsoft being very, very successful..

  • Aidan Taniane

    Pro-tip: Computers operate with a continuous stream of data.  We don’t need to emulate dead tree crappery. Also, the shown level of deeply personal data leakage to external entities is just fucking creepy as hell.

  • Owais_503

    cant wait till that happens….

  • randy williams

    I know that this is far off topic but has anyone noticed how Youtube is becoming sooooooooo METRO. I mean look at the interface at the end of the video for the Youtube player. Everything is flat and they have flat icons also. Wow I really believe in Microsoft if Google and Apple are copying their @ss off..

  • James Adams

    The future is boring.

  • Anonymous

    Why is everything in the future all white? Seems kind of boring. 

  • A.J.Walker

    I think these videos (including the previous videos by M$) show
    current/emerging technology that they are interested in and are showing
    how an entire ecosystem can work IF all the companies that own the
    technology work together.

    This video might be showing an evolution of QR codes, representation of
    the HoloDesk, Voice Recognition, On the fly Translation, Pico
    Projectors, Glass that can change the transperency.

    These are all current technologies, not future one.

    The future will be how all of these intergrate into eachother and how seemlessly they can interact with eachother.

  • Anonymous

    I really like the concepts in this video but one thing puzzles me. How do they think we are going to accomplish free floating holograms without glasses anytime soon? I am seeing things flying off of devices and junk, which would be totally cool. However, it seems like we have made very little progress toward this.

  • Anonymous

    This video is a warning shot across the bow to Apple. This is Microsoft’s TOTAL vision of the future, not just a smartphone or a tablet.

  • Lljonesyll

    These “in the future” videos are great because they seem to assume that all homeless people, vagrants, poor people and ‘bums’ have somehow been eliminated from the subway system.  And all of a sudden, in the next 5 to 10 years, the entire system has been remodeled and completely polished.  Also the protagonist family is rich, as usual.  Even if the technology is available by that time, this family is a representation of people who can afford the newest of everything.  I like the technology – however I call bullshit on the whole world they’re trying to involve me in.

  • The_coffeecup

    Just go to Youtube and see same old fanboy rant about Micsosoft should do something better than iPad first,. For Earth sake! Microsoft is software company! No different from Toyota is better because its car is greater than Microsoft! This futuristic vision will not going to happen if ignorant mass still clinging on Apple for future.

  • Pinakin tamboli

    About Google & Apple, they have different vision than Microsoft

    Google has still some trouble managing it’s gmail inbox, so it is much more far from managing our future.

    Apple has only entertainment products.

    Microsoft Products, we see & interact in daily life

    Another reason that Microsoft’s products are extensible & very customizable for Developer.

    So there is no competition with Microsoft

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like this. It’s toooo easy to do everything.

    • Anonymous

      +100. Yes we should go back to the DOS prompt.

  • Red Bee 360

    superb stuff, and love the revitalised courier (we live in hope MS). Slightly perturbed by the lack of black faces in ‘Johannesburg of the future’. Did most of the city migrate?

  • Binggle

    Thankyou MS for the next iWall

  • SD

    looks awesome and love Metro too…

  • Anonymous

    If only the GUI in the touch screen in the lady’s hand was implemented in the Windows Phone Apollo or the next big Update…

    Super smooth visuals…they need to implement it into Windows Phone…sooner or later..

  • Doug

    Pretty good, but these thing always miss the target a bit. I suspect that the touch screen technology will be ready ahead of the average consumer’s being at ease with it and that (IF our government leaders can get the lead out of their asses) an increasingly remote workforce (maybe not work at home w/o relaxing user monitoring guidelines) will be more like that pictured, if only to reduce pollution, roadwear, and energy consumption.

  • Patti

    This is what we are talking about!  Thank you for showing us what we will want and be experiencing in the future!  Can’t wait!

  • Dlekuch2

    Everything seems believable with one glaring exception.  I will never see a “Bellhop Assistant” dress like a CEO and have that professional a demeanor even in the year 2019.

  • Tiger3557

    Awesome. Forget the glasses , heads up display with 3d projection only way to go