Microsoft unveils Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000

By Tom Warren, on 15th Jun 11 12:00 pm with 10 Comments

Comfort Curve 3000 keyboard

Microsoft unveiled a brand new comfort curve keyboard on Tuesday.

The Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 mixes a traditional straight keyboard with the curve of a split ergonomic keyboard. Microsoft’s new keyboard is aimed at people who want better comfort and posture but prefer working with a straight keyboard. “The original Comfort Curve layout was the first step in this direction,” explains Microsoft’s Dan Odell. “The new layout on the Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 represents the next step.”

The new key layout is designed to be a better option for those who prefer straight keyboards. Microsoft says it has been improved in two ways. The QWERTY keys are uniformly sized in a similar way to a standard keyboard and the curve has been modified to be more organic. The thidrd dimension curvature increases the comfort for the user.

“This keyboard has been three years in the making,” says Odell. “I’m excited that people can finally benefit from it after all of those rounds of research and iteration.” The Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 will be available in August for $19.95.

  • Anonymous I sit here typing on my variably weighted Topre REALFORCE I can’t help but giggle at this “ergonomic” board.
    If there’s one input peripheral I’m never going to cheap out on, it’s my keyboard.

    • Test1ngi23

      As a Linux user, I’ll admit that Microsoft makes some of the best keyboards and mouses. And I do appreciate that they go the extra mile and ensure that they peripherals are Mac-compatible as well.

    • Mykel

      Unlike Mac you mean? :|

    • Mykel

      Unlike Mac you mean? :|

    • Guest

      We’re gratified by your admission.

    • Lachlan C McLeod

      this is more for corporations that want a solid keyboard for 19.99..  

  • Ionuț Staicu

    Yay, extra glossy! Sweet!


  • Mark

    For me, comfort keyboard is an oxymoron.

  • Anonymous

    Mechanical keys would be much better for improving typing.

  • Ryan Gadz

    pretty much a bigger version of the arc keyboard, not bad but ill keep my arc