Microsoft unveils Internet Explorer 10 platform preview

By Tom Warren, on 12th Apr 11 4:42 pm with 15 Comments

Internet Explorer 10 platform preview

Microsoft revealed on Tuesday its next-generation of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 10 builds on Internet Explorer 9 and includes support for even more standards like CSS3 gradients, multi-column, and grid layouts. Microsoft posted a video of Internet Explorer 10 platform preview on Tuesday and shared more information in a blog post on Tuesday. “We’re about three weeks into development of IE10, and based on the progress we’ve made, we want to start engaging the development community now,” wrote Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President of Internet Explorer. Future platform previews of Internet Explorer 10 will be delivered every 8-12 weeks.

WinRumors previously revealed that the company plans to keep pushing platform preview builds of Internet Explorer out until the IE10 beta. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 browser marked the first time for some years that Internet Explorer hasn’t been closely linked to Windows itself. Recent previous versions have shipped before or around the RTM dates of major Windows versions. Internet Explorer 9 broke this tradition and lays a clear path for the future of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 9 development was fast paced. The company announced and released the original beta in September and a Release Candidate in February. Microsoft shipped a final version on March 14, exactly six months after its first beta. To put this fast pace into perspective, you only need to look at the recent history of Internet Explorer: – Beta March 22, 2001, final release August 27, 2001

  • Internet Explorer 6 - Beta March 22, 2001, final release August 27, 2001
  • Internet Explorer 7 – Beta July 27, 2005, final release October 18, 2006
  • Internet Explorer 8 – Beta March 5, 2008, final release March 19, 2009

Microsoft has made the IE10 platform preview available at and

  • James Brooks

    Best. Article. Ever.

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    wasn’t IE9 only just released?

    • Paul

      Development never stops.

    • ThePro

      /me points at IE6

    • Anonymous

      They didn’t feel like competing with themselves, it’s like you being a fighter and then having no good competition to fight with, you get bored quite fast…

    • Anonymous

      yeah, once you get bored you get lazy and fat, and then fall behind when the competition has upped their level, and then you have to take a long time to get off of your sorry ass and back to work.

  • Talys

    Maybe it will be like Chrome 10, and IE10 will release less than two months after IE9 =)

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t IE9 previewed a last years MIX? If so I guess they’re going to 1 year cycles which is good, but I hope they’ll manage to push it to 9 months.

  • Arryquest

    I think they need to keep up cause other browsers like FF, Gchrome etc are also beefing up lets just hoe its not too bugy

  • anonymous

    Doesn’t install on Windows Vista. Requires W7. Does any one else except me this is going a bit too far now to cut off platform support for earlier OSes?

    • Frylockns86

      No. IMO, XP needed to go.

    • anonymous

      It does not run on Vista. Can’t you read?

    • Simi__

      I guess IE10 only will be supporting Windows 7 and 8 ;)

  • Interplay

    no dobra a gdzie pasek?

  • Stevec

    I decided to try IE10 since Skype killed IE9 and it won’t browse anymore so it’s either that or
    reinstalling Win7 for the 3rd time. I went to the MS download page and downloaded the file, iepreview.msi, but every time that I run it all it does is open the browser and download iepreview.msi again! It never installed anything and when I checked I still had the same old version of IE.
    Is this an April Fools joke?