Microsoft unveils web version of the Windows Phone Marketplace

By Tom Warren, on 25th May 11 5:19 pm with 12 Comments

Microsoft revealed a web version of its Windows Phone Marketplace on Wednesday.

The web Marketplace will allow Windows Phone users to discover and purchase apps from the browser. Windows Phone users will be able to purchase applications and have them charged against the credit card already linked to their Windows Live ID. The applications will download over-the-air to Windows Phones via SMS or email. Microsoft also touted the merchandising opportunities for developers in a blog post on Wednesday, stating that apps will have even more placement areas.

The Web version of the Marketplace will launch alongside Windows Phone Mango later this year. “We continue to invest in Windows Phone Marketplace to make it more accessible and engaging,” said Microsoft’s Todd Brix. “We remain equally committed to ensuring a great developer experience based on fair and transparent policies, as well as steadily improving the shopping experience for customers.”

Microsoft unveiled its plans for the future of Windows Phone on Tuesday. The software giant detailed Windows Phone codename Mango at VIP events worldwide. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango update, due later this year, includes over 500 new features. For more information on Mango please see our detailed hands on, including video demos.

Windows Phone Web Marketplace

  • Anonymous

    Nice, and an excellent addition.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t look too good IMO.

    • Tom W

      I think it’s a good idea, would be nice if the apps auto installed though instead of manual intervention. Still neat though.

    • Aethec

      Auto install means Live IDs would be a very good hacking target IMHO.

  • Leo

    I think the so called “Windows 8 Store” will looks like Windows Phone Marketplace. It’s such a great design.

    • Anonymous

      Why? It’s shows +- 15 apps on the whole page? That’s not very informative if you ask me.

    • Leo

      I like when you have less information on the page. Less clutte also.

    • Not ice_fusion.

      It looks to me kind of like the Xbox Marketplace. Dial in a little and you’ll be able to see huge lists of apps within categories.

      That and if you notice up top, it looks like there’s a spot for a rotating catalog of 24 featured apps

  • Karl Cramer

    There is no “credit card already linked to their Windows Live ID” on my account and that’s the way I intend to keep it. Just allow us to use Microsoft points like we do with Xbox 360, Zune, and Games for Windows Live. I like that extra layer of security. I pay for my points with cash so I can use my credit card in as few places as possible.

    • Adil

      i agree, the option to not have my CC stored with msft after the whole sony debacle would be most welcome. 

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see Windows 8 have the ability to run WP apps as gadgets.  The marketplace would double in size in just a matter of weeks!

  • Anonymous

    Looks a bit like android mrket on web