Microsoft updates Facebook Windows Phone 7 app to fix crashing issues

By Tom Warren, on 18th Mar 11 12:19 pm with 6 Comments

Microsoft’s Facebook for Windows Phone 7 team has issued an update for the application to fix some crashing issues.

Facebook users first reported the issues earlier this week. Jaime Rodriguez, technical evangelist at Microsoft, confirmed the  problems on Thursday in a Twitter message. Facebook users experienced random crashing issues with the official Windows Phone 7 application and were left without application access. Rodriguez originally advised users to make use of the people hub as a temporary workaround and promised a fix.

Microsoft issued an application update, spotted by WPCentral, on Friday to address the crashing problems. The update brings the application up to version 1.2.

Facebook on Windows Phone 7

  • Manish

    what about NODO

  • Raveen Bhasin

    NoDo is a NoSho fo sho you Dodo

  • Raveen Bhasin

    NoDo is a NoSho fo sho you Dodo

  • Josè Daniel

    I never experienced any errors whatsoever with the FB app on my HTC HD7

  • Saud

    The FB app fails badly even after the update . the previous version was much stable . Its a shame !!

    • Ben

      I am experiencing FB apps issue as well after NoDo update.