Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 update bricked your device? Exchange it

By Tom Warren, on 22nd Feb 11 5:36 pm with 10 Comments

Microsoft is currently investigating a number of issues where Windows Phone 7 owners claim their devices have been left in an unusable state after a recent platform update.

The software giant said on Tuesday that it is “aware” of the issues and is “looking into” recent reports of “bricked” devices. The issues stem from a Windows Phone 7 operating system update issued on Monday. The update, more of a patch, was ironically pushed to improve the platform update process. Microsoft is preparing to issue its first major platform update, codenamed “NoDo”, in early March.

A number of Windows Phone 7 users applied the patch on Monday and some Samsung Omnia owners devices have been left in a “bricked” state. Devices simply instruct users to connect them to a PC, hard resetting the device or connecting it to a PC does not appear to solve the issue.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 support team is recommending users return their phones to stores to get them exchanged:

Microsoft's recommendation for broken WP7 devices

There’s an ongoing thread on Microsoft’s support forums regarding these issues and one support personnel says that the software giant may re-issue the update in 3 days time:

We would recommend at this time, not to retry the update, as subsequent attempts will fail similarly. While we continue to investigate the issue, we would ask that you not attempt the update until your device alerts you of another update opportunity, in approximately 3 days’ time.

WinRumors is currently awaiting a further statement from Microsoft’s PR team.

Windows Phone 7 update - Connect to PC

  • GP007

    From all the posts I’ve read on different sites it’s still limited to Samsung devices, more the Omnia7 but some Focus users as well. LG owners and HTC owners have updated fine it seems, well those who were able to get the updates since it seems MS put a hold to it now.

    • Steve Jobs

      I hate how some people blame Microsoft not Samsung for this issue.

    • Nate

      1. Phones worked.
      2. Microsoft did something.
      3. Phones don’t work.

      That’s Samsung’s fault how? MS needs to learn to test their updates.

    • Jpart

      I am not saying MS is not to blame, but your logic is flawed. Samsung could have failed to follow design standards. So maybe…

      1. Phones worked
      2. MS issued update
      3. Sammy Phones Brick/HTC and LG Dont
      4. MS investigated
      a. Determined MS Fault? Maybe
      b. Determined Sammy Fault? Very Likely
      c. Determined Both at fault? Almost 100% probability
      5. Sammy owners get a Refurb

      Upfront, if your truly a troubleshooter, then you have to look at the Sammy as the problem since HTC phones appear to be unaffected and maybe some Sammy phone models appear unaffected as well.

      WP7 users will probably experience more of these types of issues than the IPhone users just due to the fact that there is variation in the hardware. I like the variation versus the lockout and will put up with a small amount of inconvenience for the benefit. But these issues will need to disappear as the platform matures.

  • Bnlf

    im waiting for the next release. this update does nothing so better have a working phone than a dead one with a useless update :)

  • Anonymous

    lol, had to do the same thing with my iphone not long ago. Cydia upgrade locked it up.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so the problem has been narrowed down to certain Samsung firmware versions. Anyone know hoe to update to latest version?

  • Anonymous

    So Microsoft say I should exchange my handset? Have they told T-Mobile UK? They are insisting that I take it to a store so they can send it away to their technicians. In the meantime, I will have no phone.

    • Anonymous

      Snap. T-Mobile UK have been utter sh!ts, a true nightmare to deal with. First, I was told that it was absolutely nothing to do with them – in their words “it’s not our software” – and that I should speak to Microsoft.

      After an hour-long call with Microsoft, they told me there was nothing they could do to help me, because they don’t have any replacement handsets to send out; in fact, they didn’t advise me to contact my network, but rather to contact Samsung directly.

      When I spoke to Samsung, they also gave me the “it’s not our software” line, but agreed to try to fix the phone, but refused to guarantee a replacement if it couldn’t be fixed – which is wholly unacceptable as my Omnia 7 is well and truly BRICKED. It’s not just running with a few glitches – it won’t boot past the Samsung splash screen, won’t respond to hard reset commands and just hangs indefinitely in Download Mode.

      When I spoke to T-Mobile again, they told me they were unable to offer any replacement hardware, but they would process it as a manufacturer warranty claim. I was instructed to take my phone to a T-Mobile store, where they would take my phone from me, send it to Samsung for assessment and repair, and I would receive the same phone or a replacement back within 4-6 weeks.

      I don’t know who deserves the most slaps – Samsung, Microsoft or T-Mobile – but rest assured, I’ve got plenty of slaps to go around.

    • WaterboardingIsCool

      From what you’re saying I can only feel sorry for your ass…honestly, if I were in your place, I’d smack the sh!t outta T-mobile/MS/Samsung’s asses for this kind of annoyance…does MS realize just how bad this fares for them? If I gotta worry that my phone will have to be replaced every time they issue and update then screw’em: I’m going for an LG 3D on Android steroids…I was thinking of buying an Omnia7 but after everythink I’m reading on the web (nothing works for Marketplace outside the US, bricked phones, etc.) I’m giving up