Microsoft working to port Zune HD apps to Windows Phone

By Tom Warren, on 20th Jun 11 2:01 pm with 25 Comments

Zune HD

Microsoft has revealed that it is working to port existing Zune HD applications to Windows Phone.

Zune senior business development manager Dave McLauchlan revealed the company’s plans in a recent Zune Insider podcast. Paul Thurrott spotted the podcast and kindly transcribed its contents. “A question I keep getting around apps on Zune [HD] … is, what about porting to Windows Phone?” says McLauchlan. “The answer to that question is two-fold” he says:

“Number one, we actually have some developers that have developed titles for Zune [HD] that aren’t Microsoft employees or aren’t on the Zune team. And those guys are very welcome to go and create apps for Windows Phone any time they like. The apps that we have built internally for Zune [HD], we’re actually looking at porting those over to Windows Phone. Right now, our focus for the app team is, more apps for Zune [HD]. Zune [HD] owners would like to hear that there’s more stuff coming. So that’s definitely the case.”

The confirmation of more apps for Zune HD and existing apps being ported to Windows Phone will likely ease the minds of Zune HD owners. ““I can’t tell you when or what the exact dates are,” McLauchlan adds, “but that’s something we’re definitely looking at doing.”

  • GP007

    If only the ZuneHD had enough hardware power to just get flashed to the WP7 version of the Zune software then we could have SL4 parady between the two.   Then you wouldn’t need to port apps since they’d just run on their own.

    • Hojsn

      kind of like the ipod touch!?

    • Guest

      Only without the iTunes + App Store inventory, brand cachet and marketing prowess, retail presence, or third party peripheral support.

    • Robert Teague

      The Zune HD is programmed with XNA, which is also supported on WP7. It’s just an earlier version. Other than the change in resolution, it shouldn’t be a big deal to port the apps.

  • Erik J. Schulze


  • Ahmed Salem

    This screenshot just remembered me with first orgasm I got when I saw ZuneHD for the first time. and yes I want this on my Widows Phone!

  • Terence Cassar

    Or they could just replace the Zune HD software with the one used for Windows Phone (bar the phone related items) and they will also have a competitor to the ipod family

    • CandidCalum

      Not if the Zune’s hardware doesn’t accomodate it. I’m not sure whether it does or not, but it might not.

    • Adam Robinson

      It wouldn’t work. It’s too weak. WP7 requires a 480×800 3.5inch screen while the Zune has a 272×480 3.3 inch screen. A 1 GHz Snapdragon(800 MHz 2nd gen) while the Zune has a 600 MHz multi-core NVIDIA Tegra. It doesn’t have 3 buttons on the front either. I don’t think Microsoft will put so much work into just porting the software to the Zune.

    • Guest

      MS already tried and failed competing against iPod. Twice in fact. There’s a lot more to being a competitor than simply having a device. The device is just the ante to the table.

      A better option is for Nokia to embrace the Zune HD’s design, change the guts, and install WP7.

  • Stark

    I want a WP phone that looks exactly like Zune HD.

    • ss

      Yes, agree 150%

  • Anonymous

    The Zune HD is SOO Sexy! But why are we porting the apps to Windows Phone? They aren’t that good and really aren’t necessary.

    • Renzo

      Because it’s relatively easy and will increase WP app count, I assume.

      It will also be seen as a goodwill gesture towards early Zune supporters (users and devs alike).

  • Lewis McCrary

    It is a sexy piece of hardware.  A damn shame they don’t make them anymore.  If they made a WP7 that resembled that design it’d be my next phone.  :)  (I own a Focus)

    I’d love to have the laser labs game ported to WP7 as an XBox live title. :D

  • Jows

    Let me guess… not free like on Zune HD…

    Also where did they put that nice scrolling text effect (like this… in WP7? They didnt…

  • Koki_v3

    I would love that Live Messenger app, it looks great.

  • Daniel Hartshorn

    What Microsoft should do is a Phased European Launch of the Zune HD and if this fails then all hope would be lost, but there is a lot of intrest in thease devices in the UK alone not to mention a tone of peopl;e that would buy it just to spite Apple

    But good idea porting apps next they may be able to attract intrest by porting wp7 apps to zune HD

  • Anonymous

    I guess the users makes sense, but i dont think Microsoft ever opened the Zune up to public development

    • Robert Teague

      The Zune is open to public development. It comes as part of the basic XNA (XBox) toolkit.

    • Robert Teague

      The Zune is open to public development. It comes as part of the basic XNA (XBox) toolkit.

  • Anonymous

    The first thing I did when I got my Samsung Focus was look for Goo Splat in the Marketplace…imagen my surprise when I realized MS never ported it :( I don’t see why its taken this long…they both run off XNA!

  • Entegy

    Hmmm… Does the mean we’re going to get Audiosurf? Oh please yes.

  • Stephanos Anton Ballmerfeld

    Everybody knows what a winner the Zune was!

  • Stephanos Anton Ballmerfeld

    Everybody knows what a winner the Zune was!