Microsoft’s axed Zune Nano project revealed in pictures

By Tom Warren, on 31st May 11 6:40 pm with 16 Comments

Microsoft may have been planning a Zune Nano according to design patents discovered on Tuesday.

Manan Kakkar at Techie Buzz revealed several images of what is believed to be Microsoft’s Zune Nano, a competitor to the popular Apple iPod Nano. Microsoft’s patent application was filed on April 27, 2009 and issued on Tuesday. Microsoft describes the images as “a front perspective view of a media player showing our new design.” Microsoft has not produced a new Zune device since the HD, released on September 15 2009. The company is believed to be rebranding the Zune name into Xbox or Windows Live.

Company officials confirmed on Tuesday that Xbox is the core of Microsoft’s entertainment platform. The software giant looks likely to launch a Fusion set of products, services or games at the E3 entertainment expo next week. Stay tuned to E3 to hear if there’s any hints at what Microsoft may plan for its Zune brand and devices, maybe we’ll see the Zune Nano one day but I doubt it.

Zune Nano?

  • Paras Valecha

    Looks great. Wish they start Zune hardware again. Zune should be a hit!

  • Paras Valecha

    Looks great. Wish they start Zune hardware again. Zune should be a hit!

  • Bnlf

    i dont. i hope they only make the software and let other companies build the hardware.

    • mike g

      They’ve tried that before with their “Plays for sure” marketing a while back.  I had URGE, then Yahoo Music, tried a couple different players.  All crap.   “They” (whomever is responsible) never could get the DRM sync right.

      They just need to promote Zune.  It was like they promoted the hardware when it came out, then just disappeared.  The only friends i have that know what Zune are the ones i informed.

    • T_M

      That strategy has been pretty much terrible for MS for the past 10 years.  As a result, they got cheap, plastic crap that never helped their brand.  I think el Goog’s method of creating a smart looking and working reference design to push their hardware partners is the best way to force the market to create high quality products.

      Personally, I wish they had released this version.  The only reason I use the ipod shuffle is because the design is smart and made it easy to use in the gym.  If there were a plugin to use it with my zune software, then I’d be quite happy, but that’ll never happen.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft should leave the Zune Brand alone! geezus… last thing i want is Windows Live Music or some crap like that… Zune has their followers and the name is known even by the haters from the other side.

    • CG

      Precisely my wish too! Plus, bringing those darned Zunes to Europe!

    • Hernan Lozano

      I figure that SOMEONE at Microsoft must keep an eye on Bing search entries.
      I’ve been searching “Please don’t change the Zune brand” all day today.

  • AlienSix

    All I want is a 4 inch Zune HD 2 with Mango FFC and 5 MP cam on back with flash. Make it so please

  • Josè Daniel

    Zune Nano!!! :(

  • Josè Daniel

    Zune Nano!!! :(

  • Jimmy Fallon

    A freaking little Zune would BE ALL they need to compete with Apple for gods sake, because so many runners and excersizers etc. just need a little music device. I see NOTHING wrong with that. People stick with Apple for that dumb little Nano alone!

  • Guest

    Then they wonder why they lost. Me too.

  • oolong2

    I wonder if they are working on a portable XBox console based on Windows Phone 7.5….

    • Avatar X

      Not exactly. the rumor was a phone-less WP7 OS based device just like the iPod Touch or the Galaxy Player that has yet materialize. But you could say it would also be the closest to a actual portable Xbox.

  • Avatar X

    Yes, the notion of a Zune Nano was going to be released existed. Would not be surprised actual working prototypes existed too and were discarded at the last minute. The most interesting thing about this Zune Nano concept. Is that is it pretty much a similar product to what Apple then released as their latest iPod Nano. It reminds of the Microsoft Touch Mouse concepts and then how Apple released theirs first.

    The worst is that the people said that Microsoft had copied the Magic Mouse. If they released this Zune, i bet the same would happen.