Microsoft’s comic Halloween sketch – Kinect to kill [video]

By Tom Warren, on 31st Oct 11 6:10 pm with 23 Comments

Microsoft has topped its “Windows Phone killer app” this Halloween with a new funny video this year.

Microsofties regularly produce funny internal videos for use on a number of Intranet sites at the firm. Some leak out to the wider world and others are used at Microsoft’s various conferences if they’re good quality. A great example of this is the recently leaked GMail man video. Microsoft’s Channel 9 team have put together a funny video especially for Halloween this year, featuring the Kinect. The video follows last year’s special halloween video, a Windows Phone killer app.

“It’s that time of year again…when the ghost and the goblins come knocking at your door,” says the video description. “This year we invite you to watch a story about frirendships, love, horror and of course- a crazy serial killer! Enjoy!” The video features Channel 9′s Laura Foy who nearly escapes the evil grips of a Kinect Killer. Check out the video below and enjoy your Halloween evening :)

  • George Sabourin

    They also seem to be playing Halloween jokes… On their WP7 Facebook page they asked if anyone was rocking Orange and blank for their WP7 homescreen and for them to share screenshots. I don’t believe it has a screenshot ability though.

    • rojo


    • Iedwardsiii

      It says take a picture of your screen, not screenshot lol.  Quit reminding me of what I don’t have!

    • JustPassingThru
    • George Sabourin

      Yeah but pretty stupid you have to PAY to unlock your phone to do this. Even Android could do it for free by rooting, but even now ICS has it built in.

  • Seth_p

    Microsoft employees should not attempt to act…

  • Oh Hei


  • rojo

    Nice video

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    Pretty nice and funny video.
    its not like i like or care about halloween but i actually liked this video.

    nice work by channel 9 team!

  • Anonymous

    This video defeats the “Kinct Effect” video, *sob in frustration*. WHY OH WHY MSFT????

  • Eingoluq

    dont trust receptionists

  • Anonymous

    That was pretty funny. I just wish they would have used more of the Kinect features than just the video. Hmm, maybe they were trying to make the point that XBox can do video conferencing now via the Kinect…

  • oolong2

    That was not bad actually.

  • JimmyFal

    That was great… HH

  • Mr. Furious

    If these guys ever get fired, they might have a home on late night cable as “B” movie stars.

  • Anonymous

    Great. Now the Xbox power on sound is going to give me nightmares. LOL.

  • Pieter Kroon

    I thought the first guy would say something like “Kinect, where’s the key?”… but only video and supposed heath sensors of the kinect were shown ;-)

  • Sasquach

    that was really kinda F’d up.  A Saw send-up for a largly family focused product?  That’s kinda messed up.

    • Anonymous

      Kids love Saw.

    • Seth_p

      It’s from Channel9, the age group isn’t really kidcentric – at least they’re having fun with Kinect, I guess lol

  • Tony Gorham

    Laura is hot

  • Guest

    Good acting or not that nearly made me faint. 

  • Niko

    I wouldn’t say it’s a funny video…