Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 patch due today

By Tom Warren, on 21st Feb 11 5:29 pm with 16 Comments

Windows Phone 7 update

Microsoft will push out its first Windows Phone 7 update on Monday but it’s not what you’re expecting.

The software giant will issue a Windows Phone 7 patch on Monday to address issues with the update mechanism for the operating system. “This first update for Windows Phone is designed to improve the software update process itself. So while it might not sound exciting, it’s still important because it’s paving the way for all future goodie-filled updates to your phone, such as copy and paste or improved Marketplace search,” said Microsoft’s Michael Stroh.

Microsoft says it will start issuing the patch today. “To help ensure the process goes smoothly, it won’t be sent to everyone at once. So you might see an update message before your spouse, co-worker, or neighbor (or vice versa),” says Stroh. Windows Phone 7 users will need to connect their device to the  Zune software for PC or the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac.

Microsoft’s first update will not bring the enhancements that everyone is waiting on. The update today is simply a platform patch to ready the operating system for the “NoDo” update due in early March. Speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised the “NoDo” update would be distributed to existing devices in “early March”. Microsoft’s first update will be distributed by the Zune desktop client, allowing full backup and restore points to ensure a smooth upgrade process.

Microsoft’s first platform update will include the highly anticipated copy and paste feature. Windows Phone 7 copy and paste has been demonstrated recently in full thanks to an unlocked emulator. Microsoft’s first update will also improve application start-up and resume times. Microsoft posted a support article recently that details the update process for Windows Phone 7 devices.

“NoDo”, the codename for Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 update, has been ready for some time. The software giant RTM’d the update in December and has been busy preparing the Zune client software and Marketplace to handle the updated software. WinRumors understands the update has been delayed a number of times due to concerns from operators and device manufacturers.

Microsoft revealed in January that it has now shipped 2 million devices to carriersMicrosoft and Nokia both announced a strategic partnership on Friday allowing Nokia to create a range of Windows Phone 7 devices. Nokia says it is aiming to bring Windows Phone 7 hardware to the market by the end of the year. Ballmer said recently that hardware will be unveiled in the coming weeks or months. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop confirmed that the company will be able to create a Windows Phone 7 quickly thanks to joint-engineering efforts.

  • Liam

    Do you happen to know what reasons meant that the update has been delayed by operators and device manufacturers?

    • GP007

      Nothing has been posted online ofc, but I bet the carriers delayed it because they either found some silly bug to fix or just want to hold off on free updates to phones for some stupid reason.

  • GP007

    Update installed, the longest part took for the phone backup that it does. Of course this depends on how much stuff you have on the phone itself, apps/mp3/games/vids etc. Think it took around 30mins, I didn’t time it though.

  • astroX

    Well at least they have finally released an update, not the one I’m waiting for, but it is an update after all. Clap, clap, clap.

  • Starcade

    Does the update appear on the phone? Do you have to manually search for updates via the Zune software? I tried the latter and it says I’m up to date, although I haven’t received the update yet.

  • Anonymous

    no update on my phone or my wife’s yet

  • Gunny :p

    Microsoft just lost its virginity to me, cuz i was so excited to see the update pop up !!! xx

  • Grannyville7989

    Hm, it appears the update that I got has killed my phone. I connected my phone, ran the update in Zune, said it was rebooting the phone and then I got an error. Now, every time I connect my phone (even after reboot the phone and PC) I get a Restoration Error telling me that…

    “Your phone can’t be used in its present condition and there are no restore points for it on this computer. The phone might restart and return to normal if you diconnect it…”

    Then I get a C101002E error code. Hopefully searching around the internet will find me a solution.

  • Starcade

    Still no update here yet. I’m not liking that I’m at the mercy of whomever is holding the update. At least with my iPhone I simply plug it in and get the update anytime after they say it has been released. By the way, I’m on a Samsung Focus via AT&T. Picked it up day one on launch. I’ve launched Zune and had it check for updates, and it says my phone is on the current release 7.0 (7004) :(

  • Mikee

    Nothing yet for me either. Focus on AT&T. Via Mac connector.

  • H0151320

    i ve just done my update. but i lost all the contacts’ phone no. after the update.

    • Ramirezpimpa

      i got mozart 7 and i cant find any udate i launched zune and i had a check but is says my phone is up to date the current release 7.0 (7004) so when can i find any update :(((((????????????

  • Grannyville7989

    Phone still dead. Had to stay up all night so that I wouldn’t miss my morning lectures as I use my phone as an alarm. Irritating.

    • grandpa

      no other alarms? and i havent gotten mine yet. focus on at&t

    • Grannyville7989

      Considering that the update doesn’t add featrures to the phone and many people are commenting in forums that the update has bricked their phone, I would hold back for now.

    • grandpa

      O i have had my wp7, i just havent gotten the update like i was supposed to apparently