Microsoft’s Lync Mobile app due in the next 4 weeks for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone

By Tom Warren, on 23rd Nov 11 12:45 pm with 16 Comments

Microsoft is planning to release its Lync Mobile application within the next four weeks.

Microsoft’s Lync Mobile application will come in a variety of applications for the top mobile ecosystems. Microsoft will release a Lync mobile application for Windows Phone, iOS, Android and BlackBerry simultaneously within the next four weeks. The application will include instant messaging and the ability to see the prescence of co-workers. The app will be a free download from the Windows Phone marketplace. Microsoft’s Australian Twitter account confirmed the release in a message on Wednesday, spotted by WPCentral. The application could be the first from Microsoft to include support for Windows Phone 7.5 forward facing cameras. Microsoft hinted at this functionality during a demo at Tech-Ed New Zealand earlier this year.

Microsoft’s Lync 2010 provides a single platform that integrates various means of communication in the world of business. Known previously as Communications Server, Communications Online and Communicator, the new Lync branding brings together the products and now includes Lync Web App, and Lync Online. Lync 2010 unifies enterprise voice, instant messaging and web, audio and video conference – all within the same user experience and back-end infrastructure. Microsoft first demonstrated its next generation Office Communicator in June this year. The software Released to Manufacturing on October 28 and was released to businesses on December 1. Microsoft Lync 2010 contains several new features including activity feeds, contact card changes and 720p HD webcam video over Lync. Office Communications Server (now re-branded Microsoft Lync Server 2010) is used at large businesses and corporations for employee internal instant messaging. It’s the business version of Microsoft’s popular Windows Live Messenger.

Microsoft recently launched a Mac version of its Lync client. Lync for Mac 2011 is available to customers as part of the Office for Mac 2011 Volume Licensing SKU, Office for Mac Standard 2011 or Microsoft’s other licensing programs. Microsoft also offers businesses the opportunity to purchase standalone licences. Microsoft’s Xbox console will also be updated to include support for video conferencing between Lync and Kinect video. Microsoft is also expected to bridge Skype to Lync after its $8.5 billion acquisition deal was approved by the European Commission recently.

  • Mr Lefleur

    on the heading – wp is mentioned last. why does MS do these, even at the hotmail home page it says get hotmail on your smart phone with iphone in front and wp and android at the back. Just plain stupid

    • Lachlan C McLeod

      its because the iphone crowd is the most important.. its the best group to make an app for because their are sooooo many people with the exact same phone and they their are quite a few business people using the iphone..

      Android is more tricky since it has not been a massive success in the corporate world.. but their are alot of users that could use lync..

      Windows phone has a small base that really does not need to be told about when microsoft releases new apps because it will probably be “featured” so its easier to advertise on the actual phones then in the blog post.

      I think microsoft is really going to start pushing to make their services available for all phone and tablet OS’s.. And posts like this make business people feel more at ease since they are not just supporting windows phone but multiple platforms..

    • Mr Lefleur

      iphone users can still notice it at the back. You will never see apple placing a pc in front of a mac to promote itunes. I do get what you are saying but they can’t cannibalise their own ecosystem like that – its not a fair trade off.

      Tom should add an edit button

    • phil jay

      There is an edit button..?

    • Harvey

      DAMN I love this thread!!!   All the articles out there in the blogsphere don’t really talk about this.  
      I’m sure there are some advantages of releasing software on other platforms first ( such as technical reasons like the pre-mango WP7 ). 

      I also understand that MS is a software company and they want to create software to run almost everywhere ( at least the big ticket items like Office and Bing ).

      But damn, why not put WP7 at the beginning of the list?  Definitely not at the end.  Hell, we’re trying to increase the WP7 market share.  Don’t list it last like the competition!   At least say somthing like “designed or optimized for WP7 but also works on this, that and the other”. 

      It’s not just MS but also a lot of MS watchers and MS bloggers.

      Man… we ain’t getting nowhere like this.

    • Ef Jay

      sorry, ios may have more numbers but WP7 is Microsoft’s own OS, it should at least get equal billing not be shoved to the back.

      I think there’s too many people making excuses why microsoft focuses so much on ios, what then is the incentive to switch or even consider WP7 when microsoft themselves portray it as a poor second?

      They say it’s a different kind of phone and a viable alternative, yet they can’t seem to bring themselves to actually promote it above others. Time to stop giving ios users special treatment, they should be able to consider MS services without being shown preferential treatment.

  • Michael Stanclift

    Bring it! I can’t wait for the iOS version. Just hoping it does more than just chat, although that would be a good start. I’d be really happy to make voice calls from my cell phone through my work number.

  • Anonymous

    OMG finally a MSFT app shows in windows phone at the same time as iOS/Android. who’d think such a thing was even possible. Maybe someday the bing app in windows phone will be as good as the one in iOS since after all it is from MSFT…but maybe I’m asking too much.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see lync coming out. That may help the adoption of office365 as well

  • Mr Lefleur

    never saw it but just suggesting, sometimes you realize spelling and grammar mistakes after you have committed your post

  • John M Cary

    I am excited about this.  I wish this could be enabled in messenger or in the peoples header in wp7.

  • Andrew Stockdale

    Any idea if this will work with OCS2007, or whether it’s Lync 2010 only? I know the desktop Lync client works with OCS2007, wonder if this is backwards compatible. Would be nice!

  • Dennis

    Cool demo, anyone know how he’s screencasting?  I like how the screencast shows where he’s tapping.

  • Neil Nuttall

    My MS source said the Lync mobile app would be available for WP7, iPhone, BB and Sybian on December 13 with a dedicated iPad app around mid 2012

  • Universal IT

    Good to hear this Lync mobile client will work on Hosted Lync.

  • Brian Bell

    Microsoft to release all mobile Clients for Lync in just a few days  (December 2011 )