Microsoft’s new “great to be a family” adverts begin to air

By Tom Warren, on 17th Oct 11 6:40 am with 118 Comments

Microsoft’s new “it’s a great time to be a family” commercials have begun to air in the United States.

The new ad campaign aims to demonstrate Microsoft’s broad product portfolio and the integration across Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox and Office. The first 30 second spots aired during the pre-game of Sunday Night Football on NBC. The concept has been put together by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, the agency responsible for launching Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

The first commercial, entitled epic share, features “dad” who is playing Dance Central 2 on the Xbox 360 with Kinect. His kids capture his moves with a Windows Phone and share them to a Windows 7 PC to create a Movie Maker video. The tagline “it’s a great time to be a family” features at the end of the spot before the advert claims “it all starts with a Windows 7 PC.” which is not strictly true given the fact the commercial starts with a father dancing with Kinect.

The second commercial, entitled dog.ppt, features a boy presenting a PowerPoint presentation to his parents on why the family needs a dog. The commercial features a Windows 7 touch PC and Office 2010. After the son’s success, the dad of the family creates his own presentation about golfing on a Sunday. The advert’s tagline features “it’s a great time to be a family” before the claim of “it all starts with a Windows 7 PC, which is accurate in this particularly spot. Both adverts are part of a broader marketing campaign designed to encourage sales of Windows 7 PCs. The software maker has also created a mini-site to highlight the latest and greatest “PC picks.”

Microsoft’s first commercials feel somewhat lacking. The software giant continues to struggle with its consumer message and fails to deliver a compelling reason to pick Windows over the competition. In comparison, Google and Apple both focus on their products with an emotional attachment that resonates with the viewer. Apple’s iPhone 4 FaceTime adverts depict a simple video sharing scenario with a highly emotional occasion. Similarly Google’s Dear Sophie advert depicts a dad storing his daughter’s life in Google’s cloud. Both commercials leave the viewer wanting to know more and it’s difficult not to shed a tear at the powerful and compelling message of them.

Microsoft has produced a number of different marketing campaigns over the years. Some were extremely successful and others failed to generate interest. Microsoft’s laptop hunters commercials were the first test of the “I’m a PC” message and they worked well to counter Apple’s Mac adverts at the time. They kick started a broad effort to highlight the advantages of a PC and were generally well received. In comparison, Microsoft’s Windows Phone “really” commercials failed to generate an interest or understanding of Windows Phone devices.

Microsoft’s marketing campaigns totalled over $900 million in 2010 with $400 million spent on the company’s brand, $100 million on Bing and nearly $60 million on Xbox. The new “great to be a family” commercials will air worldwide in 35 countries, localised in each region. Let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.

  • Matt

    Wow, can’t say I’m a fan at all. The actors’ expressions are terrible.

  • phil jay

    Sorry but.. this sucks.. At first I thought it was Steve in the first and Bill in the second video :o

  • Anonymous

    LOL Movie Maker. When will it become advanced enough to support at least all video formats?

    • Guest

      Stupid, you know you can add codec packs, right?

    • Anonymous

      Stupid, you know adding codec packs doesn’t affect Movie Maker’s format support, right?

    • Guest

      Um, yeah it does, moron.

    • Anonymous

      No it doesn’t moron. It only affects the formats you can import. You are still limited to the shitty WMV for export.

    • Parker Ciambrone

      I actually think they might be limiting some functionality in their free stuff to avoid antitrust suits

  • Adriel Dennis Mingo

    They still need too do more work on their ads. Who’s in charge of this stuff? Why can’t they get it just right with all those bucks thrown into to developing them?

  • Anonymous

    wtf is this.  It’s like Microsoft wants to fail….Are they using the same advertising company as they used for Kinect?  Kinect is a pos, but they were able to sell it easily because of whatever ad company they used. 

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft can’t make ads. True
      Kinect is a pos. Definitely not true. I can assure you that.

    • Anonymous

      Having used kinect because I bought one for my brother and sister in law.  It is a pos.  Complete pos. in accurate, lags, useless for real games, faster to use a remote to surf the dashboard.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not about how fast it is, I think it’s just fun to use. I have spent many hours having fun playing Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports and other titles. With the new dashboard launching in November, it’s only getting better and better.

      IMO Kinect is really an awesome peripheral for casual Xbox gamers. You seem to expect that we should be able to play CoD with Kinect e.g (cause you expect zero lag, and perfect accuracy), which is not what it’s meant for. I think it’s awesome that it is able to track my body as precise as it is now.

    • Anonymous

      In that case, that’s fine.  My problem also stems from the fact that Microsoft puts so much energy behind it that they forget to make games for real gamers.  It’s been halo, gears, forza, fable and pretending CoD is exclusive for the last 2  years and next year doesn’t look any different. 

      They need a gamer running the gaming division….

    • Anonymous

      OK, I agree with the fact that they seems to forget about the core gaming experience.

    • Tuxplorer

      Kinect is the single most innovative technology of the last 20 years. That’s why it’s selling like hot cakes. It has singlehandedly DESTROYED PS3.

    • Anonymous

      We got the kinnect the day it came out. It was a hot novelty item at first. These days it collects dust.

      Technology wise, it’s an awesome product. It doesn’t lag. It does require rearranging the space it’s used in a bit which is a little inconvenient. The biggest problem for the Kinnect in my opinion is that lack of compelling titles or use outside the confines of a game. Unless you have an Xbox Gold or a Zune membership you are limited in what you can do with the Kinect and the Xbox as a whole (Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, etc). The dancing games were OK. I don’t see spending $60 from this point on to buy more of the same though.

    • Anonymous

      @70cb10789616274fed59fa37ad7cb065:disqus Kinect destroyed the ps3?  last time I check the ps3 is only about 3 million consoles sold behind the 360.  I wouldn’t exactly call that “destroying.”  Destroying would be being nearly 40 million ahead like the Wii. 

      Kinect is innovative?  That’s like saying the iphone 4s is innovative…Kinect is selling like hotcakes because Microsoft advertised it on Oprah…. Just like Nintendo, you get the soccer mom support, you  make millions….what happens when the soccer moms move on to the next gimmick?  Just like Nintendo, Microsoft will come scrambling back trying to gain the confidence of real gamers again.

    • Tuxplorer

      @Jdrm03:disqus Kinect is the fastest selling consumer electronic device of ALL TIME of ANY PRODUCT in HISTORY. It holds the Guiness World Record. Kinect has put Sony and Nintendo out of business. It’s a joy to use. And it has far more usage than just gaming. Kinect is the greatest innovation any tech company has ever made.

    • Monkey D Black

      the kinect is fun. i love to call out to my xbox. always have fun playing games wit my girl, she really cant handle the controller at all and she always want to play with me.. the kinect is cool. i’m sure Microsoft will come out with kinect 2.0 soon, but for right now its good too. whoever wants to say the kinect is pos can go right ahead, that person most likely doesn’t have enough room to use it.

      when Microsoft was talking up kinect they said they would treat it as if it was a console launch and it has proven to be just that. since the kinect they’ve been selling way more than their competitors in the US.
      its a cool device. it brings people together and its fun to use.

    • Anonymous

      @70cb10789616274fed59fa37ad7cb065:disqus Show me an article where the Kinect has put Sony and Nintendo out of business lol?  Last time I saw, NIntendo has a new console coming out next year and Sony is outselling the 360 around the world with the exception of the U.S., plus they actually support their console with games.

      also show me where I am denying that Kinect sells?  I told you why it sells.

      You xbots are just as bad as playslaves.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Microsoft will ever be able to make ADs that satisfy people…

  • Sean M

    Microsoft needs to fire their advertising agency ASAP. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars on commercials and this is the best they can come up with?

    • Nikolás Glogowski

      Yes, indeed. And they need to do it NOW!

    • Lord Jem

      I cant agree with you more!! Am sure i can make better adds but seriously those too adds i will forget very soon not very compelling especially the first

      If I did not own MS products I would not consider them from these adds

    • Naser

      All ads starts from Maerketing department strategy so Microsoft must fire the marketing teams and director.

    • Anonymous

      How about whoever created and/or approved these ‘ideas’, be it the ad agency or Microsoft’s Marketing Department, that gets the reprimand.  

      Ultimately, Microsoft gave their stamp of approval for these ads.

    • Top

      Easier to say ‘It is all start with Windows 7 PC’ and then sound when you open windows 7 that’s it…. cheaper , right to the point and WINDOWS rule!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, dear…

  • warex3D

    I think the advertising agency is a fan of apple.

    • Anonymous

      They used to make some adverts for Apple before and they all happen to use Mac to do their work. So i think you are right on the spot on that one….  I think Microsoft needs to get some of the ad people that advertise in australia, they seem to have a better idea of how to market them. 

  • Noe Brito

    Microsoft needs to hire Don Draper from Mad Men.

    • Yasir Alam

      Dude. Draper would kill, and he’d be badass doing it.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, Don Draper is already on the Apple account since 2007.

  • Seth_p

    Meh.. I want to like it, but good lord. Too cheesy

  • Anonymous

    I like how they focused on Microsoft’s strengths on family in these ads, and how they highlighted each of the products, but I really wish they would have edited these A LOT more. Maybe worked more with the actors to make it seem a little more sincere.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft Advertising is the biggest fail in advertising history. I’m a fan of their products but not how they handle advertising.

    • Anonymous

      And I can’t stand the face of the man who’s dancing in the first commercial

  • J A

    MS ads suck BIG time. None of their ads show any indepth use of the user experience, its always a couple of seconds of anything while the competition takes the time to show off the everyday use of the features in their devices. I have said this over and over again, MS needs to learn how to do ads from Apple, where. We don’t even need to see humans or any other distractions in the ads; just a white background, two hands and a voice over will get it done and cheapest too.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    I like the first ad!
    playing on kinect is really fun! i hope we can get more wp7 -> xbox360 stuff soon, like the multiplayer they showed with kinect. that would make it really more fun.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    First video BAD. Although I can see it getting amusing over time. Second Video had potential but missed the mark, it really didn’t show anything new or mind blowing. I think Microsoft is trying much too hard with these ones, they need to get younger more creative influencers to get this working.

  • AlienSix

    Microsoft, need need a new advertising agency really bad. I mean these commercials show nothing about your products what so ever

    • Guest

      Once again trolling you iTurd, if you do not like MS product go elsewhere.

    • AlienSix

      iTurd? Thats rich, check my commenting history, you can love a company but you have to be honest when they drop the ball. If that makes me a troll then so be it

    • Guest

      he’s probably referring to the other alias posting as aliassix

  • Anonymous

    The ad agency pulled off the triple crown. They managed to poorly promote 3 Microsoft products in one commercial!! The second commercial was better, but that’s like saying a punch to the face feels better than a kick to the groin.

  • Pantou Ekang

    technically, these ads are very well made.
    They present us with a story first to distract us and create a positive atmosphere, living conditions Luckily … and then infiltrates into the atmosphere, the message from Microsoft … Great, I find     

    • Anonymous

      No horrible ads. They distracted us from the PRODUCT. Apple never does that. They make a strong emotional appeal to the consumer!

    • anonymous

      Precisely. MS ads need to create a strong emotional connection with the audience. Instead, MS keeps trying to make geek-like silly ads. These are embarrassing, painful to watch… Same stupid thing as “.. to the cloud..”. And it probably took months to get those created, and costed a huge load of money to the company.

    • kerome

      Quite. The theme is spot on, excellent for making an emotional connection, but the execution is a bit off I grant you. Actors not quite right, the look not quite ‘Everyman’ enough.

      Still I reckon these are going to be more successful than you might think. They’re short enough, and carry some impact which is very mainstream.

      As for making ads that win on product features, they are fine when promoting a single product, but not hugely so when trying to do something more complex.

    • Jorge1

      You gotta be kidding.. 

  • Anonymous

    God that’s bad.

  • Anonymous

    BIG FAIL in my ad book!!! :(

  • Anonymous

    remind me never to use Crispin Porter & Bogusky for anything

  • mackenziepricee

    It can’t get much worse than this. I don’t know how such a large company with so many intelligent people can continually get it wrong when it comes to marketing products.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, I’ve seen better fan made commercials on youtube.

    • Jorge1

      Yep, totally agree. Even Hugo Chaves can make a better ad…

  • Pedro Roque

    I guess it’s a “mehh” kind of ad… MS doesn’t have any significant product comming to market in this hollyday season, except for Mango, and that will have it’s own ad campaign.

  • Grannyville7989

    They need something that’s along the quality of their Windows 7 “I’m a PC…” ads.

  • Teddychamp

    This one of the worst ads I’ve ever seen. Microsoft tries to be too indirect in their ads, so much that most people just don’t get it. Be more direct and tell people something about the products .

  • Anonymous

    Lets break them down. The first video ineffectivelly showed off Kinect and Xbox with just glancing background shots of the equipment in use. It effectively showed the video creation capability and movie sharing function of Windows phone. Then one second later (which is completely unrealistic) it shows the son having already accessed the video from Skydrive (which it does not show) and already being edited in Windows Movie Maker. All in all the idea had some merit but the implementation left me scratching my head about it’s purpose. Was I supposed to be thinking about how dumb the scenario was, how fooling the father looked or how great the family of products worked together? Grade D

    The second video is a complete disaster from start to finish. It shows two PowerPoint presentations in presentation mode providing no visible features of the software whatsoever.  The only thing I get out of this is questioning why a family needs to communicate with PowerPoint’s rather than wanting anything I”m seeing.  An epic fail of massive proportions.

    Microsoft needs to fire the ad agency and the person responsible for approving these ads. I’m just left questionng whether or not anyone at Microsoft has a clue about how to market to human desire.

    • Anonymous

      @Super2online:disqus I totally agree with you on these points.

      On the first ad. Microsoft is trying to communicate way too much in too short of a time so the whole thing falls apart. I guess you can say the father is in a symbolic way represents Microsoft’s marketing effort. They’re clunky and unimpressive.

      They are focusing on family and indirectly are trying to show how they have the living room covered but do a horrible job at it.The Kinect on Xbox one could argue needs no introduction but, they showcased the Winodws Phone product being held by the little girl shooting a video, (Underwhelming)! They implied a cloud offering but for those who do not know its name or understand what it is they will be left wondering. They showed a couple of different computers running windows OS and using built in free software to edit videos directly from the cloud. All in all it says Microsoft products could fit in a lot of places in your life but leaving wonder why and how.

      Apple would have broken down these ads into several 15 second spots each zooming in on each product and telling the overarching story that says “Microsoft gets what you need in the living room” through collating the ads offline by the viewers rather than try to jam too much in a short period of time.

      On the second spot, WHY is Microsoft trying to advertise PowerPoint to the average family! WHY are they implying that the average 9 year old will want to say the word PowerPoint let alone use PowerPoint to nag his parents for a pet. Judging by the way things are these days, I see a kid more likely using facebook and recording a video on his WP or laptop for example then sharing it with his mommy and daddy. All together a message that could be done way better by a 5th grader and drive the point home.

      If these ads air on TV they will make the Jerry Sienfeld campaign look like the work of genius.

    • Anonymous

      I agree on the PPT one especially. I can imagine some middle-aged MSFT PM saying it would be a great idea to show a 9yo doing PPT. More likely would record a video on his WP7, then upload to Facebook, then show his parents the video! Just shows how out-of-touch, clueless MSFT are with their own technology!

    • AlienSix

      It a by product of their passion, they are passionate about making money and Windows and Office is their money makers.  Any time someone in the company comes up with anything innovative the first question Top management ask “how does it help sell more Office and Window”.  These guys want to believe it is still 1990 and the world is never going to change.  

    • Anonymous

      AlienSix – Joe Belfiore must be tearing his hair out at those WinOffice guys…

  • RWalrond

    It’s easy to sit back and criticize everything Microsoft does. But you know what the most powerful advertisement is? Word of mouth. Real fans will help spread the word of their experiences with these products. These ads are to help get the conversation started. If only Microsoft fans where as passionate as Apple fans about their products.

    • Guest

      Sure.. everyone will talk about these super cool ads.. right. Wake up..

    • RWalrond

      Clearly you’re not understanding what I’m trying to say. No worries.

    • Anonymous

      You must work at MS marketing, can’t believe you really think these are good ads. These sucks, big time, read the posts..

    • RWalrond

      Wish I worked for MS, though I’m a programmer not a marketer. Anyways please point out to me where I say these ads are good? Let me repeat it slower this time. It is easy for anonymous commenters to criticize Microsoft, however the real fans of WP7′s need to share their real world experiences and be more passionate so ads like these won’t matter. Do you think Apple has to advertise the iPhone? The Apple fans give Apple free advertising each time they sing the praises of the iPhone. I don’t care about these ads cause they’re not meant for me. You shouldn’t care either.

    • Anonymous

      WP7 is a great phone, no questions here. My point is specifically about the ads. I think MS ads are in general so poor, and silly that they won’t achieve the goals your are suggesting (using them as starting point for a conversation). Why can’t this company write good ads? How can it make one of the best phones in the market, but fail so miserably to advertise them? Look at the facts, how many WP7 have been sold, and why so many people doesn’t even know this phone exists? How many times do you see an Apple advertisement on TV? Apple needs to ads to keep the sales momentum, as any other company that seels end user products. Apple is a great marketing company, why can’t MS be one as well?

  • Neville Carpenter

    They need to get credable people in the adverts, someone like Stephen Fry, Rhianna, Lady Gaga. These people can relate too.

    • Anonymous

      People can relate to freaks?

  • Neville Carpenter

    When the WP7 came out i ditched my Iphone and bought
    one, i thought i was a fantastic bit of kit. Nobody I spoke to knew about WP7,
    I remember calling Microsoft and saying to them WP7 was the best kept secret. Still waiting for them to reply.

    • Anonymous

      I had a great relationship with WindowsPhone over Twitter before they officially released the WP7. I think the marketing of WindowsMobile was better than WP7. I’ve given them tips and ideas that I’ve had positive response on but no where has anything changed.  My favorite one that got a, “Wow, that’s a no brainer” response was:  Why no cool “Windows Logo” stickers like the damn Apple ones? Especially now with the Red Live tile windows logo I just don’t get why there aren’t simple, small efforts like the Apple sticker being made at Microsoft.

  • Naser

    Anyway Microsoft and burger King will never make a good commercials

  • Fludlyt

    It’s almost like they are scared to say “Hey, look this is my product and this is what it can do”. There’s just too many distractions in these ads. They ‘are’ showing us the products but the families seem like the main focus.

    Visually, my fav from Microsoft is this one (youtube link) advertising the Zune service on Windows Phone 7, especially from 45 seconds. It shows the phones interface, the pc software & device sync. An edited version of an ad like this for TV should get their point across more than these ones do. Or I may be completely wrong ;).

  • notePAD

    Thanks G. it’s US only!?!?

  • Mmontrezjones

    The hell was that. . .

  • Mr_champagne_charly

    Cluttered, disconnected and confusing and the poace was rubbish too – v.sad

  • Anonymous

    Samsung got a lot of ‘shine’ in these commercials.  Perhaps that was part of the new ‘agreement’?  Nonetheless, Samsung better use Microsoft’s money and a lot of their own to market the hell out of the WP devices!

  • Lewis McCrary

    Well, the dog one was better than the dance one but still…  It doesn’t really show me anything.  I was too focused on the horrible dancing and the cute dog stuff.  I love MS, I really do but they gotta revamp their marketing department or something.   This doesn’t convince me to buy their products.  Fortunately I already like them and know how they work together.  They have to do better. =/

  • MA Poitras

    unbelievable.  How can they make bad adds, year after year and never change.  From Seinfeld to I’m a PC to this.  Microsoft is completely losing the Consumer market.  Almost all my friends are switching to Macs and iPhones.  If MS want those people to stay Windows, they will need to have way more clever, good looking adds and products.  Just look at Apple commercials and see the difference.  I get tired of always having to justify why I’m staying on Windows. Please, start making cool things, that work, easily, and most important all the time.  Then just show how it works, up close and in detail with a nice fun background music.  So simple.  #fail #Microsoft.

  • Adam Haider

    Adam *sighs* in utter disappointment that Microsoft is a Billion dollar company yet it can’t hire a decent marketing team. The Zune and Bing adverts weren’t half bad, at least they were memorable.
    Problem 1: Not focused on demographic. Average person does not live in a house like that.
    Problem 2: Too comical. Microsoft should be impressing and dazzling consumers by focusing more on the PRODUCT and winning them over.
    Problem 3: Way too short. Out of 30 seconds what did viewers learn? Absolutely nothing! You did not communicate WHY Microsoft does it better.
    Problem 4: No context. It needs voice narration and more captions. Your ads are too silent and leaves people sighing with “meh” written on their face.
    Problem 5: Bad scenarios. If you wanted to capitalise on the holiday season of “being with family” then you should have chosen more emotional and personal scenarios such as; A new born baby, a birthday, a family holiday, TV ads are about capturing peoples emotions so viewers can relate to what is being shown to give it additional context and meaning!
    Problem 6: Leave out the humour and focus on the product for once! Why is this product worth people paying attention to and using? Why is it better than the competition? Why should people even be listening to you? You do not highlight any of these in your ads and if you do you give it only a few seconds out of the whole ad.

    Microsoft when will you learn? You are like a school child! You make the same mistakes again and again and again. Marketing is not about creating successful campaigns which are hit and miss, it’s about UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE!

    • Anonymous

      LIKE!! U need to go there and take it over for god sake.. please.. make Microsoft better in ads.. seriously..

    • Peter

      Peter is
      actually glad with those commercials.

      Solution 1: The commercial
      should be not focused on demographic. Yes average person does not live in a
      house like that, but they sure do want to. It shows how perfect your world can
      be with Microsoft products.

      Solution 2: Too comical.
      Have you even seen kids learning in a boring classroom? They need humor to pull

      Solution 3: Way too short.
      Out of 30 seconds what did viewers learn? Whatever the message sent! Consumers
      are supposed to wonder what the product is about, and that’s when they come to
      me, the sales representative. Besides most online commercials such as
      only offers 30 second commercials. I hate watching 2 minute commercials about a

      Solution 4: No context. This
      is the beauty. Anyone who can just see can actually understand the commercial.

      Solution 5: Bad Scenarios.
      Having a holiday doesn’t involve everyone, especially those with different
      religions. I would find a “family time” more appropriate for those
      commercials. And “family time” does relate to everyone whether they
      are religious or not.

      Solution 6: Leave out humor
      and focus on the product for once! Again, nobody will focus on a product with a
      boring commercial. Did you know that more people focus on the funny commercials
      in the Super Bowl and not the game itself? Funny commercials SELL!

      did learn! The reason why they are like school children is because of the
      viewer. The only mistake I see is that well… I don’t see the commercials on
      TV or the internet. Marketing is all about creating successful campaigns which
      are hit and miss, how do you Arnold Schwarzenegger became the GOVERNOR OF

  • Sergio

    These ads are OK but not great.
    I think since the message is “it’s a great time to be a family”
    they should make an ad with the Modern Family cast. That would definitely resonate with consumers. Those are REAL actors who are very popular right now. And givent the amount of money that goes into these ads, I doubt they coudn’t make it happen.
    What they need to sell products is some star power.
    Much Love!

  • Anonymous

    They need to hire people who believe in their products for making ads. Hiring marketing people that uses Mac will do no good.

  • NoobSavvy

    I think folks who suffer from “MS can’t make a good ad deranged syndrome” will never say their ads are good lol. How to tell if you have this syndrome? Replace MS with Apple in the ads and somehow the ads magically become fantastic lol.

    • Anonymous

      NO!! The ads are objectively horrible. They make no emotional resonance at all! It’s more of the clownish ads!

    • NoobSavvy

      I thought they were pretty good. Showing how the products Xbox, Windows Phone, PC connection to Microsoft is fantastic.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah, I feel like ‘OMG I must use Windows Media Player to edit my videos and post them in the cloud on my windows laptop’ everytime I watch the first video.

    • Anonymous

      You are dreaming. MS ads are not even close to those produced by Apple. They are simply bad, period. Ask anyone (or just read these posts).

    • NoobSavvy

      I think what folks like you and I can sometimes fail to realize is most people are not on tech sites judging rather or not an ad is good or not. And yes most of the comments here are not favorable, however, if you go to lets say Youtube where nontech folk usually live lol. They like the ads hands down. Im actually showing the ads to random ppl and asking their impression. Of course this is strictly unscientific but at least it gives an insight into rather or not MS can win over the millions upon millions of regular everyday non techy folk.  

  • John Lueders

    The ads were fair.  The first commercial was so quick visually, that you do not know technology they are talking about, and the last image with the nine squares with Windows, Phone, XBox, Office is too much to focus on as well.  You know it is a Microsoft ad but that is it.  The Phone get .3 seconds of air time just showing a ‘share’ button (if I can recall).  And I am a big person on ‘positive’ words in ads.  ’Tech-no’ is funny but it is subtly telling you tech no…a negative.  I would like them to do nice simple ads that show case the power of their products.

    The powerpoint one was cute but who cares about powerpoint.

  • JimmyFal

    The problem is that these Ad companies are like scientists. Everything has been tested and polled and what we “say” means absolutely NOTHING. MS needs to do to there Ad Agency what they have already done to Windows, the Phone, the Xbox, Bing, and Hotmail. FIX IT!

    FIRE THEM! NOTHING HAS CHANGED, NOTHING (in the ads) IS BETTER THAN LAST YEAR. The products themselves are standing there, they are GREAT PRODUCTS, and these great products and the people that created them ARE BEING LET DOWN by the advertising company. PULL THE PLUG! NOW, or you will be crawling out of a MUCH deep hole than you are in now. If Windows 8 is the next big risk then it should be accompanied by a much riskier ad campain.

  • Anonymous

    it all starts with a windows 7 pc? Last I checked windows has something like like 90% of the market and windows 7 just surpassed xp. On the other hand wp7 has hardly any market share. So what product do they decide to promote with a major ad campaign? Windows 7.  Make sense to me.  Can a non-wp7 user even tell that that phone is wp7? Second one doesn’t show any other devices at all. I agree with the other posts. Time to fire their marketing director and get a new ad agency.

  • Timothy Neinherz

    .PPT? you meant .PPTX?

  • Jay Swanson

    It’s not bad, not great. They’re trying to bundle the whole product line and associate WP and Xbox with Windows and it’s sort of working. I’m not worried though because they said this campaign is supplimental to individual product ads and frankly if they run WP commercials like the ones on their youtube channel, they’ll be fine.

  • Ahmed Salem

    Okey … I love this campaign!

  • MyNameHere

    Wow, that’s is pretty bad.

  • Anonymous

    DO. NOT. LIKE. They both are terrible. Nothing about them makes you want to go out and purchase anyone of the products, let alone tell you what they are. The are without emotion, they lack a sense of urgency, are very confusing to the average viewer and over complicates for no reason.

    I love the concept and commercials that show all of what MS has to offer but as usual, MS just doesn’t make the connection. I would have love to see an ad where they take us into the life of a single family in the span of a single day; working in Xbox, Windows Phone, Windows, Office, Windows Live. Just like WP7′s Really ads, they both are mildly entertaining, but do NOTHING to showcase WHY these products are so compelling.

    Just some examples…why in the world would you showcase a laptop in that way in the second ad where the Dad opens up his laptop to the Mom in hopes to getting golf clubs? Yes, I did chuckle, but thats not the point…for the vast majority of viewers, they are thinking something is odd about this (subconsciously) because for a situation like that we would rather user a tablet or a phone and not a laptop. Since Windows 8 tablets aren’t out yet, I can understand why MS wouldn’t put them in the ads, but why force a laptop into a scene that makes more sense for a tablet? He’s not at work.

    Where was Windows Phone? Sure, the girl was recording a video using one, but what is compelling about that? All phones record video. It did NOTHING to show off whats great recording video from a WP. Plus their are much better scenarios that could do that like Bing Scout, Tell Me, Xbox Live, Zune, Live Tiles etc.

    These are all B-roll type reasons for a consumer to buy your products…like Tom pointed out, you must take a very high level scenario that the viewer can relate to and show them why/how your product makes that even better.

  • Anonymous

    I thought they brought in some Executive from Disney to head up their marketing division? You’d figure he would have some idea of how to run a marketing campaign. The idea of showcasing the “family” of MS products is good. But these ads look like the same old crappy style of advertising they have been doing unsuccessfully for years. Man these were god-awful.

  • Anonymous

    Both ads are massive FAIL. Just a bunch of stupid comedic distractions and no emphasis on product. Horrible, just horrible.

  • Alique Williams

    Microsoft just doesn’t like to appear “cool”.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe if they made cool ads that emotionally resonated with consumers they would be “cool” again like in 1995 with the “Start me up” ads. They should use an edited version of this song:

      to pack a huge emotional punch as to WHY people NEED MSFT products!

    • Guest

      Not a bad suggestion. See, I knew you had one good one in you.

  • Guest

    I liked both those ads for minimalism and some level of “modern family” style comedy… But hated them too because no particular feature was showcased. Felt too generic. Let’s see what the market place decides.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like they try so hard to get in every product, a family, and some humor they just fail at everything, I hope they got this crap half price.

    Microsoft make amazing products but their marketing & ad teams are justing letting everyone down and have done for years.

    Keep it simple, focus on the product (one product at a time), but don’t copy Apple. XBOX ads are well made, the old Zune ads were brilliant.

    Oh and try some smaller agencies who will put their heart and soul into such a campaign. The big agencies couldn’t give a f*ck, they have plenty of huge clients and they’re almost certainly all Apple fanbois anyway.

    • Anonymous

      “Oh and try some smaller agencies who will put their heart and soul into such a campaign. The big agencies couldn’t give a f*ck, they have plenty of huge clients and they’re almost certainly all Apple fanbois anyway.”

      So you’re suggesting that because everyone at a major ad agency uses a Mac (questionable at best, but let’s assume that), that they would intentionally sabotage a billion dollar ad campaign, and make themselves look bad professionally in the process, because they’re “Apple fanboys”? Let me ask you something, did you even read that back to yourself before you clicked “Post” to hear how incredibly stupid that sounds?

  • Anonymous

    Yup. I called it. I was right. When I see these ads I want to rip out my hair. Warning.. rant follows.

    These ads are the biggest fail in the world. What the hell. I am starting to believe that Microsoft wants their consumer products to fail. You could have the most amazing products in the world but if you don’t communicate them properly, they will fail miserably.

    They need to fire every single idiot that has anything to do with marketing at Microsoft. Fire them now. There is no such thing as marketing at Microsoft anyways. No one would notice if they all got fired. Might as well save the money.

    Exactly what do they think happy families and dancing and fake laughter is going to do? Do they think people are going to notice from the brief glimpse that they were using a Windows Phone? Do they think people noticed they were using an Xbox with Kinect? It could easily be a Wii unless you saw the small Xbox tile on the end page. No one knew they were using Movie Maker.

    Normal people do not see those things. They don’t see this commercial and think about the benefits of Microsoft products. They see an unrealistic family smiling using random gadgets. Normal people see this commercial and go “huh?”. 1 minute later they forgot about it.

    On the other hand, they don’t forget the very simple iPad commercial that plays practically 4 times in a row. Those commercials are very simple product demonstrations showing cool things you can do.

    Microsoft, you fail at Marketing. Your marketing is more worthless than an Infomercial. Failures. My dog could make a better commercial.

    (By the way, I am a huge fan of Microsoft and I love my Windows Phone. Tough love is needed right now though.)

  • Guest

    One word: embarassing

  • Laure

    Chris Capossela runs marketing for MS. And I have to admit, I am disappointed.
    1- we see nothing of the product
    2- it is just too fast
    3- the actors look stupid
    4- the music isn’t nice


  • Kapilan Paramanathan

    Microsoft needs Don Draper

  • Roman

    OMG this is terrible.

  • mobile developer india

    Its quite interesting how the Bing PPC marketing team seem to conduct their marketing especially to existing client. They send you a daft email like the one below, ask you to transfer an advert you already have with Google to them and you get £50 worth of clicks, the thing is that their transfer process is time wasting and does not work on the two occasions I tried to take this offer.

  • Anonymous

    “Microsoft’s laptop hunters commercials were the first test of the “I’m a PC” message and they worked well to counter Apple’s Mac adverts at the time.”

    Since Apple’s laptop sales have continued to soar right through that ad campaign and others (and far outpace the industry rate…which largely means Windows), I don’t know how you can seriously make that argument.

  • FOG

    the cast in both commercials look like a family from finland, rather than the US. Too hard for the average us household to relate to these families, regardless of the aspirational nature of the home settings…