Microsoft’s new Metro UI homepage design goes live

By Tom Warren, on 17th Mar 11 5:24 pm with 13 Comments

New homepage

Microsoft’s newly designed Metro UI homepage has now gone live.

The company began previewing the new homepage design in mid-January but took the wraps off a final version on Thursday. Microsoft’s new front page is clearly inspired by the company’s Metro UI design. Windows Phone 7 and Zune both use the Metro UI and the software giant is hedging its bets that users will appreciate the slick look on the web.

Microsoft’s new homepage also features Internet Explorer 9 integration. The new site features jump lists and pinning support, both new features of Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft has also included its new tagline, “Be what’s next”, on the website. Microsoft revealed the new motto at the company’s employee only Global Exchange (MGX) event last year in Atlanta. The new tagline was officially shown in a video which emphasised a new flexibility between the various brands of Microsoft. The tagline replaces Microsoft’s aging “your potential, our passion” tagline which has been used in recent years.

Update: Microsoft appear to be tweaking a few things here and there so it might not show for everyone just yet.

Internet Explorer 9 on

  • spragued

    They are already tweaking — within past few minutes, those visiting with Firefox get different experience (no sliding of main sections — which was dog slow on FF3.6 just a few minutes ago).

  • Ben

    It looks the same to me…

    • Sebastian Gorgon

      you must have had the beta on

    • Benjy

      Is it only in IE9 it works? I was using Safari.

  • Sorawit Pai

    It only showed on IE9 on my PC. I got the old page on my Opera 11.10 beta.

  • Henry Edwards

    IE9, Firefox, Chrome show the new Metro UI, Opera 11.1 and Safari show the old Home page. Also The UK version does not show the Tag Line “Be What’s Next”. Not sure why it’s not showing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a real fan of the Metro design language but this site has nothing to do with it. It’s not just about the font and the lack of gradients that defines Metro. It is it’s simplicity. There is so much wrong with this new design:

    The “Office” area should always stay at the right hand side, so that you can switch left and right like on the Zune HD and Windows Phone UI. This carousel is confusing.

    There are 5 back and forth buttons on one single page!

    There are too many slideshows inside galleries inside sub-menus inside sub-pages.

    The main menu items should open when you hover over them, like on almost every other Microsoft site. Clicking on the menu buttons (like “Windows”) should take you to that product homepage. Instead you have to open the menu and click on “All Windows products”. Outch. And that doesn’t even take you to the homepage of Windows. Actually there is no link to the homepage. Seriously!

    This layout is just for that single page. Whatever link you may click will take you to a completely different website. And every site has different layouts and navigations.

    At the end of the day I don’t see this as an improvement. Microsoft still has too many websites with too many different styles. And most sites are only portals to other portals. Until you find real products, real features, real information you have to go a long way…

  • Jason Carter

    I get the old page with IE9. Firefox I get the new page. That’s pretty odd.


    lol first thing i see is: download Internet Explorer 8…. well done MS

  • Neon


    • Pedromorgan

      WOW I love that.

      It is almost exactly what I have in mind for a W8 tablet. it is very well thought out and would represent something really new for W8.

  • Anonymous

    Previous design was much better. This one sucks tbh.

  • Scott Barnes

    Hey everyone should calm down about its great they are giving interns who are keen to beta test MS PAINT .NET in web design. As clearly this is an outstanding effort from such creative experts :)