Microsoft’s new Windows 7 commercial pokes fun at lack of Blu-Ray on Macs

By Tom Warren, on 12th Nov 10 3:28 pm with 4 Comments

Microsoft has released a new commercial, stoking the fires of the ever lasting Mac vs PC debate.

The commercial is a comic poke at Apple’s lack of Blu-Ray support in OS X. Based on cardboard cutouts of Windows laptops and Mac laptops the commercial starts with the Windows 7 laptop displaying a Blu-Ray copy of Avatar. “This is so cool” pronounces the MacBook as Windows 7 explains that Blu-Ray is built-in.

Entitled “PC & Mac take a flight”, the commercial shows how PC & Mac stay entertained on a long flight together with the help of Blu-Ray on Windows 7 and Avatar. The commercial ends with a guidance message that assures viewers the film is rated “PC”. Microsoft has previously launched a “PC versus Mac” section of its Windows 7 comparison site to help consumers choose between the two.

Microsoft’s latest commercial follows on from a series of “Laptop hunter” commercials that the software giant launched in early 2009. The adverts kick started the successful “I’m a PC” campaign that Microsoft went on to use for its Windows 7 adverts.

Microsoft says no macs were used in the making of the video.

  • Bnlf

    haha awesome

  • GP007

    Great ad right there!

  • Dushmis


  • Danjesse

    Awesome? This is a scam.

    MS doesn’t have bluray support at all. All of my BluRay movies work on my PS3, but my PC (now 1 month old), which has a BluRay drive, cannot play any discs. I am using Windows 7, and I have received no sort of updates or sudden changes in BluRay support. Not only that, my second computer, which has Windows 7 and a BD drive that is about 2 years old, can’t run the discs either. I’ve asked both MS and Dell weeks ago if something was wrong with the drives or the hardware, since the discs were not flawed. I’ve received no answers, and even customer service can’t answer my questions.

    I smell something very, very fishy.