Microsoft’s PDC 2010 kicks off shortly, second beta of IE9 could be on the way

By Tom Warren, on 28th Oct 10 1:17 pm with Comments Off

Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference kicks off today on the company’s own campus.

Microsoft is holding PDC 2010 in Redmond, Washington at the company’s headquarters and employee campus. Steve Ballmer and Bob Muglia will hold the opening keynotes at 9AM PST (5pm BST). Ballmer is expected to speak heavily about Windows Phone 7 and its development opportunities. Muglia will outline Microsoft’s future server endeavours and the company’s cloud solution, Azure.

Microsoft may also announce a second beta of Internet Explorer 9 at PDC. The first beta was released in September after several delays, Microsoft is believed to be planning several beta releases before a final release in the first half of next year. Expect a couple of surprises in the keynote as always but overall this PDC will have a large focus on Microsoft’s Cloud strategy and Windows Phone 7. If you’re hoping for Windows 8 information then be prepared for the worst as Microsoft is not planning to unveil any plans for its future operating system.

Microsoft is live streaming the event, you can watch the live stream at Ballmer will take the stage at 9AM PST (see other time zones)