Microsoft’s picture stitching Photosynth tool now available as an iPhone app

By Tom Warren, on 18th Apr 11 6:05 pm with 29 Comments

Microsoft made its Photosynth technology available to iPhone users on Monday with the release of a brand new iOS application.

The Photosynth app, available immediately in Apple’s iTunes store, allows iPhone users to stitch together panoramic imagery to create 3D immersive images. Microsoft’s application is available for free and lets users share their images by Facebook, Bing Maps or via the company’s Windows Live enabled website. Photosynth’s can be shared to Facebook using just the full image or by uploading a full version to

Microsoft has included the following features:

  • See your panorama take shape as you capture them with INTERACTIVE CAPTURE
  • Look and capture in all directions with FULL-SPHERE PANORAMAS
  • See the final panorama right away with fast ON-DEVICE PROCESSING
  • Sharp, high-resolution results with the ADVANCED IMAGE STITCHING ENGINE
  • Panoramas are always available to view and share from the ON-DEVICE LIBRARY
  • Zoom, pan, stretch, and view in landscape or portrait with the IMMERSIVE VIEWER
  • Save as many panoramas as you want and view them online at PHOTOSYNTH.NET

iPhone users can download Photosynth for no charge at Apple’s App Store.

Photosynth for iPhone


  • Anonymous

    This better be released as a Windows Phone 7 app soon… I’ve been dying for this feature on my Windows Phone ever since I got it, I figured since Photosynth uses Silverlight, converting it to Windows Phone should be pretty easy.

    • Mark

      Yeah, this releasing on iPhone and not on WP7 is getting ridiculous. I understood it with the Bing app, Bing is meant to be a profit maker (well, eventually), the iPhone base is too large/successful to ignore, and the app had probably been in development for a while. But Photosynth isn’t a for profit product and the porting effort required to get that to WP7 should have been trivial. So what’s the justification this time?

    • Ef Jay

      The justification is that MS thinks WP7 sucks and couldnt care less whether it lives or dies, all bets are on Windows 8 and its various incarnations. That is where MS is going to make the big push in the mobile space, current WP7 users are just glorified beta testers.

    • Anonymous

      well wp7 is in potential one of the best products MS ever made… i dont think win8 on mobile has the slight change…

    • Mccasive

      Always trolling. I guess you and your cohorts are being apprehensive as WP7 is growing stronger and stronger contrary to your prediction that WP7 would die just as Kin. Where is Uglyui BTW.

    • Anonymous

      Your phone needs more Mango…then it can handle a PhotoSynth app.

  • Koki_v3

    Ummm… Windows Phone 7?

  • Anonymous


  • Matthew Beadle

    I think Microsoft forgets it has its own phone operating system sometimes and brings things out quicker on their main rival. Look at this and windows live messenger, they build one themselves for the iPhone but contract it out for their own phones. They need to rethink their priorities if they want WP& to work. My WF7 is the best phone I have ever had, but they seem to value the iPhone higher sometimes.

  • Faisal M333

    ya microsoft isnt the only one
    look at google apps on the iphone for example theyre a milion time better than on android

    • Anonymous

      Examples? Most of the Google Apps I use (Voice, Search, Maps) are better on Android.

  • Mike_montgomery


  • J Lancaster

    People please calm the crap down. Why do you get so mad that MS is has apps on iphone. I have this app on my wp7 and its called Stitch. Does the same thing. Doesn’t upload to bing maps though.

    • Anonymous

      is note the same thing, believe me… you have to try photosynth

    • Dig The Noise

      Stitch is not the same.

      I dont’ care if MS builds apps for other devices, but I wish they would put the same effort into bringing these products to their devices — if not more. Why should I keep my WP7, which has fewer apps and will get Microsoft’s releases 2nd?

  • GP007

    Until WP7 gets full SL4 and HTML5 we’ll have to wait for all the iPhone related MS stuff to come over. Also MS has a Mac/Apple devision, it’s the same unit that does stuff like Office for Mac. They’re working on their own and aren’t tied into what the WP7 team does in the end.

    Nothing wrong with getting your apps/services on the iPhone though, if you can win them over to your products then you can get them over to WP7 as well when it’s time to get a new phone. Mango will add the needed code to get all this stuff, so just wait till the fall.

    • Anonymous

      html5, SL4? Does IPhone have SL4? Is this app made on HTML5?

    • Mark

      This app was released by the Bing team, not the Apple division.

      And here’s another good one. When I go to view the Photosynth demos mentioned on the Bing blog, I need SL. So I try to load SL, but it won’t install on IE64 (unsupported). So rather than fool around with the 32-bit version of IE, I just fire up Chrome and everything is viewable. Go MS. Another epic fail.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize that Silverlight 5 supports IE64 and, if you have SL4 installed, it wouldn’t load in Chrome 64 bit either right?

    • Mark

      So now you want me to install a beta of SL5 (which means installing the development tools as well) just to watch a Photosynth video? Seriously?

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure if you are aware, but most plug-ins don’t support 64-bit browsers. IE is the only 64 bit browser that is officially released, Chrome and Firefox only have 32-bit version for Windows. Also, Flash doesn’t even officially support 64-bit browsers, their support for windows is still in beta and so is Silverlight. IE 64 bit is not meant to be used by mainstream users, so stop complaining when you have to use beta products.

    • Mark

      I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the plug-in we’re talking about is made by the same company that makes the browser and the OS. You’re the one talking about SL5. I’m talking about SL4. SL4 has no support for IE64, beta or otherwise. Read more. Comment less.

    • Anonymous

      You are correct in the fact that SL4 does not support 64 bit, what I am curious about is why you would expect everything to support IE 64 bit. Just because Microsoft made IE 64 bit doesn’t mean everything Microsoft makes will work for it, I’m pretty sure Silverlight 5, when it comes out will be the first plug-in they actually make for it. IE 64 bit is not meant to be used by most people, in fact IE 64 bit is actually slower than IE 9 32bit since the 64 bit version doesn’t have the newest javascript engine.

    • Boogieordie

      You don’t have to install the developement tools…

  • GP007

    Oh, one more thing, notice the app UI, it’s a bit metro’ish, the buttons are as close to WP7 buttons as it gets on another platform. This just fits with the thinking of getting them on to your services/apps and then over to your platform fully. This is how Google gets you sucked into an Android device when you’re a diehard google services user for example.

  • Danpo

    Photosynth for windows phone 7????

  • Anonymous

    People. From the Bing Blog:

    “The Photosynth app is coming next to a Windows Phone near you.”

    Calm down. They have different departments working on iPhone/iPad/Mac apps. They are not forgetting about their mobile platform. In fact, they are counting on it, and know they need many things. They can’t get it all to us at once.

    • Matthew Beadle

      Good Good :)

  • Dong-heon Phil Shin

    Simply Amazing App.