Missed the giant Windows Phone display in New York? Catch the highlights video

By Tom Warren, on 12th Nov 11 12:14 pm with 68 Comments

Microsoft posted a highlight video on Friday of its giant Windows Phone in New York.

The giant six-story Windows Phone was erected last weekend in New York City as part of Microsoft’s marketing effort around three new Windows Phones for the U.S. market. Microsoft unveiled the giant Windows Phone on Monday after launching the Samsung Focus S, Samsung Focus Flash and HTC Radar on American carriers. The giant Windows Phone housed a 7.5 minute makeover, a proposal, real life plants vs zombies, music artists and even free pizza for the crowds. The software maker had people on the ground demonstrating the latest Windows Phone devices available this holiday season.

Samsung’s next-generation focus includes a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.4GHz processor, 4G network support and a 1.3MP front facing camera. The rear of the device is equipped with an 8MP camera. The device appears to resemble Samsung’s Galaxy S II Android model. Samsung’s second Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” device is aimed at the lower price point market. The Focus Flash will include a 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen running a 1.5GHz processor. The device will also include a 5MP rear camera and front facing camera.

AT&T will also launch the HTC TITAN on November 20, Windows Phone’s giant 4.7-inch device.

  • Anonymous

    that is marketing

  • http://twitter.com/GoeyGuitar Tony

    Looks like our dear Microsoft is starting to get serious.

    • HeatherL

      It feels gimmicky, like a event for making MS Management feel better about sales rather then putting quality in the product.  I live in the Great NYC and you see this kind of stuff a dozen times a week and except for a few midwestern out-of-towners, its simply a big yawn, specially when you get to the store and find out the tiles are no where as lively as they are showing it,

      It it past time for gimmicks it is about building a innovative market leading product and sadly with last years hardware offerings from MFGs WP7 is not it and MS fans like myself is becoming increasingly descanted.   

    • AlienSix

      I do not want to admit it but your are right ;(

    • Anonymous

      Agreed it seems only the out of town hicks liked it. Sophisticated New Yorkers are die-hard Apple fans and didn’t pay any attention to this except to laugh at the ineptitude of it all.

    • AllenG

      And the sad thing about it  is 2/3 of the people there were MS employees/marketing firms day contractors being paid to fake interest.  

    • Guest


      Awe, it’s a troll circle-jerk. How cute.

    • Guest

      @74da5731f44e9c690c9a1fe38cf5d4a9:disqus  , oh sorry, I mean @b08b74c6ee2ae132d51159b67ff18c9e:disqus . I keep getting you two mixed up for some reason. LOL. So Andy, I mean Allen, were you there? Did you know everyone in attendance? Or just talking out of your arse again?

    • Anonymous

      You should probably ask crApple for a check with all the BS you spew. You really come to a Windows site just to talk garbage? Sorry, but real programmers use Windows. You know what’s even sadder, an Apple event, where you can see all the glossed over eyes believing they are the problem, not the product. Whoops! You’re holding it wrong!

    • Arcana1973

      The Samsung Focus is the same new hardware as the Samsung Galaxy II-S.  Or are you going to go on about that whole “dual core” nonsense that most people blabber about?  HAve you actually used a WP? Because if you did you can see that it moves a hell of a lot faster than Android phones with dual core.

    • http://techin5.com Jubbin Grewal @Techin5.com

      You see the world’s largest phone a dozen times a week?

    • Anonymous

      what do you mean the tiles aren’t as lively? my weather tile shows the local weather map, current temp and pictures from the area, my 4square app shows my current friends checked in and current scores, my people hub shows current pics and recent posts, my running app shows my weekly mile report, USA today shows recent news, my pictures hub shows my favorite pics, its pretty glance and go..

    • Anonymous

      Speak for yourself, i think they are innovating, Then again these are our opinions. gimmicks? I don’t think so. A gimmick is something flashy that is not functional. WP is both.

    • Guest

      About five years too late. The damage is done. Ballmer should have been yanked then. Now the *best* case scenario for MS is to be a #2 or #3 in mobile and tablets. Which means Windows revenue and margins are going to come under increasing pressure. Worst case scenario is they don’t even get to #3 in either, which is quite possible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lordadamwalker Adam The-Bicep Walker

    Wow… This is so so much better than any efforts so far! Keep it up ms!

  • http://twitter.com/warex3d warex3D

    Live Tiles FTW!… nice to see people enjoying the show :P 

    • Anonymous

      I agree, but I want tiles like the ones in this WP mock up. Every tile should have a picture at least. I don’t want to see a row of monochromatic tiles with a little bit of text. I want ever changing pictures. If the phone looked like the one in New York, no other phone would sand a chance. Initial impressions are important. What people see now is a bunch of red tiles usually.. Only if they use the phone for a while do people realize how good it is. 

    • Anonymous

      This message needs to go both to programmers to develop said tiles, and MS to develop the tools to make it as streamlined as possible to make them. Developers need to get on the ball.

  • adam

    i want one

  • Anonymous

    will you marry me?

  • Anonymous

    I hadn’t realised the scope of this event.  Good job MS.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but all that dancing crap is lame and just emphasizes Apple has more taste at their events.

    • Anonymous

      Apple’s taste?  Sterile, boring and exclusionary.  Put yourself first.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, Apple is for the elite taste. They don’t pander to this lower middle class crap. Apple would use Radiohead while MSFT uses some no-name shit band.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a member of the 1% needs a nap!

    • Guest

      Catch the clue train dork. Anybody who thinks overspending on a device makes them elite, isn’t.

    • Mark King

      I haven’t listened to Radiohead for about 3 albums now; Black Keys just about every day.

      To be fair though Apple always used ‘no-name shit bands’ in their iPod ads as well – like Faust, Jet, Ting Tings.

      Like most Apple fans you seem to be re-writing history to suit yourself…

      Personally I can’t wait Nokia hardware.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shaun-Wignal/617841109 Shaun Wignal

      if you dont like it and its not for you ok say so and move on,stop this childish whinning and nonsense. Like a bunch of crying babies all this crying how you dont like ms this and that,because you dont like them dont mean everyone share your hate. shut up and keep it movin,everyone has different taste in wat we like and dislike. enough with the bitching..

    • Anonymous

      You must be taking the messiah’s passing very hard. Poor thing.

    • Guest

      Stooopid, by definition they couldn’t ship the numbers they do without pandering to the everyone, including the lower middle class.

    • Anonymous

      You forgot sour. :)

  • Anonymous

    People first

  • Norville2

    Brilliant and you can keep your overpriced Apple products.

    • Anonymous

      People invest in Macs and they tend to buy and throw away cheap PCs every 1-2 years. So which is more expensive over a 5 year period?

    • Soulja3

      LOL you’ve been saying something negative about Microsoft in EVERY SINGLE comment in every article. This aint Macrumours. You’re probably the Michael Jordan troll as well.

    • TGregory


    • Mwh

      @ArrowSmith, quite literally STFU with ur bull you actually don’t have a clue!! All your comments are trollage and when U do have a point, you end up over exaggerating it and painting a stereotype of an apple troll. Go eat a poison apple and die!

    • Penta2100

      My neighbor has a toshiba 6 years running. 1st year he left it in the rain. next day found it FULL OF WATER, poured it out, turned it on and it was still running. can a mac do that?

    • Anonymous

      Toshiba and Lenovo are thought of as the better PC brands. But Acer, Dell are crap.

    • Guiest

      @penta2100  I do not know for I am not an idiot like your neighbor, maybe it is time to find a new neighborhood to live in unless it is the only group home your able to get into.

    • Guest

      I have a couple decade old HP laptops that still work 100%. Way outdated now. But no cracked cases. No dead hard drives. I have yet to see a four year old non unibody mac that isn’t cracked. And now even the unibody ones are cracking according to many reports. And I’ve personally helped several friends who are on their 2nd or 3rd hard drive. Mac quality  is hugely overrated.

    • Mark King

      Sorry, what??? Apple build obselescence into every product, they want you to keep your iPhone for 2 years (maybe even just 1) and your macbook for 2-3 years. Why do you think they go to great lengths to make it so you can’t replace your own battery? They invented their own screws so you can’t open the cases on iPhones/MBP (pentalobular screws).

      Most people I know tend to “invest” in a PC and keep it way longer than they should – like 5/6 years. Apple purchasers see a new product in the release cycle and trade up as often as they can afford. So which is more expensive over a five year period?

    • Guest

      Tell me about it. My iPod touch 3G battery just went tilt after less than two years and not that many recharge cycles. The f’n thing is *soldered* to the motherboard. There’s no need to do that and every other cable that needs to be removed to get to it isn’t. So instead of being able to buy a <$10 battery and replace it yourself, you get to spend 7-10X that to have Apple do it or risk screwing up your device.

    • http://twitter.com/goofbox Ramanan

      exactly my point!! people can say whatever they want about “how great apple is” but the fact that I cannot use a standard screw driver to open the jelly beans…..jesssus..christ WTF!!! and yes I have had a laptop (primary Win 7 and all sorts of Linux gets thrown on it as secondary). My gaming PC; had it for 3+ years and it can still do another 2! so I have no idea where you are coming up with this need to invest in PCs every 1-2 years….go eat Apples ArrowSmith! but I don’t think even that can prevent you from eventually needing to go the doctors cause yaaaa STRRRRUPID!!!

    • Spartan Souja

      It its such an amazing investment why do they refresh every product every year? So all these hippies would buy

    • Anonymous

      Just because Apple refreshes their product line doesn’t mean you have to buy it. They usually improve the specs, not fix broken hardware. So it’s not a must buy – just a choice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shaun-Wignal/617841109 Shaun Wignal

      wat the hell are you talking about man? i hav my pc for over ten years,yea its outdated but it runs well, so wat kind of false and fake bullshit you talking about? asses like you need to grow up, stop your lying lil timmy and go outside and play, the world does not revolve around Apple,,damn this biase shit towards MS is sickening..

    • Anonymous

      I invested in a Mac once. Worst investement I ever made.

    • http://twitter.com/goofbox Ramanan

      exactly my point!! people can say whatever they want about “how great apple is” but the fact that I cannot use a standard screw driver to open the jelly beans…..jesssus..christ WTF!!! and yes I have had a laptop (primary Win 7 and all sorts of Linux gets thrown on it as secondary). My gaming PC; had it for 3+ years and it can still do another 2! so I have no idea where you are coming up with this need to invest in PCs every 1-2 years….go eat Apples! but I don’t think even that can prevent you from eventually needing to go the doctors cause yaaaa STRRRRUPID!!! 

  • Kazi

    I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen so great marketing video from the good old behemoth Microsoft :-). Windows Phone is rolling now, finally.

    • Joe_HTH

      Sadly not last numbers are still showing a decline in market share, I afraid our efforts with WP7 is going the way of Window Mobile and KIN.   I just do not understand why MS can not have any success in mobile.

    • Kazi

      Imo, Microsoft will not give up Windows Phone, because it is a great product, Kinect never was. If WP numbers will not raise in 2012, then I’m sure, Windows 8 will pull up Windows Phone in long period. They need to be only patient and avoid huge mistakes, of course.

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Windows 8 on PC, Tablet, Phone, and Xbox. Integration across the board.

    • http://twitter.com/KirklandYuknis Kirkland Yuknis

      “10 million units of the Kinect sensor had been shipped by March 9, 2011.[1] Having sold 8 million units in its first 60 days on the market, Kinect has claimed the Guinness World Record of being the “fastest selling consumer electronics device”.[1][19][20][21] According to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, Kinect bundles accounted for about half of all Xbox 360 console sales in December 2010 and for more than two-thirds in February 2011.”  Really?  The Kinect was never a great product? Really?  Tell that to the world and see what the response is. btw, taken off of the Wikipedia website.

    • Anonymous

      Shipped != sold. Inflated fake numbers.

    • http://twitter.com/KirklandYuknis Kirkland Yuknis

      *******Having SOLD 8 MILLION UNITS in the first 60 days to market, having claimed the FASTEST SELLING consumer electronics device in the Guiness world book of records

    • Guest

      Shill, do you think anyone is falling for this act?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not bashing Microsoft because I hate them, but because I want them to improve. Lame events like this damage the brand beyond repair. WP7 is Microsoft’s last chance in mobile. If this fails – that’s it. 

    • AndyD

      Microsoft set it up for failure when they put “Windows” in the OS name.  :(

    • Anonymous

      You guys ever notice that no one ever “Likes” your comments in any thread but yourselves? The only people who have failed is you two.

    • Guest

      You’re bashing them because you’re a troll. Nothing more. And your constant drivel here makes no difference to Microsoft whatsoever. So get over yourself. Your a clueless mentally impaired twit who adores Apple, hates MS, and has nothing else in his pathetic life except trying to annoy others.

  • http://twitter.com/mactoc1 mactoc

    wp7 has failed so badly, for three years ago wp has got a market share of 5% now the market share is under 1% 6.5 has failed Kin has  failed wp7 has failed. Samsungs own OS Bada Outsells wp7. I think with no games and no apps its hard to compete.Lte or 4G or Dual core. wp7 is outdated loosers OS

    • Anonymous

      How could you be so badly misinformed? Have you been sleeping under an Apple? The most important Apps are on the device, and Xbox Live is build directly with gaming in mind. LTE, 4G and dual core are unnecessary and use more battery. The device runs perfect with the hardware it has. Everyone who has used the OS loves how streamlined it is.

  • Kiwi bloke


    • http://twitter.com/furdworetzky Fur Dworetzky

      You can get one if you’re signed with Telecom NZ.

  • Shazam

    Interesting….People are so quick to start comparing and bashing iPhone / Android.  WHO Cares what others do or don’t do.  Worry about your ship, WP7.  

    Instead of holding these cheezy events MS need to invest into their framework so, along w/ consumer market, they can get into the enterprise market as well.  Recently I attended WP Code Camp and learned that there ins’t much in WP7 which would give Enterprise a reason to invest in WP7.

  • Thagired16

    can anyone anywhere tell me why there is no reviews out for the samsung focus S. It’s like it doesn’t exist at all. Not even on my trusted winrumours! There are reviews for all the other phones but the best wp7 phone in the states has been out for weeks and there is nothing. Its bad enough I waited with my crappy iphone 3gs just for windows to put out a decent phone. Then Nokia skips launch and I have to pick the focus S by default. I can’t even find out a decent review. And in case your wondering I know the specs of the phone thank you very much. I would just like a fucking review please.