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By Tom Warren, on 13th Dec 11 8:44 pm with 252 Comments

The Verge

As you know from reading WinRumors over the past year, the site has grown way beyond my imagination and has amassed a loyal and engaged community. You may or may not know that I don’t write at WinRumors full time and have a day job that pays my bills. Running a site alone is a tough situation for any webmaster out there but it’s especially difficult when you’re keeping up with breaking news and maintaining a day job. I have run WinRumors largely on my own with the help of Tim Kimberl, who created the design and site features.

Today I’m announcing my plans to write full time for The Verge. The new technology-focused publication was founded earlier this year by Joshua Topolsky and Marty Moe in partnership with Vox Media. The Verge includes an impressive range of staff, many of whom used to contribute to Engadget. The Verge will allow me to do what I’m passionate about in life, write about the latest technology every day. I’m quitting my day job and focussing solely on writing about Microsoft and other tech giants. My official title at The Verge will be UK Senior Editor.

I’m planning to build a vibrant community of Microsoft fans over at The Verge’s Microserfs channel. The site also has a forum where users can interact and post questions and answers, something I was unable to provide here at WinRumors. The Verge is focused on high quality content, including video walkthroughs, hands on and in-depth reviews. Check out Ross Miller’s Xbox 360 dashboard hands on, Vlad Savov’s Nokia Lumia 800 review and Joanna Stern’s Lenovo U300s ultrabook review for great examples of that. I plan to contribute with my own focus on Microsoft and really expand on the content I produce for WinRumors.

It’s a massive move for me personally but it doesn’t mean WinRumors is finished. I haven’t finalized any plans for the site just yet but over the coming weeks, leading up to my start at The Verge for CES, posts at WinRumors will be less frequent. I’m open to suggestions for the site and I’m considering a number of different options. I hope you’ll join me over at The Verge, it’s an amazing site and I truly believe it will rock for Microsoft news.

I’d like to thank everyone for your incredible support and readership over the past year. It has been amazing to receive feedback and emails from thousands of people around the world who are all passionate about Microsoft’s technologies. I hope that you’ll join me over at The Verge to continue discussing the latest and greatest Microsoft news. I’d also like to thank my friends and family, who have had to endure me running off with a laptop to blog in the middle of a dinner or social night out. Most of all I’d like to thank Tim Kimberl for realising my vision with his design of WinRumors and my beautiful wife to be, Rebecca Surry, for the amazing support and encouragement over the past years.

It’s not farewell, we’re simply on The Verge of some amazing new Microsoft coverage. Stay tuned.

If you’d like to get in touch then please continue to use the contact us page.

  • Ian Mitchell

    The Verge is a great place man, they’re lucky to get you.

  • TechFanBoy

    Congratulations Tom! I’ve been reading this site for months now and I am truly happy about your success. I know I will follow you over. I will miss using my WinRumors App on my Windows Phone though. 

    • Karl Cramer

      Especially since The Verge looks horrible on mobile web browsers.

    • TroyGates

      Maybe Tom can influence the Verge to create a good WP7 app like the WinRumors one. Hint Hint ;-)

  • Sergio Iacobucci

    Well done!! Great News :)

    I just hope Ill be able to access all MSFT stories as easily as I can on here!

  • Aaron McRuer


  • Baileystein


  • Sebastian Gorgon

    Great for you Tom but this breaks my heart, i been a daily visitor at WinRumors since the start in October 2010. There wasn’t a single day this year i haven’t been here to see the news, i’m very happy for you but i love WinRumors for what it is, and The Verge is great but its not the same. I wish you all the best, and same for WinRumors.

    • CircuitSoft

      Same here. I love Tom Warren. He is my hero (besides Bill Gates). I have that feeling that you get from knowing that your pet died after being with it for so long.

    • Ian S

      Sebastian took the words right out of my mouth. 
      The Verge is nice, but Winrumors is focused solely on Microsoft, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. The Verge focuses on Apple and Google as well. Plus you created, worked, managed, and filled this site with Microsoft news that came from your research. Plus, you can do whatever you want to change the format and layout of this site but you cannot do that with The Verge. That Verge, is somewhat like Endagadget and Lifehacker or cnet or zdnet. With all the forums, videos, different writers for every different blog for every different section, and a video section that just is not as simple and devoted as Winrumors :(. Also, that site has super long posts with a ton of awkward graphic just to get a simple point. Plus, the Verge does topics about whatever they feel like (reviews of products) like Pcworld. It does not focus on the NEWS of Microsoft, trying to exposed all the leaked images of Windows 8 and the news about what Microsoft did that day. The blog (Winrumors) feels  more like a community, not like a big blog that just throws tech info to you and does not even read the comments.

    • Anonymous

      same to me. I have visited winrumours almost every single day :d

      wp7 user from Vietnam.

    • HeatherL

      Congats Tom.

    • Joel Job

      I fully agree. I prefer WinRumors to the Verge, and going by die slow news lately it appears as if the Verge is getting preference from Tom.

    • MicroDailyRumors … just in case you’re interested with a rumors site

  • Anonymous

    Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    good luck!

  • Justin B. Stone

    If you can put an end to the Apple fanboy-ism that pervades The Verge that would be helpful and have the site objectively cover Microsoft products (heck, even cover them at all). Either way, thanks, I’ve enjoyed winrumors since I discovered it a few months ago!

    • Sebastian Gorgon

      All the staff at the verge are apple fanboys, can’t be stoppable of the staff won’t support it. I hate The Verge for that reason, 

    • Anonymous

      yeah…thats why half of them or more use android. and cant wait to get a G Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      are you kidding? The douche Nilay has two Android phone in his bag…. one for testing and the other he don’t know why is there.

      He uses an iPhone and a Macbook. ifanboy, indeed.

      Even the girl that reviews the Windows laptop uses a Mac.

    • Anonymous

      Ok clearly the ppl on this site are balanced. Please don’t come to the verge. Thanks.

    • Guest


      Why would you expect people on a Winrumours site to be balanced? If you went to Cult of Mac would you expect that there? Grow a brain.

    • Anonymous

      to: random guest

      You can be a fan of & support a platform and still be balanced and fair in criticizing it. Sounds like you need the brain. Also, my comment was partially referring to his apparent personality imbalance. 

    • Anonymous

      The Verge is a FAndroid sewer pit, also, it’s on some Godaddy servers that are slow as f*ck, the site is so huge and slow that I don’t even go there anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for proving the point I made in my other reply. Also thanks for not going there.

    • Guest


      You come on here, for the first time, and make a sarcastic comment about a bunch of people you don’t even know and *he’s* the one with the apparently personality imbalance? Get over yourself, you smug prick. 

    • Anonymous

      Says the guy who won’t sign in to an actual acct lol. Also, I didn’t criticise this site or its community, just the 2 five yr olds who started cussing and calling names like is they just discovered swear words. Keep on bein mature tho.

      edit: also nice job liking ur own comment mr not-so-slick lol

    • Anonymous

      be the mature one, and go away. you’re annoying.

    • Daniel Cassidy

      They’re is a wide variety of folks over there.

    • deathmore34

      really? I only watched one video of the verge and I liked them, they were neutral in their windows 8 video that I watched.

      Also I really don’t understand the Apple hate, sure they make average things but it changes products for better. It challenges OEMs to do better which is what I like.

      In the end consumers win, I enjoy reading news from company specific sites but its always annoying to read fanboy comments that are completely full of hate.

    • Justin B. Stone

      I’m not saying I dont like The Verge. I do, a lot actually. They were helpful in me choosing my new Windows Phone. I don’t hate Apple, I hate the blind Apple loyalism, which is not what The Verge does, but what many consumers do. Apple’s marketing machine is incredible, I certainly give them credit for that!

    • Phil Reese

      I just don’t see any of this blind apple fanboyism that you and Justin B. Stone see.  Doesn’t seem like you guys actually read The Verge.  

    • Justin B. Stone

      Perhaps I shouldnt have been so callous in my analysis. However, there is certainly a bias. Whether that is because they are biased or solely appealing to Apple fans, I dont know. And yes, I do read The Verge, daily.

    • guest

      I’ve been reading Topolsky et al for a long time when they were at Engadget.  And when the new management came in and told them to cover more Microsoft (and why not?  Microsoft has a much bigger marketshare but Topolsky and company treated Microsoft products as if they were the underdog), they bolted to form The Verge.

    • Yelling Melon

      Josh Topolsky, the Editor in Chief, has been raving about the latest Android phone for the last couple of months. Not typical Apple fanboy behaviour.

    • Sebastian Gorgon

      Indeed but it’s just Android, talk about windows vs macintosh and is different

    • Anonymous

      they’re a fandroid site, I go out of my way to avoid Engadget and the Verge to avoid the rabbid fandroids

    • Duder

      And that weirdo Nilay Patel is such a wanna be. Nothing he says matters

    • Yelling Melon

      Heh. Only on a windows site can someone be accused simultaneously of apple and android fanboyism. Maybe they just hate Microsoft? 
      Although the fact that they’re hiring the “winrumours guy” suggests otherwise.

    • Aja Hemphill

      I just started over at the verge and the Patel guy is the only one that seems to have an Apple slant to me…

    • Anonymous

      i really can’t understand Tom’s reason for doing this but oh boy what a mistake he is making. Engadget was sold of for a few millions and so were other sites like gizmodo.  If Tom would have stick with it he would have gotten the benefit of what winrumors can become. This is sad, very sad. However, I do wish him luck. 

    • Anonymous


      Looking at the front page it has more mircosoft news than apple. 

    • Justin B. Stone


      Using your statistical method. I can refute your conclusion. Here we go — there a 5 main stories. Of these 5, the Apple story (history of iOs) receives 1/3 of the space. The Microsoft story (making windows 7 faster, not sure if that cuts towards a good story for Microsoft) receives 1/6 space.

      Regardless, my initial comment, although forceful, was acknowledging there is a bias.

      Didn’t mean to start such a major problem and lead to attacks. I mean, last time I check, winrumors was a Microsoft fanboy site.

    • Anonymous

      The Speedup Windows 7 is retarded. They as true ifanboys dont know how to make a Windows install faster by going into msconfig and disabling startup programs. For cleaning the desktop they are recommending crap like Rainmeter

      and 4 stupid must have apps (starting with a twitter client) for “making windows 7 faster”. what a joke.

    • Broski

      Seriously? You’re crying about pixelated space? Those “5 main stores” are featured articles. I suppose you never scroll down a website? What recent big news from Microsoft could they possibly put there? I wouldn’t even be surprised if they come out with a feature on Windows Phone’s history in the coming week. The Verge doesn’t serve as an advertising hub that you’re probably used to seeing, they publish tech news and their articles appear in chronological order.
      The Verge is a fairly diverse site to me. It looks like you need to stick to your fanboy site. It’s too bad your editor is leaving…

    • Justin B. Stone

      Broski: you clearly did not read the post to which I was responding. Please fully read before you go on a rampage. So I would recommend you calm down and stop insulting.

      Also, thank you for such distraction. I have enjoyed our meaningless banter about being a fanboy…on a fanboy site. However, I think your apparent willingness to insult others indicates this is not a distraction, but that you need one.

    • HeatherL

      Justin dont be a hater it add nothing to this post or even this site, just give Tom a congratulations for his hard work paid off from himself.

    • Justin B. Stone

      Did you not read me entire post? I said regardless, thanks for providing a great site and that I hope he can bring to The Verge what he has done here. Perhaps I am testy from people on here attacking, but a phrase comes to mind: you’re the pot calling the kettle black. Don’t “hate on” me.

    • MSfan

      I have to agree the only thing that brings down good sites like this is the inferiority complex posters like Justin shows when they try to make every post and tread about why Apple or Android is bad.   It shows little civility and adds zero intelligence to the space.   And if Justin or any one else is going to whine that the same thing happen at Apple and Android sites who cares: I thought MSFT fans was smarter anyway so lets show it by our behavior. 

    • Michal Gurník

      of course there are apple fanboys in the verge (like everywhere) but there are also great writers that are fans of MS.. Ross Miller for instance.. watch the first episode of their show :)
      i don’t think their MS articles are not objective (if you want some mocking and sarcasm, go to engadget).. and of course it’s easier to cover all products of apple than those of MS, since apple has about 5 :)

  • Adriel Dennis Mingo

    WOW!  quite a shocker! Good luck with the new gig, I’ll definitely be following you there, the name’s the same there.   How about auto-posting whatever you post on the verge here? I know there’re some plugins that enable that and I’m sure there’re some people who’d rather come to this simple yet elegant looking site for their info. Just my two cents and once again good luck!

    • McAkins Online

      They wont allow that as it will be taking Eyeballs away from the Verge. Maybe as a compromise Tom for those of them that won’t follow you to The Verge, post what you post there also here a bit later so that  the verge will have pleasure of breaking the news, but your fervent followers also will be served.

    • GUEST

      or you could just “fervently follow” him at The Verge.

  • Anonymous

    congrats! I love winrumors and the verge. Look forward to reading more.

  • Brad Sams

    As a long time co-worker, friend and competitor, well earned Tom.

  • Louis Sandiford

    Congratulations Tom. Been reading The Verge since it started – looks like you’ll be in good company there.

    See if you can get them to release a WP7 app for your loyal readers though!

  • Alberto

    damn.. :(

  • chadwick


  • Anonymous

    First off… congratulations on getting a career where you get to be passionate about what you do!  Please, please, please dont lose your focus on Microsoft!!!  You’re an amazing resource and I (along with my other friends and colleagues) check your site multiple times a day for Microsoft information.  Other sites heavily promote link bait but your site has always just called it as it is.  Thank you and best wishes on your new gig!

  • JimmyFal

    Windows needs better representation. This is YOU, I hope. Please don’t feel the need overemphasize Microsofts weaknesses. Criticize yes, but don’t pull a Thurrott on us and start bashing your own team with abandon. Good things happen to good people. It’s true. See you there, you’re on the big stage now buddy. Shine! Sorry Paul, sort of.

    • Sergio

      But Thurrott is just fine… he doesn’t bash Microsoft frequently…

      I really don’t think Tom will go that way!

    • Guest

      Yeah, I don’t get the Thurrott hate. What’s he meant to do, say everything is great when it’s not?

    • Anonymous

      Thurrott is pretty fair with his comments.  He says a few inaccurate things sometimes, but overall his positivity or negativity is well deserved.  He definitely isnt a Microsoft cheerleader if that’s what you are expecting though.

      That said, he could be a bit more open minded at times.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Tom!! I’ll miss following this blog, but I love The Verge, and I’ll look forward to reading your work there!

  • Seb

    I guess it’s good for you, so congratulations! Think twice before closing Winrumors since it’s one of the best Microsoft related blogs I know!

  • Arturo Ryes

    Congratulations, this is well deserved. The Verge is a beautiful and interesting site.

  • Alique Williams is not a clean site at all. Not nearly as great looking as winrumors. Does this move to the verge mean that winrumors will be discontinued?

    • JasonSmith

      Nevermind. I just read the entire article.

  • Anonymous

    Good to hear Tom!  I will defiantly search you out on theVerge.  Again – great news and best of luck!!! 

  • Chris Simmons

    Huge fan of both sites, The Verge really is exciting as a new platform and has arguable the best team right now. Hopefully you can bring much needed Microsoft representation to the team, Joanna is trying her best but I think will be pleased of the help!

    Looking forward to CES and your Windows 8 coverage. Good luck with the new job!

    • Chris

      The Verge is nice. I dont get why people want a typical blog post site when you can spice things up. Its gonna be 2012 after all. Website designs change.

    • Guest

      Nice? It’s fugly. One of the busiest, worst UIs I’ve seen.

  • WinObs

    Congratulations Tom – you set a great example for other bloggers in the way you run your site – hope to emulate that at

  • John Mccallum

    Congratulations Tom!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck trying to convince Josh that poison really isn’t half bad.

  • f t edwards

    congratulations on your move to The Verge.  I think they got sick of linking your site ;)   

  • Mameha

    Well done, and good luck!

  • Guest

    Congrats Tom! That’s great for you. Truly.

    I’m not sure I can follow over to the Verge though. It would be like going to read about MS on Silicon Alley Insider. And I suspect you’ll be under pressure to increase the MS criticism and reduce the support. If not by the management then by the readership. Oh well.

  • Uroš Ristič

    Congratulations! I love The Verge, as I used to love Engadget before Joshua & company quit.. they are the best tech blogers out there and now the best writer for Microsoft will join them! PERFECT! :D 

  • McAkins Online

    Congrats Tom, you’ve just made my Day! We’ve been pleading for a balanced voice on the Microsoft platform. It seems all the Tech Press have personal agenda against MS. I am glad you are continuing on the same path. You are the first person that I know uses Apple’s products primarily and remain normal. I don’t know you lived outside the distortion field but I am sure glad you dp. Please don’t let youself be compromiswd at the Verge, so I won’t have to scream at you often ;-)). All the best mate in ypur new venture!. Mazzeltof!

  • Karl Cramer

    Congratulations but I’ll admit I’m sad at the news that this site will be ending. It’s been a haven for Microsoft fans in a world where most tech journalist fawn over every little thing Apple does and ignore Microsoft when they do something innovative.

  • Thu Win

    Please don’t gooooo!!!!

    This is my primary news for Windows related stuffs.

  • Daniel Herzig

    I didn’t expect this but I will enjoy a Microsoft guy at The Verge. Congrats!

  • McAkins Online

    Hey Tom, how about keeping the WinPhone App alive till Verge has one themselves? Please.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats and best wishes man

  • McAkins Online

    Damn! Now I realize I’ll be spending more time on The Verge than I’ll like.

  • nir hau

    i already like the verge but this make them even better
    hope to see you there soon! :) 

  • Ste

    European Senior Editor….. on the website it says UK senior editor. for that reason alone you should quit the new job and keep this one going :-)  good luck, loved this site since it started

    • Anonymous

      Vlad Savov will be his boss. the douche hates everything Microsoft. Poor commie. He could not afford a Mac back in Yugoslavia but look now…. another iFanbot.

    • Anonymous

      Vlad is an idiot, he gave the N8 a 5/10 and Engadget actually took the score down when people called them out about it.

  • wetworker

    Congrats man. This site is on my top five of tech sites I check each morning and through out the day. Good luck an I look forward to continuing reading your stuff.

  • Riasat

    A long term reader here…winrumors at least 5+ times a day.

    I hate to say it, but I don’t want a site like that. If I wanted, I’d open Ars 5 times a day; not Winrumors.

    I don’t want a site that tries to feed me news I’m not interested about. I want a site focused on one topic only and winrumors is that…for me.

    • Anonymous

      If you are only interested in Microsoft news then just bookmark That way you can avoid the homepage and only get the content you’re interested in.

  • Guest

    Good luck!

  • Sergio

    WOW! I really don’t know what to think… I love The Verge but Joshua said that “Windows is poison” although he took it back… no harm done… but I feel that they are going to give u a hard time over there because leaving Apple aside, they do tend to not like Microsoft…

    Either way there’s no denying they love technology and do an amazing job so CONGRATS! STANDING O’… I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job!

    Much Love!

  • Riasat

    oh and first thing in that site is a HUGE flash ad. Really nice.


  • rojo

    This blows.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I love this site. You’ve done a great job Tom, that’s why we’re loyal to this site. I’ll follow you over at the verge. Congratulations and  all the best

  • Kay slay

    Hi Tom, I have visited this site everyday all year. This is my first time posting a comment just to say congratulations, you are the best among the rest.

  • eldiablopotato

    Such great news!  You’ve always worked so hard from Neowin and on… it shows.  I’ll still be following. -Malebolgia (Neowin)

  • Braden Jennings

    Congratulations, I have enjoyed this site, and look forward to reading new articles on The Verge

  • Guest

    Hey, good luck with your job at the Verge! You’re a great writer, so I’m sure you’ll be great there.

  • Rob7

    Congratulations (I guess) Tom…..good for you…..bad for us.  This site has been a breath of fresh air for Microsoft folks.  Sorry to see it go down the tubes.

  • Wemberg Carlo Estil

    Tom you are an awesome dude and we both like Microsoft . I will bookmark your main page at the Verge just to feel i still interact with you :)

  • Danrose

    Congratulations Tom.
       I will really be missing this site. I’ve been coming here daily since i found it a year ago.

  • markiz

    As long as you keep the quality and quantity of your reporting, i don’t mind having one less tech site to follow :)

    Good luck!

  • Tzo Makris

    I must say I really liked WinRumors. Mostly for its simple yet resourceful style. The verge really confuses me. I hope you all the best Tom. May you do even better on The Verge. I will try to read from there whenever I can. :)

  • D.O.M

    Good luck at The Verge. I won’t be joining though. The site is a mess, isn’t dedicated to one subject or one company, and the design looks a mess. One of the reasons I love WinRumours is the design as it’s beyond simple and clean. I will continue to check WinRumours from time to time, but I’m heading over to Neowin which is basically WinRumours, but covers a few more companies. Such a shame.

    • Chris

      So wait. You wont join The Verge because it doesn’t focus on one subject or one company but you will join Neowin because they cover a “few more companies”

      Contradict your self there? 

    • D.O.M

      It’s the design really. Neowin just looks so much simpler to me, with a quick glance I see what the news is on Neowin. Neowin is basically Microsoft news, but it throws in a few articles about other companies, unlike The Verge which does all the main companies all the time, with out focusing on one or the other. Not going to change my opinion or decision so your wasting your time. You trying to make a point puts me off bothering with The Verge even more, as I can see what kind of people go there.

    • Anonymous

      Winrumors = #1
      Neowin = #2
      Liveside = #3 for me, at least

    • Chris

      I’m not tring to change your mind. I just pointed out a flaw in your comment. You said one thing and turned around and said another. So if anything YOU are the one thats wasting your time tying to argue with people and saying one thing and then another a few seconds later.

      Got to love kids.

    • Chris

      on the contrary I can see what kind of people go to this site based on your comments ;)  

      have a nice day :) 

  • Steve Dobs

    Congratulations, and The Verge just got even better.

  • Guest

    Well this should save the Apple trolls some time. Now they can just change tabs instead of having to navigate to this URL.

  • Chris

    Nothing wrong with the verge. I like it as its different from other tech sites and why be like everyone else when you can be different? 

    Congrats on the move. 

  • Test1ngi23

    As WinRumor’s unofficial troll-in-chief, I’ve always appreciated your objectiveness. Good luck!

    • Guest

      Who are you kidding? You’ll just fire up another alias and move on over as you have many times before.

  • Kellenbmiller

    Whatever goodbye. Please dont leave your site running as some sudo poser site. OH and while I’m complaining Why in hell doesn’t the window phone have,, multiple hub pages, folders that link directlly to any of the folders apps or pages. Atleast have scrolling pages horizontally if the user prefers. That phone needs multiple pages of hubs enable resizing of them whatever. Give the phone a fighting chance.

  • teusje

    sad to see you moving to that apple site., it looks I will be back…

  • Joe O’Bryant

    I just took a look at The Verge’s front page…my eyeballs started bleeding from information overload :(

    Pretty sad about what this means for WinRumors, I’ve been coming to this site everyday at least 10 times a day over the past few months to get my MS fix. Nonetheless, excelsior to you and your future works at The Verge! I’ll still keep my eyes on this site and I’ll try out the Verge in my RSS reader.

    • Anonymous

      no shit, I’m surprised you even got that slow javascript monstrosoty to load

  • Anonymous

    yes! finally someone to put an end on the verge applenized editors :)
    joking. this was my best news site and your the best editor. Hope news like you post here will be available on the verge website as well. thanks for this awesome blog and success on your new job

  • Michael A. Robson

    Which came first, or

    • Anonymous

      Macrumors launched in 2000, Winrumors in 2010.

  • Ahmed Salem

    Despite I would missing your original leaks about Microsoft, Yet I believe being there in the Verge would create a good community about Microsoft community and this would be far better to attract other fans from other communities :)

    Good luck buddy

  • Your Friend

    Man this sucks. I’ve been very loyal to winrumors and love the site. I’ll follow you wherever you go, but you know, I kinda got used to coming here for my daily serving of information overload. Loved the site, loved the design, loved the content. In a very selfish way, I’m a lil’ upset you’re leaving. But I understand. Each one of us needs new projects, new challenges, new possibilities. Thanks very much for enlightening my days for the past year, and I wish you the very best on your endeavors. Sincerely. And, I’ll stay tuned for sure. “Change before you have to.” ~ Jack Welch

  • Windows 7 hacker(s)

    First, congrats, Tom.

    Second, while I am happy for Tom, I am also worried that this Microsfot fantacy isn’t going to end because of this. Tom, please don’t let this happen.

    Cheers, Kent

  • Anonymous

    Grats on the gig Tom, I wish you the best there and will continue reading your work.  I really enjoyed Winrumors and hope the same amount and level of content shows up on The Verge with your addition there, otherwise it will feel like a loss.  Good luck to you and thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but the Verge site is simply crap, it’s the slowest site ever and the traffic is likely lower than on this site. It’s also full of stupid fandroids. Good luck anyway.

    Instead of keeping this site open as an option B, you shouldn’t even consider option A. Just boot that Verge site on firefox and note how it draws to a crawl, it’s a horrible loading and looking site, run by an incompetent bunch of people.

  • CircuitSoft

    you might want to fix microserfs channel at the the verge it should be microsoft’s channel at the verge

  • Eingoluq

    I need therapy now. :(
    Congrats man.

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy for Tom but this is my ABSOLUTE favorite site.
    What will happen to WinRumors?

  • Tony Gorham

    congrats Tom but that sucks as thi is the best looking tech news site around and I come here everyday :(

  • Anonymous

    Tom, we’ll let you go with peace only under one circumstance! That is you must invade Verge with engaging, reaching out, and powerful articles about Microsoft tech so that we have a reason to keep on following you. Otherwise most probably will begin reading their news else were.

  • Yogi Aradhye

    Congrats Man! But I am sad :( … Winrumors rocks! .. I check it every hour or two to get the latest…where do I go now?

  • Jed Hubic

    Congratulations, glad to see you’re moving on to do this full time!

    I would be sad if goes. Sites like Engadget and The Verge really don’t jive with me, and I found Tom’s style is way better than any of the editors elsewhere on those sites.

    Good luck, I hope in some form this site can exist as my go to for Windows and MS news. I was getting used to a site with info on exactly what I cared about.

  • 123

    I’ll stay with WinRumors thanks, hopefully someone will take it over and keep it as a great Microsoft focused site. If the Mac can have various sites like that, I’m sure Windows can!

  • Ardentra

    Very happy for Tom that he gets to do what he loves. Very sad that winrumors will be going away. Its going to be tough to work for bosses that love the dark side so much. The Verge is not unbiased and neither was I hope you prove me wrong though and balance out the Apple and Google lovefest over there.

    Best of luck brother and god speed!

  • Ardentra

    Also please start doing their pc reviews.  Its so annoying that Josh’s wife and daily user of a macbook is the one doing pc reviews. Its nuts.

  • Anonymous

    wow….you’re going from a decent site to the worst tech site ever..just looking at that site make me have an epilepsy attack….there aren’t even any Micrsoft fans there..the hell are you doing man

  • Impartial

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This the one and only feed I was considering to keep in my long list of feeds in Greader! Dammit! 

    Of course, first congratulate you, The Verge is a huge site and I’m sure you will be a great addition. 

    PLEASE, keep up the Microsoft love and fight for us there, you are the best Microsoft journalist out in the web, it would be a tragedy to lose you.

    Will you have your own section where you will continue to write MS-Only stuff? 

    Will you continue to have so many exclusives in a Android-Apple fan (mostly) site? Or will someone else with a MS focused site get these now?

    Anyway I wish you all the best, you have definitely been the best site of 2011

  • Anonymous

    congratulations, Tom :) though I do hope you continue WinRumors…either way, I’ll be following you on the Verge :P

  • Anonymous

    The Verge is a bloated and horridly cluttered site. I like WinRumors because it has a focus on and a passion for Microsoft’s technologies. You don’t just report the news. You convey that the technologies are cool, despite what the anti-Microsoft media tries to claim. The content is always posted quickly and the design is simplistic and clean. I would gladly put up with more ads on this site if it means keeping it around.
    I am tired of sites like The Verge, Ars Technica, Engadget, and TWiT that adore Google and Apple and always spin Microsoft in a bad light no matter what. Microsoft could cure cancer and somehow it would be only sorta good but mostly bad. They never have a dedicated Microsoft person that is passionate about their technologies. It feels like they usually have some intern writing Microsoft stories from their MacBook. It makes me, as a reader, feel like a second class citizen.

    I will not be going to The Verge until they learn the importance of whitespace in website design and respect my views about Microsoft and their technologies. I don’t need to be put down for my choices. That’s one of the reasons I go to Microsoft-specific sites like WPCentral and WinRumors.

    I can’t help but feel that they will treat you like the black sheep of the group. I am quite sure they will want you to spin all of your articles about Microsoft in a more negative light.

    • Anonymous

      good post

      btw, the clutter on that site is ridiculous

      “ is slower than 74% of all tested websites”

      “ is faster than 68 of all tested websites”

  • Guard Deals

    Good luck Tom even though I am feeling sad. I have been visiting for more than a year, and really love your website, and the news/information/rumours about MS.  The problem with the Verge – site is very slow, a lot of informations scatterd horizontally, and Apple fan boys though some are mellowed down a bit after moving from engadget to verge. i usually go to once a day to verge compared to several times here, and wpcentral!!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! I will see you there.

  • Anonymous

    Is The Verge based in Cornwall by any chance? ;)

  • Chris Woelfel

    Congratulations. I hope that you feel great there. I just started going to The Verge frequently and will definitely support you and your articles. It’s good seeing people do what they like to do as a career. Have fun.

  • Anonymous

    Nooooo! but hey if you are going please god….tell them to change that god awful front page. It is horrible. I used to go to TIMN all the time but since they switched to the verge and its “omg.. i just vomited content” front page… I just stopped going. Winrumors is probably the best put together site I visit. Gonna miss it.

    • Chris

      tell them your self. Tom is not some god. Hes just gonna be an editor. Get over it. 

  • CircuitSoft

    Thumbs up if you looked at every single blog post Tom wrote to see how far he’s come. I did :D

  • Martin Stevens

    Congrats Tom, love this site, love the Verge. Looking forward to seeing your work on their.

  • TekDragon

    All the best Mr. Warren and congrats on fullfilling your dream!

  • Rfrederick_pmp

    Hi Tom,

    Winrumors is an amazing site that I too follow multiple times EVERY DAY. How many websites can claim that kind of loyalty?  I hope that you can keep this thing going.  I think everyone here likes the Microsoft only focus.  Thanks again for an EXCELLENT blog.

  • elmsoftware

    All the best, Tom!  Will continue to read your column on the Verge.

  • Bryan R.

    WTF?!?!??!  Why are you leaving us?  Be a man.  Don’t you see that the Verge just wants to buy your viewership?

    • Chris

      Its his choice. Tom never “had” to create Win Rumors in the first place

  • Anonymous

    congrats tom! hope you can convince joshua “windows is poison” topolsky to change his mind about windows

  • Dante1024

    Good for you. The Verge is one of the best tech sites out there

    • Smith

      Hmmm I guess you meant one of the worse tech sites out there, right?

      The Verge is just bunch of iSheep fans with bias view and reviews and lots of lies that came from Engadget.

      So no The Verge and Engadget both are actually are the worse blogs on tech industry.

  • Keith

    Most of the comments on here do not at all reflect what I just found in my first visit to Tom’s new digs. Check out the link to his Microserf channel and you’ll see that it is all Microsoft technologies: It also loads quickly. That said I wish WinRumors was staying as is but I will give Tom’s new channel a try.

    Good luck on your new endeavour Tom. 

  • Mina

    No, No, No. Don’t go over there. It will never be the same. We do not want them video reviews. We are happy with WinRumors. It is a news site. We won’t have anything left, I hate having to go back to returded Paul Thurrott and that bitch Marry Jo. They are not MS fans they are Apple implants. You were the only one! 

    • Chris

      way to show respect for your elders kid 

  • Enrique Ortuño

    Congrats Tom!

  • RommelS

    Tom, I am not sure what is your contractual agreement with them, but how about posting the same articles that you will write here on Winrumors, or at least, link to your Verge articles from here.Winrumors has a clean and easy to navigate interface (compare to The Verge), and I’m sure that I am not the only one that think that way. In any case, congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    Great hire by The Verge ! ! Smart move.

  • Arkistriph

    Tom, Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into this site, I enjoy reading your post and have learned quite a lot. I enjoy that I do not feel that you talk down to, or over my head. You have attracted a very knowledgable, and for the most part, curtious group of followers thathave also taught me a lot. I wish you the best in your future indevours and will continue to follow your post here and at your new home. I will not comment on the Verge as I have not visited the site in quite some time. If the powers that be leave you to your own devices and provide you with proper resources it will be a major coup for all involved. 
    Good luck and God’s speed Tom Merry Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    congrats man, you’ll make a great addition to the verge ;)

  • Cristian

    first zunited and now winrumors am getting abandoned by all the microsoft news sites :(

  • andre

    I love this site.  The format you have is fantastic, and the actual articles are all great.  Hope you can have the same at the verge.

    • andre

      I just spent a few minutes on the verge.  The perf of ths site is horrible and it’s a huge mishmash of stuff.  Not even comparible to winrumors.
      I’ll stick with winrumors until the day you decide to pull it :-(
      Then I’ll go back to cnet.

    • Chris

      thats the point. Gone are the days  of borning text based websites. 

  • Nureilie

    I wouldn’t say TheVerge is full of Apple fanboys but they are definitely very Apple-leaning. Obviously Nilay is the worse offender, Paul openly loves Apple but is a very nice guy & doesn’t blindly insult non-Apple products, Josh is Apple-leaning but genuinely loves tech (like the new Nexus), Joanna cant get through a single Windows review without pledging her love for Apple.

    If it makes anybody feel better TheVerge’s reader numbers are absolutely terrible, it will be interesting to see how long the contract from their parent company will fund them. It’s a very expensive operation with very low returns so it probably will only make it a few years.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think its that bad.. They just started, less than 3 months in busines, they provide some of the best if not the best tech stories on the web and there is no way you can judge a website with the number of comments .. I think the lack of discus might be affecting them.. But I do agree when you say they are leaned slightly towards Apple but its not as bad as Engadget.

    • Chris

      they cover a lot more then just Apple. Just because most of them were from Engadget doesnt mean anything

  • Zax

    Say it ain’t so, Tom!  We love Winrumors!  Make the Verge move here instead!

  • Ben

    Good luck to you, can appreciate what a chew it must have been pulling something like this out of the bag at all hours. I’ve really enjoyed reading winrumors & out of the 70+ sites in my RSS reader WinRumours was the one I read first…

    Never heard of The Verge before and I read A LOT of tech websites. It’s and “interesting” looking site but I bet it will be great for you to have the support of a team around you.

    Do you know if The Verge has an RSS just for the Microsoft bit you’re contributing too? Don’t seem to be able to find one.


  • Mr Lefleur

    I’ll miss this site but am not moving over to the verge cause i can’t tell the difference between it and zdnet and cnet, i need a dedicated MS site. I’ll stick with for now. Congrats Tom but your site is better than the Verge.

  • Okertes

    Thank you hope this site will contnue best of luck to you

  • Rey..Rey..Reynaldi

    seriously Tom they would not allowing you to use word “the software giant” anymore. 

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck Tom, great to see you were able to turn your passion into a full time job.

    Now that you are at the Verge, can you convince them to make a “blog view” of the site. Its an overflow of information as it is now, and I often miss articles. Also get invited to the Vergecast, it would be nice to have a Microsoft expert there once in a while

    • Chris

      why dont you ask them your self? you have a voice don’t you?

    • Anonymous

      I did, it should be somewhere in the comments of the post that introduced the site

  • Mahendra

    Congratulations on the big move, Tom!

  • Michal Gurník

    congrats Tom, winrumors and the verge are the only news sites i visit daily.. i know you will make the microsoft news as great and detailed as they’re here :)

  • Aziz Tukubaev

    Fuck you Tom for leaving…

  • Kazi

    I’m happy you can work full time on what you like, good luck! I’m not so happy WinRumors will not be the same as it is now, but I think you can make a bigger impact on Microsoft’s representation at The Verge in a good way.

    All the best, and thanks for all of your quality works :-)


  • Candid Calum

    Congratulations, Tom! I’m very happy to see you’re finally able to do what you’ve always wanted full time.

    I’ve enjoyed regularly checking out WinRumors daily since it started, and chatting with the community here. But I also love The Verge–they have a great design, brilliant writers, and an exciting future. All The Verge needs is Microsoft-related coverage as rich as WinRumors, and I expect to see that now you’re going to be an editor there :)

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do excellently!

  • Anonymous

    What i don’t like about ‘The Verge’ is the name. The word ‘Verge’ actually mean ‘Penis’ in common french slang. It is also an official word for Mollusc reproductive organ in english, it is also in the dictionary => “9. The male organ of copulation in certain invertebrates.”

  • Anonymous

    Hey dude, I’m quite happy for ya. Wish you all the very best at The Verge.
    Though i gradually stopped going to the verge when i discovered winrumors, i seem to have a problem with some of their non productive/objective comments on anything Microsoft because to them its the company to hate!

    If you go there and are able to change that with your own column/section, then that would be great and i can assure you that i’ll definately be stopping by your column @verge like i do here.

    All the best Tom

  • phil jay

    But The Verge looks ugly! It’s nowhere as clean as Winrumors! It’s too crowded, and I don’t like the font.  Ok, I’m not upset, but the Verge seriously needs a design cleanup when looking at it. It’s too much useless stuff around the real content.

  • Adrian Marius

    I cannot believe this. Finally when I found a website just for Microsoft fans it closes Q_Q. Thank you for every review every news and for everything.

  • OMG55

    Congrats Tom,! Continue to be the person you are and don’t let bureaucrats change you. If this site you be killed off, everyone should switch to WPCENTRAL; you can get your fix there.  

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the Verge can take some tips from Winrumors site design. That page is a wall of mess.

    Good Luck!

  • Thomas Bundgaard

    Congratulations to you Tom.

    That said, I’m sad that you’re leaving for The Verge. That site is ridicolous, design-wise, and works like shit on my work-computer. At home I don’t read much news, so when shuts down, that’ll be the end of that. I hope someone will pick up the torch and create a new lightweight MS-newssite.

    wmpoweruser has a bit, but are mainly focused on WP. Thurrott has some, but i’m getting tired of that guy.
    Where does one go to get a good dose of MS-news?

  • Sunshine

    Congratulations Tom!

  • Anonymous

    Well done you! I read The Verge daily, as I do your with you site. The Verge’s design is a little confusing compared to your site, but I’m getting used to it.

    There are a lot of Apple and Google fanbois on The Verge, so having a Microsoft fan will be nice. 

  • David

    The Verge? You mean the new blog for Apple iFan bloggers that posting like iSheeps and everything Apple is good and everthing else is very bad?

    Did you forget their bias reviews and bad smell of fanboism in their post over engadget?

    Well I guess I just stop reading your articles and post sinc eI refuse to visit sites like Verge. I don’t give hit to blogs which runs by some not professional and bias iSheep people.

    Hope someone keep this place alive if not we will get our Microsoft news somewhere else but not from Verge!

    Good luck with new job but to me this was a bad move.

    • Anonymous

      The Verge-in

  • Devon Garner

    Congrats Tom! I will follow you over to any site as long as you continue to bring your unbiased reporting with you. I have really enjoyed this site and hope to see your work grow to even more people!

  • Kitab

    Bye Tom, welcome Paul, :)(:

  • Anonymous

    too bad.  The Verge is rife with Apple and Android fanboys, headed by the ultimate Apple boy in Topolsky, the ultimate Android fanboy in Paul Miller, and the shallow know-all-just-a-little-bit in Nilay Patel.  stay strong and show people that Microsoft does have some good products!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly – I like that WinRumors is 100% pro-Microsoft. All those other websites are infested by people who hate the company.

  • Chijioke Okorie

    Dear Tom… I really love WinRumors, and like the others, there is hardly a day I have not visited this site. I wish U the best but I would have preferred that you keep this site up somehow. Please don’t shut it down, Ok? Keep up the good work man… 

  • Wp7

    Put this on your favourites:

  • Guest

    “The fall of Microsoft’s Andy Lees: inside the Windows Phone power shift”

    Wow, Tom you’d better get over there asap before they spew out any more of this kind of speculative, thinly sourced crap.

  • Olisaebuka Maduka

    Hey Tom, I’m really happy for you. A full time job doing what you love doing is got to be great.
    I’ve been with this site since December last year and it has come a long way from Awesome to Ridiculously Awesome. WinRumors is the first tech blogsite I visit everyday so it would be sad if it all kinda went away but no matter what happens I’ll still follow you over to the verge.

  • Jonnielasvegas

    It’s been a nice ride, this is easily my favorite site to visit for Microsoft news. The mobile version looks amazing on my phone. I’ll still check back & hopefully the site will stay alive. Sorry to say, & not to be negative, but I won’t be visiting verge anytime soon, if ever. But thanks again for all that you have done!

  • Jubbin Grewal

    While I’m happy The verge will be adding a superb writer in you Tom to their already great team, I will be sad that Winrumors is effectively ‘shutting down’, because there are very few Microsoft Only based sites out there, and to that extent WinRumors is one of the best out there.

    Sometimes we like visiting sites that focus on one subject as opposed to a broad range of subjects, and while I can see that it’s a fantastic oppurtunity for you, I’ll be sad that this site will take a backseat now to The Verge (which I do read). Best of luck in the future, and thanks for a great website.

  • Anonymous

    Though I only recently a new visitor winrumors it is now on my list to be visited several times a day, I mirror the comments of others when I say that I wish you well and shall miss greatly the daily updates.

    Good luck in your move.

  • StriderNo9


  • Mobile Inquirer

    Well done lad!……funny that we talked about that not so long ago!….you are doing the right thing.

  • Kkk

     ”The Verge’s Microserfs channel.”?

  • An European Winrumors Reader

    The layout of “The Verge” is “much too american”!!! I think not good for “European” eyes. Sorry, but I will not follow you you to “The Verge”. What a pity!

  • Kitab

    Move on, Tom. But hey, money talks. Congrats again!

  • Xmark Live

    just like zunited they always move on

  • Anonymous

    I think that the design is a bit much. What made winrumors so good was that it was clean and minimalistic.

  • maxari

    definitely following u on the verge! followed your posts every single day! i like that you still link your posts to the winrumor wp7 app..that way we keep getting the posts. All the best on ur new endeavour!

  • Anonymous

    Argh, don’t do it! Do you really think you’re going to build an MS fanbase on a site where the editor in chief (Joshua Topolsky) said, and I quote:

    “Windows is poison”

    Get real man, that site is going nowhere, it’s an Android site, there is no MS userbase there. You have built an awesome site here, I would really rethink what you’re doing. Good luck.

    • Kirk VM

      Disagree. I think 

    • Anonymous

      if that’s so, it might only be because Joshua is starting to notice everybody considers him a tool….   still is though… 

      but honestly, the articles here were always really good, since the original announcement about a month ago or so, I have checked the Verge for news.. there is absolutly nothing interesting, nothing worth reading… my attention is now going to wpcentral and wmpowerusers

    • Evan Wischik

      Don’t know him, but seems like one.

    • Evan Wischik

      doubt it.

    • Evan Wischik

      They call the Microsoft user blog Microserfs….does that give you an idea of their opinion on things?

  • Ramanan

    Congratulations and best of luck Tom!! you will do an amazing job…..but damn I will miss Winrumors dearly…….:’(

  • Anonymous

    Goodluck, but can’t say im a fan of The Verge. I remember the team back on Engadget, used to go there every day and couldn’t help but notice the unfair treatment they gave Microsoft, most noticeable on the Engadget show, where they seem to give Microsoft guests a harder time. If im in the need for some extra Microsoft news, I’ll remember to pop by.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck.

    If you have any say, can you help moving The Verge away from their awful website layout? Then it may become a readable site.

  • Rendani Nevhulaudzi

    Tim im daily visitor of this site, i reside in South Africa, i have to say its really sad you going to working full time at The Verge, i love this site, it was my browser homepage both on my computer and my phone… #sad, but all the best to your new job…

  • ajmanyu

    this sucks man!! i totally agree with people, it may be good for you but not for our love ofr microsoft. that guy “josh whatever” is simply put “i hate microsoft even when it is my bread and butter” guy. he is always anti-microsoft and going there with him is liking telling dont love microsoft anymore :(

  • edward-elric

    i’m gonna miss this site, I like The Verge, but there’s only one news about Microsoft everyday in the homepage….

  • Joshua Greene

    While I am not thrilled about this, I can understand the reasoning behind the move. It’ll mean Tom can concentrate on what he wants to do – writing; I would do the same thing in a heartbeat if it meant that it could pursue what I wanted to.

    And while I will agree that The Verge and Engadget are full of their respective fanboys (I read both), they don’t necessarily have a dedicated Windows/Microsoft writer, do they? That’s a void that Tom will be able to fill at The Verge and I’m sure he will do an outstanding job of it.

    I’ve enjoyed the time that I’ve spent reading news through WinRumors, but all good things have an end – who knows, he seriously might just build a much bigger Microsoft following at The Verge than Engadget ever had.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I guess money is more important than everything else, it seems.

  • doctorwhofan98

    I’m missing Winrumors already… at least get the Verge to change their site layout!

  • Frank

    Well he wasn’t even posting much anymore anyways. WMPoweruser update their site daily many times a day. So good luck.

  • Guest

    Does anyone else find home page taking like 10 secs to load?  Another site I found that does the same thing is  I’ve tried a couple browsers and they do the same thing.  All other sites I visit load virtually instantly.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why it gets no traffic, it an insanely slow loading site.

    • Jonny Rose

      Yup, I tried to start going there, but gave up, on IE10 it refuses to even load in desktop mode, it always loads as a mobile version, its bloody annoying.

    • Thomas Bundgaard

      Agreed. I hardly ever visit theverge. It’s the exact opposite of Metro. It’s cluttered, noisy and there’s way too much information at once. 
      It’s sad really. There’s no decent techsites left :(

  • Gabriel Lopes

    WinRumors was the only blog I used to visit daily, mainly because it’s focused solely in Microsoft news and also because it has clear, straightforward subjects, plus it has also a clear layout that makes reading much easier. Sincerely, The Verge has nothing to do with what you’ve been writing so far here and I believe you’d be much more recognized and well succeded if you kept on writing here or if you moved to another Microsoft focused blog. I think WinRumors hasn’t given you the profit you wanted, but man there’s no other blog like yours. I’m deeply sad to hear that you’re moving to The Verge, but I understand your will and your needs indeed. Sometimes we just have to let things happen and play life the way it is. I wish you success and I promise I’ll try to read The Verge! Thank you for providing us fresh and breaking news about Microsoft for this long. Farewell Tom Warren, farewell WinRumors.

  • Callumpy

    Congrats I guess, and goodbye. I visit WinRumors just about every day. I loved it.

    But I will not be visiting the verge, it looks shit, and appley.

  • Anonymous

    give this website to the guy who left zunited he said he quite there because someone else was in control of that site.

  • Anonymous

    Good Luck to you and WOW!  As an Engadget reader I had no idea Josh left.  I just found his exit letter on Engadget.  Learn something new everyday.

  • Theverge

    Sorry read that. One less reading man for Winrumos and The Infamous The Verge (Bad site anyway)

  • qtip

    I can’t read The Verge, their homepage is too chaotic. It’s just unpleasant.

    • Evan Wischik

      Yes it’s somewhat a mess.

  • Mina

    Tom, why are you doing this us?

  • Anonymous

    This is sad news because WinRumors was my #1 favorite tech site by fall 2011. I love the speed & layout. The Verge is very colorful but SLOW and the forum comment system is stone age.

  • Evan Wischik

    Bummer! I read the Verge SOMETIMES, but enjoy the fact that this is an all Windows news blog!  Somone above mentioned that the readers of this site are likely biased. Um, maybe, but as a user of both Microsoft and Apple Products.. I have a place in my heart for both…. And an investor of both MSFT and AAPL, I prefer going to different “pure” sources to get my information on both platforms.  E.g., I also visit macrumers too! I think users can be rather netrual, and not pure fanboys..yes there are many of us out there. Don’t let the few give the many a bad rap.