MSN Onit app now available for iPhone and iPad

By Tom Warren, on 25th May 11 4:51 pm with 1 Comment

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that its MSN Onit lifestyle app is now available to iPhone and iPad users.

Originally launched exclusively on Windows Phone 7 in March, Onit combines MSN’s lifestyle for men content and partners, including Esquire and Men’s Health. Microsoft describes the app as the ultimate “guys guide” to cars, girls, gadgets, fitness, events and more. The application offers up tips on getting in shape and cooking the perfect steak, to name but a few.

Microsoft has also included social networking features. MSN Onit allows users to log into Facebook and share content with their friends. Onit also includes an interesting “To Go” list. The list works by saving specific content for later. Windows Live ID users can sync their MSN Onit settings and “To Go” list between MSN Onit for iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 7. Microsoft is promising to support additional devices “soon.”

Onit is available to download for iPhone and iPad.

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MSN Onit for iPhone/iPad

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