New Microsoft Store opening in Atlanta on May 27

By Tom Warren, on 27th Apr 11 6:07 pm with 8 Comments

Microsoft Store Atlanta

Microsoft is planning to open its ninth retail store, in Atlanta on May 27.

The software giant announced the location of the next store last month and promised a Spring launch. Microsoft’s ninth retail store will be located in the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. Following tradition, Apple also has a retail store inside the same mall. Microsoft is also planning a new store in Los Angeles and is expected to unveil the store next week. The software giant also announced the location of a new store on Tuesday and promised a Summer launch. Microsoft’s tenth retail store will be located in the Houston Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas. WinRumors exclusively revealed the Houston and Los Angeles stores last month.

Microsoft launched its eighth retail store in California recently. Microsoft also launched its seventh retail store just 15 minutes from the company’s headquarters in Bellevue. The software giant also launched its biggest retail store in the Mall of America in November. The store, which is 8,600 total square feet, is directly opposite an Apple store. Microsoft also has the two stores located in Scottsdale, Arizona and Mission Viejo, California, and a third store in Park Meadows Mall – Lone Tree, Colorado. Microsoft also has stores in San Diego and the recently opened Oakbrook store. Microsoft’s Mall of America store saw long queues as customers scrambled for freebies and the recently launched Kinect for Xbox 360.

Microsoft will open a store this year in Seattle. Microsoft is also rumored to be launching stores in New York, Houston and Orlando later this year too. The Microsoft Stores offer all of the Microsoft products found through online retailers and inside major retail chains, including keyboards and mice, Windows 7, Xbox 360 and many more products. Apple currently has 222 stores in the United States alone, and 287 total stores worldwide, including 27 in the UK and 14 in Canada.

  • Andrew

    No lobe for Philadelphia I guess… as per usual with Microsoft…

    • GP007

      They’ll get there in time, they’ve slowed down the rate at which they’re opening new shops though.

  • Andrew

    Love not lobe… damn Android

    • Iworkforebay

      Switch to Windows Phone bud and you will have the superior service of an awesome onscreen keyboard and automatic correction !

    • ShadowRunner

      And they will abandon you if they dont make enough cash, just ask winmo 6.5 customers, or sidekick customers, or those poor souls who bought the Kin.

    • Adam Haider

      Microsoft will never abandon Windows Phone as it’s already too late in the game for that, if you said that a few months ago then I would have agreed with you, but the fact Nokia signed the agreement and is officially a partner within Windows Phone means Microsoft they will get their monies worth and would have no need to kill the product. Xbox 360, Kinect, Windows 8 Tablets and OS, Microsoft are slowly picking up pace and had good reason to kill the Kin and anything else that was slowing them down. When the Mango update is release you will see an influx of developers building better apps and games, better devices means more customers. I see this as progress.

  • Benjy91

    No lobe for the UK ;-)

  • Jonnyjon91

    No lobe for Jersey either :-( Not even NYC what’s up with that?