Next-generation Xbox concept tries to imagine the future of Xbox

By Tom Warren, on 25th Nov 11 1:34 pm with 47 Comments

Xbox concept

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox has been the subject of a large amount of rumors recently.

Speculation over Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox 360 include suggestions the software giant may team up with TV manufacturers for inbuilt Kinect TVs. Microsoft is also reportedly working on a new Xbox 360 model due in late 2012. Amongst the rumors, one designer has opted to create his own vision of the next-generation Xbox. Joseph Dumary, a designer at Yanko Design, has created a new Xbox concept that ditches the optical drive and controllers.

“The 100% digital Xbox Prestige uses the foundations of the previous 360 Kinect to form this completely controller-less gaming console that’s even smaller than the Xbox Slim,” explains Yanko Design. Pocket-Lint notes that the design follows rumors that Microsoft will launch a non-optical drive model of its Xbox to focus on digital content.  One part of the concept is named “KinectIN” and includes two cameras built into the console. For more images, see Yanko Design.

Microsoft is currently on the verge of delivering a massive overhaul to its dashboard software to provide nearly 40 different live TV stations. Microsoft is also preparing to make new Kinect for Windows hardware available in early 2012. The optimized hardware includes components for PC scenarios. Microsoft is planning to shorten the USB cable to ensure reliability across a range of computers. The company will also include a small dongle to help ease coexistence with other USB devices. The new firmware updates for the Kinect will enable the depth camera to see objects as close as 50 centimetres in front of the device without losing any precision. Microsoft calls this “Near Mode” and the company hopes it will enable a whole new class of “up close” apps that have not been made available previously.

Xbox concept

Image Credit: Yanko Design

  • WilliamTM

    Awesome. Pity it’s only a concept though.

  • Prashant

    It is missing that X-Factor in the design :P

  • Anonymous

    That’s ugly mi think.

  • HTD

    Butt ugly or should I say ps3 ugly

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? I think it looks fantastic. A bit too enterprise-ish for the consumer market, though. Almost looks like a server rack.

    • Allan Lindqvist

      server racks are awsome

    • Anonymous

      True, this design sucks ass.

  • David Smillie

    camera built in wont work.

  • GrayW

    That does look kinda cool

    • Thomas Bundgaard

      Agreed. It’s nice and subtle, so it’ll probably fit in to most peoples livingroom-setups.

    • HTD

      Are u kidin’ me, thats a fuckin server box. Just add IBM on it.

  • Anonymous

    Not really a original or unique concept. It look like the creator just looked at the 360 and decided to modify it a bit

  • Edwin

    Controler-less Gaming? Kinect is cool, but controller is important too….

    • Robin Ashe

      Focus is mainly going to be on content consumption. A number of 360 owners use it mainly for Netflix and the like. Makes sense to accomodate them with a cheaper model that just does what they want.

  • ama neden

    looked like first gen, not next gen to me

  • Monkey D Black

    looks too much like a black computer….like just a regular black box……it doesn’t give me that “wow” factor. I can’t say I like this design. it’s not xbox like.

  • Sean M

    The design doesn’t look bad but an optical drive is absolutely necessary considering a lot of people have bandwidth caps.

  • elmsoftware

    Not radical enough.

  • Guest

    The next gen will presumably take advantage of processors and graphics with smaller die sizes and far less heat generation. So I’d expect a unit that is much more svelte than this.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not going to be anywhere near this big. It’ll probably be the size of a Wii console. Maybe.

    • Anonymous

      I hope not!

  • Louis Sandiford

    The death of optical drives will kill console gaming for me. I don’t have vast amounts of disposable income and often buy 1-2 year old games pre-owned for a fraction of the price.

    Having to pay at least for £20 for every game will price me (and many others) out of the market.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      They’re not making any money out of people not buying games first hand anyway, so… your loss. :/

  • Anonymous

    I reckon its time to reconsider bringing back cartridges, or should I say flash drives similar to usb sticks. Reason is flash drives are getting smaller and cheaper nowadays, and their advantage includes almost no loading time, compact size, and can come in different capacities to reduce cost depending on game. Another advantage due go compact size is it’ll reduce the bulkiness of the console since it doesn’t require a space-taking optical drive.
    Just my 2c worth :D

    • Anonymous

      Good point, assuming it does intact make sense from a technological and economical point of view. 

  • Anonymous

    No controller = Death on Arrival.
    They’ll lose the entire core gaming market with it.
    Kinect INSIDE the Xbox is a total fail. Thinking of it alone, wtf.

    I love creativity, but c’mon. With a bit of common sense you know that it’s stupid to have your console always pointed at you.

    Ow yeah, don’t like the design at all.

    • Anonymous

      Ditching the optical drive completely removes the thrill of buying a game in a store, lining up with other gamers in front of stores at midnight for game launches. No, you’ll just have to download your game while sitting on your lazy ass.

      Hate the idea.

      I hope Microsoft makes the next Xbox as great as the Xbox 360 was ( and still is ), and that they completely ignore these concepts.

  • markiz

    I hope it looks nothing like that. That is just tacky. Nintendo has it right with the wii, and earlier with the gamecube.

    I hope they go with the more minimalistic approach.

    • Karl Cramer

      You might’ve made a point with the Wii, but the Gamecube? It’s still laughed at to this day as looking like a kid’s purse.

    • markiz

      It’s a CUBE. Just like the Borg cube. Or any other cool cube there is. It does not have to be purple, there was also a black one.

  • adam

    hopefully gonna get kinnect by Christmas 

  • Aaron Kurtzer

    I hope they call it the Xbox Infinite or something similar. I mean, the infinity symbol looks like a sideways 8, and that would line up nicely with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

    Someone screenshot this in case they call it the Xbox Infinite. :D

  • James Matthews

    To bad Comcast already uses Xfinity.  Would be a great name for the next Xbox.

    • Anonymous

      Would be cheap to buy. And yes, great name. Very much in line with Jobs take on product naming. 


      Makes perfect sense too, 360 being Xo. 

  • Anonymous

    looks like a pc tower no like :P

  • Anonymous

    I think the console should be something small and discrete, along the lines of the Wii U or the Mac Mimi in shape. a little black box with xbox carved on the top and the name, the ring indicator similar to the slim unit and a card slot at the front.

    Performance wise games should be native 1080p with HD graphics so 20GB+ size that will make downloads difficult to most people that average 4Mb/s connections, SD cards are cheap enough now and will save a lot of space so I think they make a good option to replace the optical drive.

    The Kinect camera should remain a peripheral, and the traditional controller should remain the default console controller, maybe just add a gyroscope or something 

  • Keith Franklin

    Would it be wrong to introduce a new download only 360 SKU in 2012 to test the market for download only next gen? Less expensive and no onboard optical drive.

    • Robin Ashe

      That would probably turn out about as well as the PSPGo.

  • Dumary Joseph


  • Dumary Joseph

    Thanks guys..really appreciate your comments..

  • Swoodson

    The Kinect IMO was a failure.  It’s not nearly sensitive/accurate enough.  It come’s on when a movie you’re watching says one of it’s commands.  It doesn’t have nearly enough voice commands to be useful.  You basically have to have a huge room that you’re willing to empty to make it any fun to use.  Also, not nearly enough games/variety.  If MS decides to go no controller that’s fine, PS won’t. 

    The box shown looks like a tower but honestly I don’t care what it looks like, I want it to work well and have a lot of capabilities.

  • Chris Lindhartsen

    I can’t help but question the idea of a disc-less XBOX. If you think about some of the late games, which apparently are actually a number of discs, how many people can use that much bandwidth to download games, not to mention how much hard drive space would the device require.

    Also, the design almost has a tinge of my cheap Gateway slimline tower to it. Not a fan.

  • Eric E Lawrence

    There are a lot of reasons why this design wouldn’t work. For one thing, the New Xbox will have less storage, not more. MS wants everything in the cloud except non MS video which is basically the only thing you would store on a drive like that. The kinect won’t be built in because often the Xbox is in a cabinet or behind a TV and in such case the Kinect wouldn’t work. Development cycles are going to shorten but the hardware will be less of a leap in graphics. say, a new console every 4 years instead of every 8 but with less magical of a jump in processing power.

  • Touji Suzuhara

    Remember guys, this is a concept created by someone who is not in Microsoft and doesn’t adhere to their style guidelines or knows about the actual specs of any next-generation console.

    It’s a nice design, but it needs some polishing in my opinion.

  • Warrenc50

    I hope xbox just makes a system that lasts and is not a piece of dog Shit i hope its big and bad ass not a tiny system what’s wrong with the people on here saying hope its tiny Fuck that. And no disks that’s just dumb no more used games. or renting one first to see if you like it. if xbox keeps heading this direction there going to screw themselves. and if you ask everyone who has had or have a 360 that broke ill bet you everyone who ever had a box would be on here i went through 5

  • Warrenc50

    Oh yeah and the concept looks like an accordion style filing book